Dinner at Foundation
You were sitting behind me at The Foundation last Thursday night. You were with a group of friends and I caught you looking my way more then once. You are gorgeous and when I...
You’ve chosen to slap the “infidelity” label on his actions, and now you feel compelled to have a full-blown my-boyfriend-cheated-on-me meltdown.


I have only felt completely loved and sexually satisfied when I was with women who hurt me and degraded me.
Rating: -2
I can't seem to have conversations like a normal person, people get bored of me quickly. It's like I have to force myself on people. Dating sucks, I can never get close to anybody. The only time I have sex is by going to parties and hooking up with women I kind of know. Afterwards the relationship doesn't really go anywhere. I try taking them out dates but they seem bored. I try to keep in contact with them but after a while it seems pointless because they are so disinterested in me. The answers seem to be change myself or except it. Neither choice seems good because pretending to be somebody I'm not feels awful and loving the fact that I repel people seems delusional. Since I've been bitching this whole time I'll add a confession. I didn't have sex until I was thirty.
Rating: +10
It took me almost 3 years to realize that you are everything I want. I live to hear your voice and to walk next to you.. and everyday for the rest of my life, I will regret not getting to you first. I confess the I am completely in love with you, but since it would be hideously inappropriate to do anything about it, I'll have to settle for being your friend.
Rating: +8
I have no best friends. I don't even think I have friends. People I consider acquaintances, sure, but no one I can truly count on - not even family - which makes me sad.
Rating: +19
My job requires making frequent stops to the dump. They always ask what is in the back of my van. The dump man: "any chemicals, batteries, metal? etc." I always sneak in thorium. Me: " Nope, just a mattress, thorium, bike and dresser" The dump man: " alright , up you go to the main lift." I have yet to be stopped. I am so bad
Rating: +8
I have NEVER been able to come inside a woman. I used to think this was a horrible condition BUT as I get closer to 40 I have released that I can be fantastic in bed. I stay hard for a long time sometimes up to 25 mins. Which means the woman can get ALL the pleasure she deserves. My sex life is great and I am now sleeping with 2 women since they both found out how long I can last. Life is sweet indeed.
Rating: +6
To the people in front of me in the line-up at Tim Hortons who keep buying the last Boston Cream...I HATE YOU ALL.
Rating: +14
If one more person feels the need to tell me how useless my pending arts degree will be they can fuck right off. Perhaps there is a plan to further add to it, perhaps I have life experience to boot and am customizing it as much as possible, perhaps I would not settle for being a barista afterwards... hmmm? Stop projecting your experiences onto me!
Rating: +57