Kits to UBC
I see you almost every weekday morning. We ride the same bus route at the same time -# 44 or # 84 to UBC. When we get off the bus you, go to the left and I go to the right. We...
I’m having trouble coming to terms with what seems to be a really warped, messed-up fetish.


I'm 32 and have lived in Vancouver for 6 years. I had never lived in a big city before and it took quite a bit of adjusting. I'm at that point now where I don't wanna hook up with a girl just for the fuck of it. I need to feel a connection. It's been 6 months since I had sex and everyday my soul dies a little bit more. I feel unbalanced without it and can't fully express myself. Yeah i can masturbate, but it doesn't compare....
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The countries i travel to all seem more and more the same, and I still don't have you.
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Whoever you are you are a very talented artist and I admire your work. You have made living in this ghost town hilarious. Keep up the good work and know you have a fan.
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I posted here a few weeks ago about how lonely I felt. I just recently started meditating and being mindful. I am discovering a lot more things about myself now that I never knew before, and the comfort of knowing how I am makes me feel less lonely now. Self acceptance and being true is very hard to do..but is so worth working for, in the long term. If anyone ever asks me for advice, these will be my words.. Don't rely on anyone else for your happiness. Trust yourself, and learn to do things your way, don't worry about what other people might think. You live your life the way you want to... You only get one after all.
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A document expressing your frustration being with me. I wish I hadn't read it but I did. I wish you would tell me these things to my face. Now I have no idea what to think. I care about you so much. I have no idea what to do...
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ohboy. didn't think it could get any worse. (original post was about how bad strombo sucks). Now, bettman & strombo. awful discussion, clip quote from bettman: ...we're at an embryonic stage of a work in progress..." all the while showing a tablet/pad to make it appear they are in the 21st century. excuse me everyone, i am sick to my stomach and have to leave the room now.
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Why do I always see fat men with beautiful women but I never see a tall handsome man with a bigger woman. Is it not socially acceptable for a tall handsome man to date a bigger woman? Men need to get off their high horse and start dating bigger women. There are so many funny, attractive, smart, and beautiful women who just never get a chance by men in the Lower Mainland. I think men should stop being so obsessed with looks and care about the person inside instead of whats on the outside
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I have never felt this alone on my birthday.. I have no one. I already cried this morning when I told myself I wouldn't. I just don't know what to do with myself today.. I'm not made of money so I can't really go splurge on something. I just feel really alone and Facebook happy birthdays on my wall are not cutting it.. Two seconds of a smile and then back to me sitting alone in my apartment. I'm going to shower, paint my nails, curl my hair and get ready to at least go have a coffee somewhere.. I will not let this bring me down today.
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