I won't don't date anymore.

I'm not entitled but I do have standards. I've decided to stop dating. I have devoted a lot of mytime to my education and now I am working on my career and trying to spend time with family. After I finally make it-- by moving away from Vancouver- I'll start dating again. I just read that women expect me to have my own apartment and no roommates while neglecting all of my future responsibilities so that they can have a bit of fun. I'm cutting them off ! They're bat shit crazy here.

420 knobs

Clean up your goddamn mess.

TV at the bar

Whoever invented this ludicrous idea that TV at the bar is a good thing is a colossal moron. Don't we get out of the house to socialize? Don't we stare at enough fucking screens during the day? No wonder we're all afraid to talk to each other!!

Something I'm proud of

I'm in my early thirties. I've lived in Vancouver for the past decade. I work for a nonprofit that I'm passionate about. I make ok, but not great money. Over the past seven years, I've paid off all $10K in credit card debt stupidly incurred earlier in life and saved $35K. Yes, it was hard, and yes, I live a modest lifestyle. I rarely eat out, scour the bulk bins, thrift and wear clothes until they fall apart. But I'm happy, fulfilled and don't have so much of the 'stuff' attached to status that seems to weigh so many people down. For anyone else reading this: it's possible for you as well. It all comes down to choices and what you value.


Some guy knocked on my car window when I was checking my phone while stopped at an intersection. What a jerk! Mind your own business!

Yelling racist strangers

To the black construction guy getting in his car on 1st and Victoria on Saturday afternoon April 1st who yelled at my bf (white) and I (black) saying "try harder there's more of us out there". We couldn't give a rats ass what you think about us. Mind your own damn business. People like you just add to hate in this world. And it's the same people who complain about inequality and racial discrimination but still think it's okay to pull this shit. So sick of your bullshit. With all the garbage and sadness going on around us maybe you should focus on your on own life and being happy instead of sticking your nose where it don't belong. So I'm a keep loving my sweet, caring and awesome bf and you can fuck right off.

Creature of habit

I get social anxiety and immediately feel better when I smile at someone and someone smiles back. I do it in hopes someone might be an anxious human being like myself and need that to be reassured that everything is okay.

Vimy Ridge

I'm tired of it. The Vimy ridge story keeps getting brought up over and over again as a nationalist rallying cry for what? Some kind of jingoistic pride that a bunch of brave young men were killed in a meaningless battle in a meaningless war? Everyone knows by now that World War 1 was an imperialistic squabble between cousins over whose dick was bigger than the other guy's, and a confused tangle of outdated treaties. "You fight me you fight my gang" kind of adolescent bullshit. Then both sides drafted all the young men they could from the docks, offices, fishing grounds, farms and factories of the western world to go slaughter themselves in the name of "king and country." It's just sad and pathetic. Have you seen the war memorials in France and Germany and the numbers of names in even the tiniest towns of the dead from 1914-18? Breaks your heart. The number of lives lost, relationships shattered, families destroyed, potential brilliant minds in the arts and sciences lost is staggering. For what? All it did was set the stage for the rise of Nazism and WWII. We celebrate this?

I hate sexually aggressive men

Who push and push no matter how many times you say no. You can say straight up "I'm not sexually attracted to you, because of your aggressive personality" and they still keep trying. I don't feel safe around men like this. I've been sexually assaulted three times before, once by a friend, and twice by strangers. Aside from that, I've had one manager at work sexually proposition me explicitly (when I was a teenager and he was 30) and another manager at a different job sexually harass me. Multiple times in this city, I've had strange men drive up to me and ask me to get into their car. The existence of men like this hampers my ability to interact with men in general. I just don't trust you guys, and it takes a long time for me to come to trust any given man. Tell me I'm not alone.

Why are you sitting by me?

Old men have a propensity to sit down by young women on transit, even when there are PLENTY of other available spaces. How about not? I can't help but think they're just trying to sit near women.

I don't want to smell you

If you're riding the bus or train, or are going to be in any other place where there's a ton of people crowded in together, please take a moment while dousing yourself with parfume or cologne and consider those who will be around you. Not everyone wants to smell you.

Some of us can speak your language

I've lost count of the number of times I've been in a business that is staffed entirely by young Asian people who think nothing of carrying on full conversations (mandarin or Cantonese) between themselves as if I'm not even there. Sometimes they giggle and laugh after a sidelong glance at myself or another customer, clearly believing that none of "us" can understand them. So, it was especially amusing recently when I happened to be with a friend who speaks both languages fluently, and as the two snotty clerks were busy making rude comments about me (I am visually impaired and happened to be wearing special glasses) and laughing, she waited until they stopped, and then calmly told them (in their language), what complete jerks they were to make fun of a blind person! Until she explained to me what was happening I had no idea, except to notice that they both suddenly acted like they'd been smacked. It made my day!

Hippie to non-liberal conservative

I'd love to vote liberal but they are corporate pigs. I'd love to vote communist but they are insane Gulag goers who don't care about personal liberty and culture. I am now forced to vote conservative. They're corporate pigs too but they will not destroy our culture as quickly as capitalist liberals will.

Money doesn't buy happiness

I've come to realization that money doesn't buy happiness. I grew up really poor. Went to college, worked at a coffee shop to fund my education, got a job, went up the ranks. Met my partner, got married, etc. Both of our careers are doing well. We make 500k as a couple. We're more comfortable, but I don't feel any more happy now than when we both made 80k combined. When I was young, I daydreamed some day of being rich...we'll here we are, and I'm like meh. I'm going to get some heat for this confession from people who think I'm a douche and not grateful (which I am), but I now know that more money doesn't neccesarily make you more happy.

It's all about geometry

In life you have to avoid three geometric figures. 1-the vicious circles 2-the love triangles 3-and the square minds


Sam R @ the Yale

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