Cat Birthday!

My wife and I threw a birthday party for our cat. Our 21 year old kid has moved out, what else were we gonna do?

I am not a hole.

For the second time in a row. Date a guy. Finally have sex for the first time and hell no happens. What is with men who want anal right away? Before you've even tried my lady garden. No seduction or interest in regular sex. Complete neglect of the parts that are made for love. Just want to fuck me like all the anal porn that saturates everything now. If I had a dick the last place I would want to put it is in an asshole. WTF? Why is it the only place a man wants to fuck anymore? I'm more than happy to stimulate the prostate but I don't have one. I confess men that are obsessed with anal are an instant turn off.

No Ferry

My friends on the Island invite me for the weekend, but to be honest, I don't really want to spend that much time with their spouses and children.


In Vancouver is fuckin awesome. I can't understand why everyone is complaining ( except that one lady with the anal sex, that's whack girl). Seriously though. As long as you're nice and you smell good and can talk about anyone but yourself you are FUCKING GOLD. There are so many great women in this city. Keep it up ladies.


Five years ago I went through a painful break up after I was cheated on. I was going to propose a month before it all happened so it really broke my heart. I stayed single for a few years and wondered if I should've forgiven my ex because I loved her. I forgave her and believed she was a good person who had bad judgment. We stayed friends and kept in touch here and there, but truthfully I always wondered, what if? I married an incredible woman, my wife, and we have six month old twins. Recently my ex emailed me about how she misses me, that I was the one man who loved and understood her, and that she just wanted me to know all of this. Thank you for reminding me that I married the right woman. I gained some closure because what she did to me, she's now trying to do with me, but now, I'm happily married. Goodbye.

Enough Is Enough

I love him , but if he continues to look at his phone the entire time he's at my place, he's not invited any more.

Dear shoppers

Please stop asking for a discount. There's no special price. Prices are already very fair and reasonable. I can see your shoes cost more than my paycheque. Next time you ask me, I'm going come into your place of work and ask you for a discount on everything for no reason.

I Would Do It Again

I am a Manager at a company. For the last few months a woman that works for me has been coming to work with bruises on her arms, the odd black eye, and a fat lip sometimes. She would always have a story about running into a door, falling off her bicycle, or being attacked by a dog and she would apologize for being clumsy or being too friendly to dogs. I just felt something was off. I decided to take this to human resources. Turns out her boyfriend is abusing her. She broke down in the middle of the office in tears. Luckily the women in the office rallied around her. A few older women in the office came up to me and told me that I should have minded my business. A few younger women said this has happened to them in the past. I didn't realize how widespread the problem is. Apparently a lot of people in the office already knew what was happening months ago but chose to stay silent. You know what I would have done it again a hundred times because this is wrong and people shouldn't stay silent about this type of behavior.


If you think Nickelback is bad for sounding the same on every record then you're wrong. Listen to almost any Bollywood song and tell me it doesn't sound the same as the next Bollywood song. Not convinced? Listen to almost any hip hop song and you get that same "sprinkler" sound in the background. (best I can describe it..once you figure out what I'm saying you will see why I said sprinkler) I swear to freaking god that everyone is listening to the same song whether it be Bollywood or hip hop. Listen to rock n roll. Spend a few hours with me and listen to some good music....I will change what you listen just need some help getting into it. Trust WANT to listen to rock n roll. What happens at your hip hop/rap concerts...bunch of dancing and weak lyrics? How about go see a rock show and see a whole bunch of pyrotechnics! BANG! BOOM! A light show that will put you in awe (check out Black Sabbath's The End Tour..My GOD the light show was AMAZING!) Men and women actually play an instrument at rock shows. They can SING too. Not this processed auto tune BS you hear today. Trust want this. Long Live Rock n Roll

Finding a Decent Girlfriend Is Really Hard Nowadays

I am on several dating websites, Tinder, and Bumble and have no trouble getting dates with women and sleeping with them but transitioning that to a bf/gf relationship is really hard. It just seems like after I hit it off with a girl for a few weeks all of a sudden I get ghosted by them or they say they're no longer interested and then I move on to the next girl and the cycle continues. There just seems to be too much selection nowadays. Everyone is always looking for the next best thing even when they're with someone. Finding a girlfriend that's kind, smart, with a good personality, and not bat-shit crazy is pretty much impossible here.

