Skytrain to commercial
Today we both stood opposite each other on the skytrain, it was around 5.10pm. You are of Asian decent, you were wearing a long navy blue coat, beats earbuds and tall waterproof...
While a wedding ring on a straight married man (or woman) will be assumed to mean “taken and off-limits”, the same assumption doesn’t apply in the case of a married gay man.


We both work for the city of Vancouver, if people only knew what a cunt you really are.
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And sometimes I hear them having hot sex.....I wish they would knock on my door & ask to borrow a cup of lube.
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I almost got in a fight today with some stupid girl who impaled me with her umbrella like some jousting medieval knight. Lucky for her she ran off. It was really painful and unnecessary. If you must point your umbrella forward like a sword in order to open it, watch where you're going. Especially in high-transit areas with people getting off busses and whatnot. If you point your umbrella upwards it will still open, you know. Treat it like a gun; especially if the end is pointy! !
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..because of how the girls downtown get all dressed up. Oops,I meant to say dressed down.
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Why do people continue to post their 'confessions' blaming Vancouver for all their problems in their life? Nobody take any accountability. Stop blaming the city for your problems!
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The Georgia Straight "I Saw You" logo resembles a gun barrel (seen straight on) or a target. Why so creepy?
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A few years ago, I met someone with whom I had intense chemistry but nothing happened due to the circumstances at the time. Recently, he's been pursuing me again. Although I'm not currently in love with him, I've had feelings in the past, and believe that under the right circumstances, we would be great together. I'm also in a 1.5 years relationship with someone that I love very much and have no intention of leaving. I'm not somebody with particularly high moral values but I'm not a natural cheater either, and would not normally consider cheating on anyone, let alone someone that I love dearly. The problem is: 1) we are in a mostly long distance relationship (his choice, not mine), 2) he has cheated on me once. I have not had many sexual experiences (and ridiculously less than my bf), especially with someone I have intense chemistry, so I feel like I'm missing out. The fact that I don't have my boyfriend physically present and that he's been unfaithful in the past, makes it even more tempting. If I were to take action, I wouldn't tell because I don't want to hurt him. Although, I think he owes me one, I don't want to do it to get back at him. Right now, I'm leaning towards the "don't cheat, nothing good would come out of it." But whenever I ask myself: "if he were confronted with the same situation, would he cheat?" The likely answer to that makes me think it's not fair that I should be so exclusive.
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over this life. Im so confused.. what the fuck should i do? study, work? life changing decisions... arghhhhhhhh... ill just go back to bed, and cover myself in pillows and blankets.. noone will notice then............ im letting life pass me by. cant decide what i want
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