Ice Cream Social April 18th
I was dancing and laughing away with a friend and you came up to me to tell me that I was beautiful and that you noticed me when I came in, but now you had to leave. I was so...
You were all Sexy and Incredible....
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giacomo casanova
...well done, man! You know how to deal with women...
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To the two girls I loved before...
You were both sexy, smart, caring, loving women. And you were cool, you were down! Those years together were amazing, I savor every memory.

Thanks for setting the standard so unrealistically high.

I've done it before (twice), I can do it again (maybe a couple of times)
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To my future lover
I've never given myself to a woman; no deep reason behind it, just never found anyone I'd respect enough to do so. Having said that, don't feel any pressure or anything. I haven't met you yet but I think you're rather amazing. Besides, learning what you like and how you like it will be fun. Meet you soon.
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