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I've come in a few times over the past week and a half and you've taken my order. In fact, I came in today with a friend of mine this afternoon. You - cute girl behind...
Practise saying, “I’m new at this, I’m a little nervous, and I’m feeling a little awkward.”


I'm tired of being too smart for the uneducated guys and too stupid for the educated. Where's the balance????
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And I love it! I recently moved out of my conservative parents place into my own apartment and the other night I slept in the nude and it was the best sleep ever. Before this I always slept with pyjamas or a nightie and thought it was gross to sleep without clothes. I even switched from sheets to only a down quilt and its the best. Now I cannot understand why anyone would want to sleep with clothes on anymore. Am I the only one?
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I have begun to worry about cab drivers in Vancouver. I've noticed for a while that they are treated exceptionally badly by many others on the road. They are given next to no benefit of the doubt by other motorists, and already-aggressive drivers seem to redouble their energies around them. Is it because these drivers are often immigrants? If so, it isn't fair. I worry, because these jobs are largely thankless, often dangerous, and typically undertaken in support of the same Canadian Dream that we are all chasing. Lighten up, people. - a born-and-raised Vancouverite.
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I'm a thirty-year old gay man, yet I buck the conventionally-accepted trend. I'm no gym bunny, I love salt and carbs, and after a trying day at the office, there is no better remedy than back-to-back reruns of Roseanne (the game-changing 80s and 90s-era sitcom), taken in while cuddling with my childhood blanket and enjoying red wine. This is my regular means of cherished self-renewal.
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It is taking all of the willpower I have left not to pursue my ex's best friend. But damn we would be so great together.
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I have been with my wife for 35 years and feel I can give some advice to the singles in the lower mainland that will help. Before you consider me a relic remember that I was young just like you once so my experience is valuable. I met my wife at a $1.49 sale at Woodward's. To get her attention I smiled at her and made eye contact. This is a mistake a lot of young people make. You can't get the attention of a woman without smiling sincerely and woman know when you are not sincere. I was also dressed very well. My mother/sister had ironed by shirt and it was very crisp and clean and my shoes were shined. I think this is what caught her eye. A young man with an ironed shirt and shiny shoes is a winner. I see so many young people nowadays wearing baggy clothes. How can you meet someone if you look like you can't take care of yourself? You need to be ready in case you meet your potential wife/husband. You never know where you will meet them. My brother met his wife at the PNE next to a dairy cow in the farming exhibition. Once she saw me smile and my obvious interest I went right up to her and expressed my pure intentions. After a bit of hesitation and approval from one of her friends she gave me her telephone number. I understand this was a long time ago but we're not reinventing the wheel. Technology may have changed but at the end of the day its you and a woman. Doesn't matter if it was 30 years ago or 100 years ago. I hope this advice helps someone find the love of their life.
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I'm in my early twenties and I confess I have no friends. It really depresses me sometimes.
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Great. I got laid off. Stupid female boss was a horrible boss. I will never work for a female boss ever. I am a straight guy. Thanks a lot stupid cow.
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