Two faced

I didn't sleep with anyone for almost a year and a half. When I finally started seeing someone we had sex for the first time and he took the condom off without telling me (which I didn't know this but is technically rape). I broke up with him because of it and I was scared I had contracted something possibly. If he did it to me, who knows how many other women he's done it to also? I told my best friend in the world assuming she would never tell a soul because I trusted her. She ended up being jealous because this one guy she liked was hitting on me and liked me on our camping trip. The night before she was going on about how glad she was that they were just buddies and that it was so good to have a guy friend. She also had been sleeping with his brother so in my mind he wasn't off limits but it's not like I was persuing him. We ended up cuddling and she got pissed off and told him to be careful because I might have a disease. She told him about my personal health and that I was waiting for test results. I couldn't believe she would do that to me. He showed me the text and I called her out on it. She said she never meant to send it. I said it doesn't matter, even just the fact that you wrote it out is shitty enough. I should have known way back when we were 17 when she snuck over to my boyfriend's house and slept with him that she was a piece of shit friend. I forgave them both. My trust was already so jaded. I feel so betrayed. I had no intention of having sex with someone while waiting for test results which came back negative! Happy about that but just wish I hadn't invested 13 years of my life into our friendship because now it's over. My confession is that I want so badly to just let it go because I'm a very forgiving person and prefer happiness and love over anger and pain but if I let it go she will just think it's okay to walk all over me for the rest of our lives. I'm more sad about it than anything. Wish I had never told her about my sexual health and that we never went camping. I miss my best friend but when I think of her get so angry. Should I let it go and forgive her? I just can't picture my life without her. I'm basically her 3 year old son's Auntie. I've been there since day one, he doesn't even know his own father and I know if I just disappear it will be another person walking out on him. I realize it's not my responsibility to be there for her child but as angry as I am I still really care about them both. Not sure how to feel.


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She's not a friend

Jul 17, 2017 at 5:31pm

In your heart you know that already. No true friend acts like that. She has proven more than once that she cannot be trusted and does not have your best interests at heart. Walk away with your head high, and you will find friends that are worthy of being called such.

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stop contact

Jul 17, 2017 at 9:38pm

Shut her out of your life. That is her character, she does it then, she does it now, she will do it again. Do you really want her talking shit to all your future partners she thinks is cute? maybe you will get married and then find out she screwed your husband.. she sounds horrid and immature and all about herself.. I'd stay away..

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