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I rounded a tropical corner to see you making unabashed goofy faces at a parrot and I grinned! I'd spent the last half hour bobbing and cooing at all the birds while my...
The way I met her was like a cliche scene in a movie, she was a tourist who asked me for directions. I was at the beach with friends when she walked right up to me to ask what song I was playing and if I knew the directions to where she was trying to get to. She was gorgeous and it was an immediate attraction. I made her take my number down so she could have a free meal at my restaurant. Then we developed a friendship and it grew into something more. A fun and unforgettable summer romance until she told me that she was still married. I am still in love and it's the kind of suffering I wouldn't wish on anyone. I'm still waiting to see clearly and not be so blinded. She is perfect and everything I want.. What is wrong with me?! I can't forget those blue eyes.
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She's perfect and everything you want, really ?. A Liar and a cheater, that's what you want to settle for ?. Good luck with that !.
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She wasn't fair to you - she should've told you her marital status up front so that you could make an educated decision about whether or not you wanted to be involved with her.

You didn't know - which meant your heart was open, and you fell in love. Must've hurt like hell to have that ripped out from underneath you.

I agree with @Sucker, but I'd say it more nicely - somebody who would lie to you in order to achieve her own ends is not the woman for you.

You - and everyone else in the dating world - deserves honesty on such a vital issue, before embarking on a relationship. Best of luck with your healing - particularly in handling the trust issue, because I'm guessing that's where it hurts most. Hugs.
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I love the way
That people are so judgemental when it comes to married people and love. It may be as simple as an unfaithful, cheating heartless partner or there may be a more complex story involved. Don't judge so harshly till you know all the details or till you have been there yourself. Not really expecting many thumbs up for this but if it ever happens to you you may see things a little differently. OP, I know how you feel - I hope things resolve themselves one way or another..
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What's wrong with you? Nothing that I can tell. You had an amazing connection, you are still infatuated, you remember with longing and pain.

Nothin' wrong with that. It SUCKS... which is a different judgement than "it's wrong."

What would be wrong is if you went out of your way to hurt someone. But when a person is in a painful situation, like you, well then they should feel pain.

You know, this might be way too soon for you to hear this, but you're gonna be ok. She left you in a better place, I think, because now you have had that summer of intense love in your memory and in your character. Going forward - which is the only place we go - that makes you a richer, more complex person.

It's not all you want, but when do we get all that we want? We get what we can get.
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Food Poisioning?
Maybe she made the I'm married excuse up because she got food poisoning from your free meal and she's scared your going to off her? Story sounds familiar, maybe you can develop a movie from it?
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