I just had my cat euthanized

I came back home from vacation to a very sick cat. She had lost some weight over recent months but I thought it was because I had stopped giving her this "cat milk" snack that she loved but was making her vomit. She did stop vomiting after so I thought that all was fine. She was still acting like herself when I left. Only nine days later, I came home and took her to the vet immediately. She had deteriorated to an alarming point and my partner said she would just hide in the other room and wasn't eating. We thought she was upset that I had left cause she would keep to herself more when I was away. Turns out she has cancer in multiple organs, and I had to make the decision to put her down. I got home on Monday and just put her down yesterday (Thursday). She was not herself at all by the time I got home, and deteriorated so rapidly and to such an incredibly poor state. The vet came to my home and administered the drugs. After she lost consciousness, she vomited and urinated on herself and her heart slowly stopped beating. I asked the vet for some time with her and I cleaned her as best as I could and put her on a fresh towel so I could comb her and touch her for the last time. It was so hard to handle her limp soulless body, but it was my final act of love and I wanted her to leave in a dignified state. I am so shocked and saddened, and feeling guilty that I didn't notice the changes earlier and take her to the vet. I feel like I let my sweet girl down and now she is gone forever. I live with my fiancé but am a bit of a loner in terms of friends. My cat played a huge role in my life and was there for me over the past few years when I heavily grieved the loss of my mother. She came and sat next to me for countless nights when I sobbed. It feels as if some people do not recognize the loss of a cat like the loss of a dog, but my cat was so much a part of my daily life. A source of such sweetness and comfort, a loyal companion that would stick right to me. My sweet sweet girl, I love you forever and you will always have the most special place in my heart. One day mama will see you again and give you all of the headscratches, rubs and combs I can possibly give to you. For now, I will pass that task onto my own mom who once looked after you and will love to see you again... I will miss you dearly until then my love...

Leave your food at home!!

What's up with people bringing their own food to cafes and restaurants?! I can understand if one person has a food allergy and needs to bring their own food, but I'm seeing more and more people bringing full meals into places that already serve food. For example, today I watched as a large group of people walked into a cafe and took over an entire table. Only one of them bought a token drink from the cafe; the rest of them brought their drinks and lunches from nearby fast food restaurants or from home (in jars, of course). I watched in bafflement as one of them, complete with her own cutlery, made herself a sandwich right in the cafe - slicing open her bun, buttering it, and filling it with her homemade filling. It was the same kind of sandwich the cafe had for sale. Unreal. I get really frustrated seeing this kind of entitled behaviour. These are the same kind of people who complain about how many local businesses are shutting down, not realising that by refusing to purchase drinks and food from the establishments they're in, they're contributing to the downfall of the very businesses they're taking advantage of. Think, people: each seat you fill needs to make a certain amount of money each day to be profitable. If you're sitting in a seat without purchasing anything, you're taking away money from that business that they otherwise would've made from someone sitting in that seat who purchased something. Have some dignity and respect for our local businesses, and stop bringing your own lunch! If you can't afford to buy something, eat at home or find a free venue, such as a park, to meet at. Otherwise, you're as much as a thief as someone who actively steals goods from a store.

sex vs love

I think I'm dating my best friend. Someone I care greatly about, someone to travel with, someone I share many interests and lifestyle choices with. When we first met of course there was lots of intimacy. But we've been together over a decade and I'm rarely turned on. And it's the same for them too. We took something of a pause in the relationship some time ago and I had incredible sex with someone else. It made it difficult to know what was the right choice. Was this new person a better match or do all relationships eventually morph into nonsexual friendships? Is the only solution jumping from relationship to relationship to keep that high?

I try to go on

Some years ago I met a wonderful person and we really connected. But somewhere along the line the story got confused and I wasn't able to fondle her heavy hangers. And this hurts of course. I sometimes lift up my palms and examine them. Was it my lifting callouses? Should I be regular with trimming my nails? I've been left reeling wondering why my hands and her chest were denied our happy union. Alas.

new beginnings

I dislike it when people tell me it's a new beginning when I'm grieving the loss of my spouse who I loved very much - it is not comforting to say this.


Diva's Den 2017

You were sitting front row center. enthusiastically cheering for and tipping all the hard working...


Homeless people were some of the heroes...

One man talked about rushing inside the stadium and pulling nails out of children's arms.