False Creek ferries
I was in a tie and vest and on my bicycle at the South False Creek ferry dock. You were waiting when I arrived. We made some extremely snappy cracks about when the "boatman...
If the only thing you like about your current girlfriend is the fact that she’s trans, you’re probably guilty of objectifying her.


Not everyone who looks sideways at you when you're running is thinking nasty things. I look at my fellow runners/bikers who aren't regular passengers on the exercise wagon and think "good for them". Fuck the snobs and do what's right for you and your body.
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I'm really tired of the ice bucket challenges. The ones by celebrities I can deal with but the ones made by everyday people, not so much. How many of those people actually donated money to ALS? Or did they just get caught up in being celebrity-like and posting their videos on social media? Did they forget the whole reason for the challenge was to actually raise awareness for ALS?
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I confess that I'm secretly enjoying this teachers strike waaaaaay too much. And the closer we get to Labour Day, the more things heat up. I'm out there Jerry and I'm lovin' it !!
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My girlfriend is gorgeous, but I feel like I'm sharing her with 15,000 followers on Instagram every time she posts a selfie.
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... of my younger years when I used to jump fences to get into concerts, sneak past security to get backstage, get inside parties and onto boats, and generally have adventures by way of fluke or my own effort. Nowadays? I'm consumed by working and trying to make a living and paying my bills. "Having fun" seems so far down the list when I've got $200 to last 14 days after all my bills are paid. I guess you have to grow up sometime. But I still feel the urge to jump fences when a concert is within my line of sight.
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It's extremely inconsiderate, smells like shit and is bothersome to the rest of us. Fucking gross. Do it somewhere else assholes.
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I'm sorry, I'm a father and my parenting kicked in. In retrospect it was a little over the top in a world that is becoming increasingly insular. Although it begs the question: is fear ever funny? I hope the young man learned something from the experience.
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i am mid career profession. recently decided my favorite activity at the moment is sleeping.
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