Glass Houses

Maybe don't tell me drunkenly to get off my phone when you are openly drinking alcohol on a Monday afternoon in a community centre.

Don't assume.

I’m a pretty masculine, muscular gay guy, and I’m totally ok with my sexuality. I guess because of this, people can't usually tell, and automatically assume I'm into girls. I don’t go around telling people, but if they ask, I tell. A couple of months ago I made friends with this one guy at work. We were pretty good friends at work, talked all the time, laughed and always paired up to do work together. Despite my attraction towards men, and how well we got along, I never perceived our interaction as anything more than just a simple, cool work friendship. That was all it ever was to me. He is a pretty good looking dude, but I never really looked at him that way. To me, he was just my buddy at work. Nothing more. I knew he was straight, and I’m more than respectful when it comes to these things, as I hate making guys feel uncomfortable. We never talked about girls or guys, and he never asked if I was straight or gay, so I never told him. One day I walk into to work, ready to say hi to my buddy and start my day, and I noticed right away that something was wrong. This guy was like a completely different person towards me. He wouldn’t even look at me, or talk to me. If I asked anything, he’ll reply back in like icicles and leave the room. I didn’t know what was going on, until my other friend told me that the day before after I left work, someone made a comment (while my buddy was present) about me being gay, and how cool it is to have a supportive work environment. Apparently the guy almost fell backwards when he found out! Anyway, things have totally changed. We haven’t talked much since then, and to be honest, I have no desire to. If you can’t accept someone’s sexuality, and or at least care enough to have a decent conversation to straighten things out, then maybe we weren’t that good friends to begin with!

Get off the sidewalk with you bicycle, PLEASE!

The worst part about the warmer weather, it brings out all the ding-bats who don't know the rules of the road when it comes to bikes. You're not suppose to ride on the sidewalks. This includes you, Mom and Dad with your two kids, (4 bikes all together) w/o helmets, riding down Willingdon near Kingway on the sidewalk, without a care in the world. And when I told them, "Get off the sidewalk with your bicycles", a blank stare only solidified their ignorance of the law and the fact they were teaching their children how to break the law too. And to the meek and timid passer-byers who look AT ME as if it's all my fault: get a backbone and gaze your eyes upon the real culprits here! People who ride bikes on sidewalks give all bike riders a bad name. The next biker I see coming at me on the sidewalk may be met by a citizens arrest!

#14 Hastings and chickens

I go by the chicken factory by commercial every Saturday, where animal activists meet outside holding placards to protest chicken consumption. Most people on the #14 look tattered, broke, or basic and they make fun of the "save the chickens" brigade every time we pass them. I think their inability to sympathize with the protestors viewpoint is healthy and refreshing, as regular people have been completely forgotten by the fashionable young crowd that has the luxury of time and money to protest minor causes. It is interesting to see the #14 pazsengers' perspective. I don't sympathize with the chickens that much, to be totally honest. Regular people simply want to eat at an affordable meat instead of making meat a ritzy "Whole Foods" free-range, organic fed, expensive luxury commodity. It is as if is a fetish for people with an expendable income, and they want to force there norms upon everyone else without regard to their financial situation. What is worse than mass animal production? Making animal production a commodity that only the ritzy rich can afford. I don't want chicken consumption to become a decision of the rich in a two-tiered state of rich and poor people where the rich spend more money on food than what a poor person makes in a year.

To all women

I see what you're up to. I have peripherals just like everyone else. You're not being sneaky by taking a 'selfie' and angling the camera enough to get my face in the photo. I've had this happen to me more than once. If you think I'm good looking or weird when I show up in/around your space then that's fine....but I do not appreciate you trying to take a photo of me while you're making it look like you're taking a selfie with your friend next to you. I'm very aware of my surroundings as I analyze everything all the time...a trait of a Virgo. If you want a photo of me...ask me and maybe I will say yes (doubt it). I find it rude when I'm being photographed without my consent...even though it's very legal to do so.

Confessions from a male

I'm a male and it pisses me off how these creepy guys at the gym give us a bad name. It's like they have nothing better to do but blatantly stare at women while their working out and harass them. What exactly are you cretins, losers and morons trying to gain out of making women feel that uncomfortable? What's in it for you? You don't own the fucking gym so mind your own business and give the ladies their space. To the women that deal with these douche-canoes, do not take any bullshit. Give them RBF(Resting bitch face) or report these assholes to the front desk. The more you speak up, the better is it. Time to weed out the dirty scum.

Sketchy Condo living.

I have worked for a number of years as a building manager for different codo complexes and some of the less than legal stuff I see really gets me down. Right now I'm dealing with people running a "business" where they rent several suites in the building, then rent them out again as temporary rentals and Airbnbs. I can't report them because they are doing this through a strata-council member who is also involved with their "business". They're operating all over the city, not just in the building where I work, and they are only one among many "businesses" doing this, often without the owner's knowledge. I have had to deal with gang assholes, drug dealers and sex trade workers. I've seen so many people snorting drugs on the security cameras it's not funny. I had a resident tell me she was opposed to a low income complex being built nearby because she didn't want "druggies" living near her, unaware of the "druggies" living right beside her in her own building, but I guess it's okay if you're rich. And Vancouver is just slapping up more of these things, everywhere I look, a new money tower is mushrooming up ready to be flipped for maximum profit. When real-estate becomes a commodity rather than a place to live, it doesn't bode well for anyone, like me, who makes less than a six figure income. Vancouver, you're breaking my heart, also Airbnb, I really, really hate you you with a burning passion.

why the fuck

does no bus come for 45 fucking minutes and then 4 of them come in a row, were they all just chilling for 45 mins eating donuts?

I don't want kids.

I love kids and I always thought I wanted them until I got to a certain age and realized that we are so programmed to think we have to follow a recipe for life. Now I am grateful I didn't have kids so I can do anything I want, leave town anytime I want, not have to stress about someone for the rest of my life, and not have to ever be a single mom.

It always looks good

A clean bright white t shirt always looks great on a guy. And yes the backwards baseball hat is hot, don't ask me why. (Does it signify "Ready for action"? Dunno!) This woman always smiles inside when she sees this combo. Thank you, boys!

So freakin excited

Not going to lie...after 16 years of BC Liberal rule treating people like shit I am excited AF to try a new government on for size. Call me naive but it really seems like Johndrew care about people--prove me right, fellas! Time to fight for the little guy.

Husband doesn't get what feminism is all about.

Having grown up in another country, in an all-women Catholic school, I have deep understanding of women issues and I consider myself a feminist. Sexism doesn't come up very often in conversations but when it does, man, I wanna divorce with all the sexist shit that comes out of his mouth.

Kid shaming

**Rant Alert** So let me get this straight: The world is overpopulated and on the brink of environmental destruction on so many fronts; The economic situation for myself and my partner is a struggle; The city is becoming an increasingly hostile place to raise a family; And you think you have the right to shame me for not having children? Take your "it's never the right time" and "you'll only find meaning in life when" comments and shove them. Whether somebody wants to have kids or not is their own business. And please educate yourself on the issues of the day, because they are more than relevant to some of us; they are the focal point of our decision. And I'm talking Climate Change, 6th Mass extinction, Increasingly likely Nuclear war, the rise of fascism, white supremacy, Trump and so on. If you didn't consider those factors before you had kids, well I kind of envy you. You must be living in a nice little bubble.


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