"chemistry" on the greyhound bus..
We met on the greyhound from Kelowna to Vancouver around easter of 2008. We had great conversation and a lot in common, including our favorite band, The Doors. We corresponded...
Being a single man in Vancouver is hardest lesson I have ever learned and to be honest I can't wait to leave because this lesson has no end in a town full of single men. However, I have inner strength to get past this and I maintained my courageous side because I know being single anywhere else in the world is a wonderful gift that I look forward to again. To all the single men in Vancouver, keep your chin up but give yourself a time limit and if you reach that point please move and save yourself the grief you don't deserve. You might not be valued here but women around the world love Bc guys and I know this from first hand experience because I travel.
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Gimme a break
On the heels of watching Remembrance Day coverage, being a single male in Vancouver doesn't really come across 'courageous'.

Have you been to war for your country and been shot at????

Shut up with your courageous single male soap opera drama.

Women aren't the problem...you are.
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Kids are dying in war torn places across the world, A Probe just landed on a comet & that's all you got to say about some wha wha single guys bullshit sorrows MF?!?!?!
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Be careful what you wish for....

You can be in a "common law" relationship for 2 years-not even living together maybe spending weekends together- and she can take off and go after half of your asset gains.

If she has a kid,she can get child support from you.Not your kid,and getting support from the ex-you have to pay.

Thing is,in the courts there have been many exceptions to the 2 year rule...
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If 'Being a single man in Vancouver' is, as a grown man, the hardest lesson you have ever learned, then you are not a man, you are a hilarious little boy who hasnt learned anything about either himself, the world around him, or the women in his immediate vicinity.
Should aliens ever discover our wonderful little planet, lets hope to they dont abduct you as a Male specimen. God help us all.
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Inner strength. Courage. Grief.

You seriously used all of those words to describe yourself? And why...because you're single?

Ever thought that woman aren't interested in you because of this asshole martyr thing you have going on? Speaks VOLUMES about your attitude towards the opposite sex, towards yourself, towards your sense of arrogance and entitlement.

Bon voyage and good riddance. Don't let that door hit you on the way out!
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@ Be careful what you wish for..
Dude, you are embarrassing yourself. look up a definition of a common law relationship. it is - you guessed it - when people LIVE TOGETHER. have you been banned from google?
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The weather is often depressing, but I don't understand all the dating issues. Yes, people tend to be cold and on guard, more-so than elsewhere. But there are extremely assertive and liberal women in Vancouver too! Maybe it was just my experience, but I continually met great women in Vancouver who pursued me! Don't look for them - do the stuff you like and they will be there.
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Have you been banned from Google?

Instead of looking it up,I'll cut and paste an excerpt from an email a (well known) family lawyer sent me:

"In BC, you have to live together in a marriage-like relationship for at least two years to qualify as “spouses” under the Family Law Act.

The trick is in deciding what “live together” means. I had a client who made sure he spent less than three days per week at his girlfriend’s place, hoping that this would mean that they didn’t “live together”. I’m not so sure that would’ve cut it......"
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Pay No...
Hey OP, Pay no attention to the negative reviews above! I am a beautiful sophisticated BC Woman, born and raised right here in Vancouver.
I find your courage extremely attractive and arousing. I cant believe you have put so much time in this town in on your own, you gorgeous man! Id love you to tell me more of this Courageous Side of yours over a candle lit dinner for 2 (Paid for by me of course!)
A man who can take the world on by himself, and if not exactly win, at least make a show of himself online instead is what Ive been waiting for for so long! Honestly!
Mmmmmm... Youre just sound so hot...
So how about that dinner? I'd love you to talk my ear off about your struggle.
Call Me! 604-555-5555
X x x
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You guys do realize...
...that this is satire, yes?
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Are you kidding me. It's way harder for women to date in this city than it is for men. So many beautiful, educated, professional women in this town compared to the quality and quantity of men I meet. Guys here have so many choices and they know it so they don't commit to one woman. Online dating is the worst for women as guys still have active profiles while pretending to be in exclusive relationships. It happens ALL the time.
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a lot of usual negative asshole responding to this lonely guy. How about shutting the fuck up and offer some meaningful advice. Typical vancouver pricks. My advice to the OP:....you know the answer...leave this city...it will suck your soul right out of you.
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And just what is it about Bc men that would make them unattractive to Bc women?
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@Be careful what you wish for
Look it up further, asshole. It's 6 months.
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move away.
this city sucks out your soul in so many ways. (this comment may be deleted as georgia straight administrators love to delete on a whim.)
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North van chick
It's going to be hard but I'm sure we "Vancouver women" can make it without you. Good luck to all those lucky women that want you elsewhere. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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@Pay No
If you were going for laughs there, ya missed.
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I said being single was the hardest lesson I have learned in Vancouver. I didn't say it was the hardest lesson I have ever learned anywhere else. This city is tinker toys compared to the rest of the globe and little effort goes a long way, you know. Like reading my post before jumping to conclusions.

I also didn't say I couldn't meet anybody, I actually did ok dating for the effort I put in but it was the lack of effort in return that made me want to move.

People are obviously depressed in the city and I claimed to hold onto my courageous side and luckily, I did not succumb to being sad and lonely.

A woman posted here about needing a sign because men lack courage and she gets 50 thumbs up.

think this city has too many sad lonely women who all carry a torch because one time they had a bad moment with a man (most likely very rich or homeless) and now every guy is the problem. The second they get a chance to dump it's a garbage run on men because we are public enemy number one.

Everywhere else , no problem.

I'm not the only one who thinks that either..

Have a nice day :)
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Awww how cute
Nothing like a little passive aggressive 'Have a nice day :)' eh? You do realize that just makes your protests look that much more silly?
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"So many beautiful, educated, professional women in this town compared to the quality and quantity of men I meet. Guys here have so many choices and they know it so they don't commit to one woman. "

There's an interview you can find if you look: the female owner of a matchmaking/dating agency here in Vancouver, to paraphrase she says:

"the biggest problem I have is with the women,as their ideal man they all want is about 1% of the population. And it's always a struggle to convince them that they'll never find him,yet they bring little to the table."

How about you stop hanging around the Cobalt,and try the high end bars in the hotels in town.
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