i confess that i let my own selfish desires and misguided decisions mislead you but i deserve some credit too. i actually tried harder than i ever had! i should have stayed away after the first time we broke up but you loved me SO much. it made me questioned everything. i told myself the bad stuff would go away. what i realize now is you really have to push it down and cover it with new happy memories. but i felt too trapped to rebuild. so i just hung on until i just couldn't live the lie any more. i'm sorry i lied, i just wanted to help. i felt bad and i was in a tight spot just like you were. take care of yourself princess.


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Not worth my time

Nov 23, 2012 at 5:32pm

You are a selfish individual who considers only your own feelings. Grow up and move on without an amazing individual in your life. Your stuck in the rut, I have moved on happily.

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@Not worth my time

Nov 26, 2012 at 11:10pm

You are speaking as if you know this person and by so doing may be implicating the person who (s)he is really addressing as harboring animosity. I think it is you who needs to grow the eff up and as to the poster, if you are who i think you may be, you have some serious reflections to do, you dont just make commitments as serious as marriage and then casually break them soon after without any real effort at addressing the issue, for after all what is one's word and what are the signals that we send to those around us about our character and integrity? Commitment is after all about being there through thick and thin, striving to make it better not just on our own but also seeking the professional means to remedy a challenge. I surely would feel like shit if my husband left me at mid life because I was going through PMS and vice versa if i left him because he was dying of some fatal illness. Then again loyalty means different things for different people. Just saying, not meant to sound preachy. Hope you're happy though :))

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Nov 26, 2012 at 11:32pm

That's really sad. I feel for the one you stayed with out of pity. You wasted their time.

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