Caffe Barney Main Street Saturday Night
You were the stylish and incredibly striking brunette sitting at a table with 3 bearded gentlemen at Cafe Barney on Main St tonight between 10 and 11. I was the guy wearing dark-...
I enjoy inserting needles directly into my clitoris. Am I potentially causing permanent nerve damage?


What is with the people on these "dating" sites? I have used both pof then tinder with the hopes of meeting some new woman outside of my social circle. I know it is to be taken with a grain of salt, but everytime i start talking with someone the same thing happens. Conversation is going good and it comes to the time to ask about meeting up or exchanging numbers and that person disappears. Never logs on again or deletes their profile. It sounds ridiculous but are these accounts fake? Not the real person from the pictures? Are they old pictures and she is 300 pounds now? Is it a guy pretending to be woman with the hopes of getting dick pics? Are they just bored and this is their form of amusement? Odd too when you see some woman on there forever like they are never without a profile. Are they lonely escorts dreaming of a regular relationship but afraid to commit for obvious reasons? I know it is online dating and nobody takes it seriously but still I want some insight... and I want to bitch about something like everyone else. It may be pathetic to complain about this, but i think it is wayyyyyyy more pathetic to make fake profiles and pretend you're something or someone you're not.
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....when I am so angry at my brother. His suicide destroyed my parents. They are shells of their former selves. They are aging rapidly....and now it's on me to care for them alone. And Christmas makes it all worse. I want to tell the entire holiday season to f*** itself. Instead, I will put on my smiley 'everything is wonderful' face and plan parties, buy gifts, give to my community and be 'merry'. I'd rather just stay in bed.
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Hearing young women ending all their sentences with a question mark is starting to get on my nerves.
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A woman with children confesses that the holidays will be especially tough because she lost her job and her boyfriend recently had a run of bad luck. Instead of receiving support the majority of comments she received were not supportive of her situation at all. Probably because most of the commentators have no idea how hard life can be. Everyone doesn't have a mom and dad and a happy home to come from. A lot of people come from broken homes with alcoholic and abusive fathers throwing them out at 14 or 15 and then going from one abusive group home to another. Is it so hard to show some compassion. The world is a cold place why can't people show love to one another. You all should be ashamed of yourself.
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If I had a kid in daycare, or even being babysat on a regular basis, I would make a point of showing up unexpectedly every now and then ... just sayin' ...
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I have a confession - I have not seen FROZEN. I can't imagine this movie being better than the LION KING.
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I always thought I was a late bloomer..eventually I would be able to grow facial hair consistently and not look like a 14 year old in my mid twenties, would gain enough weight and muscle to obtain the 10's and not the 6's, or the 7's with issues. I thought this for years as I slowly improved every aspect of myself until I started losing hair and I realized that WAS the high point, and now I'm a balding 14 year old in my early thirties and the 6's ignore me.
Rating: -45
My mother is regifting stuff she got last Christmas. The worst part is that some of the items were used and then put back into the box and sealed up, like a blender, spa set, vase and a salad set.She has saved boxes of chocolate that she received and she is going to regifting THOSE.I explained the chocolate will have spoiled by now, but to no avail.I cringe at how the reciepients will react.People who are regifted always know that they have been shortchanged somehow.
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