Seen you at Whole foods Cambie
We seen each other in the dried foods area, I smiled and you smiled back. We again made eye contact at the tills, but before I could get through the line you had gone. I instantly...
It usually takes being dumped several dozen times before a guy like your boyfriend starts to do the hard work of unpacking and dismantling his assholery.


We work together. You're not from here, moved to Vancouver to get some of your own. You're older than me but just a little ;) Every time I see you my heart skips a beat. You are so beautiful and interesting and all-around wonderful. You make me look forward to going to work. I make excuses to go to the lunchroom just so I might see you. I know we are with other people (at least I think you are) but I often wonder... Would you take a chance on me?
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A little over a year ago before my baby was born I spent over $350 on fancy, adorable cloth diapers. I was persuaded by the majority of soon to be Mom's in my pre-natal class that it was the only way to go. Also, a few friends also expounded the wonders of reusable diapers (you save so much money! better for the planet! honestly, I think they work better than disposables!). Flash forward to now and I think I got maybe the equivalent of 1-2 months use out of them. They are cumbersome, leaky, and a pain in the ass to keep clean (I have a four year old and a one year old... I don't need any more laundry). However, I do still dust off those uber-expensive nappy's whenever I am going to be seeing a friend that uses cloth. Even though my own research has disproven many of the original claims that drew me into cloth (they don't save money unless you use them specifically and don't supplement with disposable, they are really not much better environmentally when accounting for the water and energy required to wash and dry them constantly, and hell no they do not work better), I still feel like certain people will judge me for not using them. So why the guilt? Why do I specifically put my babe in a cloth diaper when I am going to visit a pretentious friend even though I know it will probably end up leaking everywhere? It's silly I know. But I feel like there are certain expectations and pressures for parents in the city. Or maybe I'm just a guilty person and putting pressures on myself?
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I lost my mother last year to cancer. Every night when I walk home from wherever I've been... I always look up at the stars and talk to her out loud on my walk. And every time I do it, I always cry. People must think I'm schizophrenic or just not all there, but they've no idea that my best friend is gone. I'm not afraid of death, it happens to everyone, it's just a fact of life. But when you're standing on this planet for however long the universe grants you, those close to you who've you lost to death sure feel as though they are galaxies away that you'll never reach to say that final goodbye or that familiar hello. I don't know what I'm confessing really, but all I ask of people is not to judge, or assume, or just glare stupidly or coldly at others who caught in their own bubbles. We are not freaks of nature, we each have our own story. In my case, the only way I feel that can communicate with my ghost is my chatting to planets and constellations above.
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I'm an artist and became disabled a few years ago so that now I live on a small fixed income. I am a long, long time resident of Vancouver and have long dreamed of a tiny house with studio and garden on a tiny lot in the COV. Simple living, being able to be self-sufficient by living economically and being able to look after my emotional and physical health as it slowly declines. I need my own home rather than apartment because of the materials I use in making art - a kiln primarily - which no rental landlord would ever ok. And I can't afford to pay for rent and a separate studio space on my limited income. I am starting to accept that this small, simple dream will not be possible. Where is your support for artists Vancouver, and for those who aspire to live simply and are not consumed by the quest for money and debt and increased property values and flashy clothes and cars?
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I'm a young female who is fed up with her big belly and love handles. My legs? Great. My ass? Awesome. Everywhere else?!! Fantastic! But for some reason when I try losing weight, it comes off everywhere EXCEPT my problem areas! Argh!!!!!!!!
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I haven't had a huge number of sexual partners, but have done a few hookups (I'm a woman). I've finally realized those casual hookups aren't that great. A recent study confirms that although the sex is rewarding for the man, it's not that great for the woman because the guys don't care that much about her satisfaction. And I hate the way the guys disappear after - or add you to their personal harem. I know one guy who picked up a number of women in a short space of time, knowing his only intention was to bang them and move onto the next one. Another guy has a bunch of women in his Whatsapp, sends out a "gm" message each morning to a bunch of them, and whoever responds the fastest gets to be his f*** of the day. And another guy proudly declared to me that he has seven f***buddies, "one for every day of the week." I find this whole casual sex thing somewhat unnerving - I suppose it's fun at the time, but it sets people up for a weird mindset that sex is just a game, we should have multiple partners, and I can only imagine that it rewires brains to think that LTRs are stifling and not to be pursued (or...that these people will need constant, continual sexual stimulation and the thrill of new partners, meaning they'll be cheaters if they're in a LTR). Is it creating a generation of sex addicts? I, for one, have resolved that nobody is getting into my pants without investing some time in getting to know me first, by going slowly, learning about me (making out is great if you're with a good kisser) and that this, too, will ultimately result in not only a better friendship with this man, but also better sex (giving and taking, my dears, not just taking!!). I'm worth waiting for, but I'm not going to give it away. Am I the only one who feels this way, or is everybody just gonna give it up on the first date, meaning the rest of us will be seen as boring prudes? (And - that they won't be patient enough to wait a few dates before sex?)
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We are different. We met nearly 4 years now and we have enjoyed each other's conversations from cereal, IGA, TV shows, socks, travel, and your love of math and problem solving. To anyone that may sound boring. To me our conversations have enriched my life, in fact it has made me a better person. Others (you will see from comments) will see this post and use it as a vehicle to judge and make nasty assumptions (I hope not). I however do not care. I enjoy what we have but it would be so much greater if we had it face to face. I would let you treat me as a lady and I would treat you as a man - you want the hand job and more and well, the rest is for your imagination. haha! :) The great thing about this confession is he knows I'm writing this and will read it. He's the best!
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The only problem with making yourself of use is that far too often you end up getting used. I am not talking of myself when I say this. I have a friend and I could just scream at her sometimes to be careful in what she gives of herself. She never expects anything in return and for all intents and purposes never seems to let it phase her when her favours go unreturned time and time again. I hope that somehow some way her usefulness gets returned to her in spades because it couldn't happen to a nicer person.
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