Bike shop encounter
You came into The Bike Kitchen at UBC, wanting to mount a rack your blue step-thru bike. I helped you for a little bit, commented on your awesome glasses. You were lovely, I was...
I want to be in a romantic, sexually committed relationship with a man and a woman at the same time.


I (45yo, single Mom of two -girl 15, boy 12) living in smallville, BC nearish to Van found a Habitrol patch in stuck to the inside of my washing machine this morning. No one here (only me & the kids, part time) needs this item. Am I over thinking this? I have a great relationship with both my kids and neither one is interested in anything off the grid. We have discuss it all...(I'm very open & discuss everything). Do I bring this up with them? Write off as a possible picking up litter incident (that is that kind of family we are)? Or am I clueless. Thoughts?
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And I'm sorry. If you look you will see I'm with my mom. She's there to make sure that I don't waste my time talking to men who aren't worth my time which seems to be 99% of you. Plus she thinks most of you will take advantage of me anyway because I'm nice. She's lonely and anti-social if that makes any sense and I have to be there for her. So I don't think I'll get married in this life. btw I'm Asian and I guess this is my role as the unmarried daughter. White people will say that at my age I should move out because I can afford it but she doesn't want me to.
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The lady I am dating is really into cooking and baking. As you may imagine, this is of great benefit to me and I often get sent home with all kinds of goodies. This morning as I was enjoying one of her legendary oatmeal raisin cookies, I realized that if I want to keep eating those cookies, I need to keep eating that pussy. Life does not suck.
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seem to get past the 2-year point in relationships. After that time, I feel heartfelt disinterest. Save for one love which lasted years. But he is long gone.
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I'm not, but I keep meeting men who are paranoid about this. Should I be flattered, does it mean I'm pretty? I don't even like Louis Vuitton. And I work..
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Alright I'll admit it I don't live in vancouver I live in a town in the Fraser valley. I'm sitting here on the couch watching mind numbing television on a Friday night for the third weekend in a row!!! I've been single for over 1.5 years. I have few friends but they are all spread out and since I'm in my late twenties most of them have moved on and are in relationships. Truthfully I know I'm a decent human and I love the outdoors and being an adventurous I don't think I am depressed I'm just sad.... Sigh* life is so short I don't like wasting it!
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I think it is conceivable that I may one day cause a car accident because I was checking out a woman.
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I'm generally a very easygoing person; optimistic and carefree. Lately, though, I've been finding myself increasingly irritated by people who walk on the left side of the sidewalk. I'm of the understanding that people, whether consciously or unconsciously, should adopt the general driving patterns when walking (i.e. drive on the right, walk on the right, and vice-versa for left-driving countries. I keep playing games of chicken with people walking on the left, not to mention people who think it's a good idea to stop in the middle of the sidewalk to have conversations let their dogs stretch their leash across the path, or walk right out of a store or change direction without checking to see if anyone's coming. Oh, and since this is Vancouver, I do make exceptions for people who don;t have umbrellas when it's raining. Meaning, I'll leave some room on the building-side so those without umbrellas have more shelter. Am I being too anal here? What are your thoughts?
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