What is up with sidewalk etiquette in Vancouver?

Call me delusional, but I've really had it with the negligent sidewalk attitude in this city. I worked as an English teacher abroad for years and have lived in numerous cities and towns around the world. And since moving to Vancouver, I still can't figure this out: what's a person gotta do to get a little room on the sidewalk in this town? It seems that 80% of the people simply assume that the rest of us peasants will move out of the way for them. Perhaps it's my overly gracious Midwestern sensitivity that's simply turning me into a sidewalk pushover, and I need to start standing up for myself. Literally. What's up with the sidewalk hogs in this city?

Fifth Facebook Account

So, my hobby, being a gentleman of leisure, is chatting online---what I've found since Trump was elected is that if I post certain sorts of anti-left-wing views is that my accounts get disabled. What I am wondering is if it's just that the leftists know that if enough of them dogpile an account and report it, it is automatically disabled (I am not going to waste time arguing w/ Facebook, I'll just create a new account), or if Facebook actually employs people to actively censor anti-communists. I suspect the former, just because it would require too many employees for Facebook to actively check every reported account, prob. easier to block them if enough complain, then have people to check into them if it is asked of them. It's sad, because our society has so much censorship already, and the Internet was the last place that the minority of freedom-minded people could go to speak about things. Looks like even that is being taken away. And I'm not saying it violates my rights or anything, Facebook is obv. a private company. I'm just commenting on the lack of freedom of expression in the West today, and how so many people are militantly hostile toward people and views that they disagree with.

Blind date blows up badly

My friends set me up on a date. A genuinely sweet and very attractive girl, they said. OK, it's been a few months since the big break-up, why not. We wind up at a fancy restaurant, and yes... she's very attractive. And seemingly sweet. Huh,ok... thanks guys. So we order our food, and she orders whatever and throws in a restriction... and the waiter asks "Is that a preference or an allergy" to which she replies, "It's an allergy". "No problem", he says, and walks off. So I ask her about this allergy and how it must be difficult sometimes to figure out what and where you can eat... and she tells me that in fact, it's just a preference, not an allergy, so it's never a big deal. So I ask her why she told them it's an allergy instead of a preference? It makes a big difference in the kitchen. A preference, no big deal... but an allergy? They have to thoroughly clean and/or use other pots, tools, plates, dishes... it's a huge hassle. They'll be happy to do it, but why waste their time and effort? "Why do you care?" she asks. Well, I care because work is work and why make someone do something unnecessary? Have you ever worked a thankless, shit job at the back of the house? This turns into more of a heated debate than you might imagine appropriate for a first date. In the midst of it, I flag down the waiter and explain that her request is not actually an allergy, just a preference. The waiter looks at her. She glares back at him. He flees the scene and returns with the chef, who's not the least bit upset... he just wants some clarification. She simply says, "You know what, fuck this. And fuck you! (to me)" and gets up and storms off, never to be seen again. I apologize profusely to the chef and wait staff who are above and beyond professional and courteous. I pay for the drinks but they refuse to accept anything else. I'm not sure if I should mention the restaurant or not. It doesn't really matter and it's irrelevant; they handled it with supreme class, which is all that matters. By the time I get to my car, my phone is lighting up with texts... what did you do? What kind of an asshole are you? She called me crying... and so on. For some reason, I'm the jerk here. Maybe I am, but I don't see it. In fact, I'll still argue that you don't tell a kitchen it's an allergy when it isn't. Any idiot should be able to understand the implications of that. And I'd say she completely and totally overreacted. But you know what, that's what happened. You tell me. Am I a fucking asshole who deserves to be single (as per the text that prompted me to write this now...) ....?

Those crazy eyebrows

Ladies, try not to go all crazy with your eyebrows. There seems to be some new trend going around where women draw on these big, fake eyebrows that look really unnatural. They're usually kind of wonky too and it looks weird, please stop.

Just Stop..

To all Vancouver men and some women. Stop spitting everywhere . I've seen you spit on SkyTrain platforms and it is constantly flying and is always evident on the ground wherever we fear to tread in our great city. It is vile,disgusting and makes you seem like the most entitled type of problem.

Cat call

I was sitting finishing my coffee and a woman was approaching when a guy across the street whistle's the traditional cat call. I could see her face, she worked up a vicious sneer and looked over. He was calling a friend, not her, he was waving at the guy when she looked over. I looked at her face and she looked seriously dejected. WTF? Can't wait to give a guy a dirty look but gets rejected and then is SAD? You can't have it both ways ladies. GET REAL.

