Salad girl on the 22
You got on the 22 for not very long but it was enough to make me totally captivated. We smiled at each other and there wasn't enough time to say anything. I was the dark...
And I don't regret it. I have been pretending to be strong. I have been trying to move on. I have been trying to forget you. I can't. It's been almost 3 months since you said goodbye and every day I wake up thinking of you, and close my eyes wishing you nothing but happiness. Last night all I wanted to do was take the dog for a walk, but my emotions got the best of me for the first time and I told you how I feel. Mistake? Maybe. I know that it probably pushed you farther away then you already are, but maybe that is a good thing. I have loved you for 13 years, and I love you more now then when we first met. I don't regret telling you that. I only wish you felt the same.
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