Exciting Monday to Buy A Vacuum
I saw you at Costco buying a new dyson for your cleaner. I was standing in front of you in line. We chatted while waiting about your new vacuum and returning your old one. Wanna...
Some irritating girl was snapping photos on a busy sidewalk yesterday. She really creeped me out. I wanted to photo bomb her shots in the worst way.
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same here
ive had guys take pics at stanley park while im working out , it makes me sick , and they dont even seem to be embarrassed about it ! and the other day some asian lady took my pic with my dog on the buss and didnt even ask me if i minded ! im starting to carry pepper spray , watch out pervs !
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@ same here I am so glad you understand.I wasn't sure how to express myself in a way that didn't seem like I was flattering myself . lol It is a bit obnoxious of a stranger to point a camera in one's face and take a pic. I would not like to be a celebrity. You must be gorgeous ! Stay safe in Stanley Park with those admiring creepers. :)
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