Denman walk with your cocker spaniel
This was quite a while ago, in early August around Pride weekend. You were wearing a hat and walking your dog, an adorable cocker spaniel, on Denman street towards Robson. I have...
My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on.


I am just generalizing her based on my experiences but it just seems that by age 26 most of the good woman you want to date/marry are either married or in serious relationships. I just feel like I have missed the boat at age 26 and may never find someone.
Rating: -10
I wrote a thousand words and they all sounded the same. Sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, abandonment, abuse of trust and mistakes, I hate mistakes I actually don’t believe in them. I sit empty and write and write. I write to get a clearer picture of the day this all went away. September or January or always or never or just nothing, is it different than another time? I don’t know. I don’t pretend to know. I talk you through the ways in which you could feel while you limbo around and squash what was once so good. I ask myself what I have contributed to this demise? I hear a roar outside and a motorcycle rolls up and stops outside my house and I fall through the floor as I a pace a hole in the wood deep enough to swallow us both up. I realize that I won’t be the bitch on the back of your bike and I want to punch a hole in the wall and I do. Fuck everything we had and fuck the way you used to look at me. Fuck the way you wanted me and fuck you for doing nothing about it. Fuck you for not fighting for anything. That is where you and I are fundamentally different. I have fought for everything in my life. Even the things that had been taken from me with out my consent I fought to regain in my own way. I have been raped and tortured and taken advantage of and I continue to fight. I can’t fight you. I can’t fight for you because you don’t want me to and if I did it would be awkward and petty and sad. Youth is confusing and relationships are confusing and fucking humans are hard ass souls with nothing to lose other than life.
Rating: +2
And took the family out for lunch at a nice fast food worker with meals made by under paid workers, then hope yall went shopping to you local mall & shopped at cool clothing stores, electronic stores that employ under pain employees at the stores & hope yall bought cool stuff made by child labour, hey who knows, maybe one if the children stop spending money on food in their third world countries, maybe they can buy a pair of sexy undies like the ones your daughters bought at Aritzia (or at least used ones) Oh & I hope you said by by to the nice under paid security staff & the nice under paid women cleaning up after you at the food court. Have a safe drive back to the British Properties or Point Grey or Yaletown or Shaugnessy.
Rating: -2
I'm starting to wonder, if I can't be happy in one of the most desirable, and livable places on the planet, then maybe there is something seriously wrong with me :(
Rating: +9
Since apparently I have no choice but to be obsessed with an unrequited love, I only wish it could have been for someone who updates her Facebook a bit more often.
Rating: +8
I always feel a little sad when fall rolls around, even tho it is a beautiful season. I miss the carefree feeling of being warm and it feels like it's going to be such a long time until the next summer.
Rating: +24
I moved to Vancouver on a whim four years ago. On the surface, I'm a happy and outgoing guy with no troubles. Back home I left behind my broken family. A brother serving time for 15 more years, distraught parents and a recovering sister. My brother killed an innocent person, but I know a part of my family died when we lost him too. If I sum it up, I've been through hell and back. I used to be so angry and lost, but I stopped being that way when I moved to Vancouver. I started living for every moment, I fell in love, pursued my passion and it paid off. I started living for myself, my own life. I learned to let go. You can live anywhere, but if you don't have peace within you won't be happy. So let go of whatever's weighing on you. On that note, damn, it's a beautiful Monday already. I get married to the love of my life in exactly three months.
Rating: +74
I tend toward rationality in most things - it's just how I'm made. So I have been skeptical my whole life of people who claim to "just know" that they are "meant to be" with someone. For me, there were feelings for people, sure, but never an imperative - so I always thought those other people were seeing something in hindsight that wasn't really there. Well, looks like the joke's on me, because I have yet to kiss her but I already know I want to marry her. I can't explain it. But I'm pretty glad to be wrong about it, even if it hurts my brain.
Rating: +36