Tired of the double standard

There's a thing going around social media of how hot Justin Trudeau was when he was younger, comparing him to a young Joe Biden who apparently was also pretty hot. But of course, we've been hearing since election day just what a hottie our PM is, how he shows up in every top 5 list of hot world leaders, how that shirtless picture of him captivated the world and so on. Can you just imagine for a second if our PM were a woman, and these comments were flying around? The feminazis, feminists, media, and hey, you know what -- every single normal person as well -- would be outraged. Me, as a normal white Canadian guy would be outraged at the sexualization and objectification of our leader. But of course, since I'm not as hot as our PM, mentioning anything of the sort gets scoffs. Yeah, I get it ladies, go ahead and fawn over our fearless leader -- but for chrissake, at least admit to the ridiculous double-standard to which you're holding us all accountable. You can't have it both ways. Well, I guess you can because at present, clearly, you do. But it shouldn't be this way.


I'm sick of getting shit on for being a millennial and I don't want to come here to shit on other people of my generation, but I just want to say, I really can't relate to this whole "adulting" thing. I've been doing my own laundry since before I was a teenager. I can cook well enough to make my own meals, even if it's nothing gourmet. Doing my taxes is something I see as pretty easy - you just fill out the forms. How to write a resume? We covered that over and over in school, and it's pretty easy to look up info tailored to particular scenarios online. I pretty much always pay my bills on time and in full. I don't buy stupid shit I don't need. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 18. I'm a failure at a lot of things in life (I don't have a career and maybe never will because of disability, and I don't expect to ever be able to own a home), but this stuff I can handle.

What sexy is to me

Her hair is going grey at a pretty young age, but she doesn't dye it and doesn't seem bothered by it. Being comfortable in her own skin shines through the greys.

Door holding feminest slut

I have a vagina and I hold doors open for men. I hold the door indiscriminately for humans whose gender I dont feel compelled to parse: mostly when their hands are full, often when both of us approach a door on either side. Sometimes even pets. I smile and ask for nothing in return. It makes me feel good and also happens to be an entertaining way to shock a guy. Why not, I'm a human being in a fucking city and life is hard and rude enough. Just try it folks, you'll kind of love it.

I feel a little stupid now...

I lost my shit last week.... Asshole ticket man gave us a ticket.. We were at our car talking, with a few minutes left on the meter. Piece of shit gave us a ticket.. Little fuck face thought it was funny that we had been standing there not realizing he was there and that the meter had run out!!! Smirky fuck... So after he left we smashed up four meters nearby... Asshole... I guess I am..but damn do we feel good about it.... Don't fuck with Albertans...

So let me ask you, Confessions Page

Has it always been so misogynistic here? Because I feel like every post that is "feminist" gets a tons of 'dislikes' and rude comments, and like, every third post is a guy instructing ladies on their looks, or describing how terrible they are, or how stupid, or how sexy, etc. etc. It's freaking me out- I know that the world is misogynistic, but reading this Confessions page makes me believe that I'm not even aware of how deeply it runs in our society, and in the attitudes of most men (and women). Like, who goes on a confessions page and "confesses" advice to women about how they should do their eyebrows, or what piercings to get or not get, or how to react to cat-calling, etc. etc. Are men really THAT obsessed with women and their bodies? Seems like it. And it seems pathetic at best, and terrifying at worst.

Provincial segregationist

I only ever talk about this with my BC born and bred friends but, I don't like people from Ontario living in BC. They think and act differently. They're just not like us. Forget the foreign homebuyers tax, provincial migration is the real problem.


Obviously no girl would ever pick a guy that shows clear signs of being an abuser. And I wasn't wrong either was I? lol I removed you from my life and thanks to that, I now have an even more beautiful life ...instead of the beaten, broken down one I would have had at your hands. You almost had me, but I'm grateful your mask slipped off. Ladies, there are plenty of smart, hard-working and gentle men out there, say no to the abusive ones.

That Escalated Quickly

I was at Burrard Station a little after 5 PM today, and saw a girl standing right at the top of the down escalator, fidgeting with her umbrella. When people tried to slip past her to get on the escalator, she started yelling "fuck you" and hitting people with her umbrella! I couldn't believe it! Not only did this girl have the brilliant idea to block the top of an escalator, instead of standing off to the side, but she apparently also thinks it's perfectly acceptable to hurl verbal abuse at and physically assault complete strangers. I'm surprised none of the people she hit didn't press charges. Is she a utter moron or a complete narcissist? She could be both, of course, but I'm feeling generous. It is only Tuesday, after all.


Donalds Market

We were in the lineup together staring and talking about sardines! ...


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