West Coast Trail Storyteller
You the tall gentleman behind me in the line, talking with friend about how you just did the West Coast Trail and injured yourself. I wanted to turn and speak with you about your...
You’ve chosen to slap the “infidelity” label on his actions, and now you feel compelled to have a full-blown my-boyfriend-cheated-on-me meltdown.


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I work with a "friend" who just happens to be my superior in our current company. When I worked with her before, I was her superior and she was fun and pleasant. Now that she's got the power, I see am beginning to see the real her. She's only friendly when it benefits her, spends most of her day gossiping with her "work-wife!! OMG" only to spend the rest lamenting about how busy she is. She micromanages every little task we do, but then complains that she has to do everything. She will makes plans with me, but ditch me for a better option without even an explanation, let alone an apology. She takes credit for all our work, but if she's caught, she claims she delegated it due to her "extremely heavy workload." I know I will never be recognized or move up as long as she's in charge. If it were easier to move on, I would. But I'm trapped here.
Rating: +9
I am 38, and have two kids. I have been divorced for a year and a half. I have dated lots, and thought that I was falling in love lots, only to discover that the guys were not really invested in me, and it was more of a sex thing. I guess maybe I wasn't really ready either, but now I am starting to feel that I am. My tarot card reading said that something would happen in the next two years, which kind of freaks me out!!! Why am I so afraid that I won't find anyone who will accept me kids and all ?!
Rating: -19
I'm ashamed that we live in a world where exchanging nude raunchy photos on singles websites under fake, secret email accounts hidden from our partners is seen as "harmless flirtation" not "cyber infidelity".
Rating: +21
I am going to tell him that I love him tomorrow. I don't know what the reaction will be, but I guess it doesn't matter because I am not saying it to hear it back. I feel it, and I want him to know. And I want to live life boldly.
Rating: +62
of working at my current job with some of the most shallow, superficial and boring people I think I have ever met. I've realized I've created a completely fake personality of my own that I bust out in order to have conversation and relate to my coworkers. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite. Either way, I can't wait to leave that place and never see another one of their dismal faces again or fein interest in a michael korrs watch or shade of lipstick to keep from seeming like an antisocial bitch. While I'm complaining, is it just me or are there tons of people in this city preoccupied with superficial things. Cheers to confessions and the greener pastures ahead.
Rating: +51
So sick of the Translink BULLSHIT !. How the hell would Translink react IF we ALL stopped using it, to protest OUR upset, on the busiest day of the week !. It's 2014 soon to be 2015 get it together. Translink a lot of people really depend on you, start taking accountability, and place the blame where it really belongs, instead of making excuses and throwing innocent people under the bus !.
Rating: +19
I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years years since college, and I've been good friends with him since high school. Our relationship has always been intense, we've had huge fights but our love and chemistry has always been strong. We're finally in such a good place now where we're both older and more mature, and have plans together for our lives & careers. However, I've been questioning my feelings recently. I don't know what happened but I'm so confused. I don't want to break up but I'm afraid of these feelings I'm having. I hope it's just a phase because I do really love him, and he is such a good person, and he loves me so much. I just hope my love for him hasn't changed into a different kind of love.
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