False Creek ferries
I was in a tie and vest and on my bicycle at the South False Creek ferry dock. You were waiting when I arrived. We made some extremely snappy cracks about when the "boatman...
If the only thing you like about your current girlfriend is the fact that she’s trans, you’re probably guilty of objectifying her.


I have cured myself of self-doubt, anxiety and moments of depresso feelings. I refuse to call this a name as I'm a human being, not a label. Sure, I come from a crazy ass family. I have lots of reasons to be insecure. Yet, here I am in the light! I have been listening to and meditating to Hawaiian guitar music, eating whole foods (not all organic, but prepared at home by me), and not using drugs or booze. Hope has returned and I never bottom out. Ever. This has worked for months and months-despite continuous stresses and Hellish outside events. I wonder if I have shifted cognitively eternally now? Did I just talk myself out of feeling like shit? I think so. And I'm going to go right on thinking so. It can be done. Blessings to those who are also working with such challenges.
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I dream about you at least twice weekly, though we've both moved on and haven't spoken in over a year. Get out of my head, I guess.
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Did anyone else have a horrible day/night? I am still dealing with the events of that week end. I need to build a shark cage for my heart because the douche sharks keep wearing dolphin masks.
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This man in my apartment building continues to bring prostitute-like women to his apartment. They wear high heels and short skirts and leave early in the morning after no doubt engaging in sexual behavior. There are a lot of children in this building and I think its bad for them to be in close proximity to this type of unsavory behavior because their brains are still developing. I am a fair bit older than he is and understand that times have changed with the internet and cell phones but I still think he should just date one girl at a time and then pick one to marry and then have children with. I think he must have experienced some type of childhood trauma which would explain this behavior. I am unsure what to do to help him with his mental disorder.
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I would like to shave my face and wear cufflinks. Sit with my legs apart and really get to know my cock. Then I would like to meet female me and fuck me into a "O" coma. Some gamer company in Japan must be working on something like this. (Better in virtual reality because I would be embarrassed after having tried to suck myself and wind up in emergency with a neck injury.)
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Tegan and Sara: I can't say that I'm sorry for loving you and hating myself. I had nothing to show you, I had nothing to hold you down. It's killing me to walk away. Pat Sr silver linings playbook: when life reaches out at a moment like this, it's a sin if you dont reach back, I'm telling you it's a sin if you don't reach back! It'll haunt you the rest of your days like a curse. I wish I did. Maybe you've felt this way about many of the lovers in your life, but you're the only one I've ever felt this way about. I don't know anything about these things. It's been way too long. You're not in my life anymore. Get the fuck out of my head, please.
Rating: -10
I have a bf who I know does love me to pieces, but his selfishness is killing me. Maybe thats a harsh word but my gripe is he never ever plans anything, as in trip or weekend wise. I want to feel like he loves me so much that I am worthy of him spending a bit of time planning something for us to do or somewhere to go. But each weekend is filled with disappointment. I've talked to him about this and not much has changed. fricken'ell make me feel special! I blame the fact that his ex was still basically a child when they broke up and she never taught him what to do, now he's just doing it wrong.
Rating: -22
i dont flirt. i dont tease. i be myself but still consciously aware that im a little attractive so i try my best to hold back a bit to not give off the wrong idea. and still, the opposite sex that i hangout with make a move on me. It's disgusting and annoying and my friends are dropping like fucking flies because of it. I'm scared to hangout with anyone now. Please get it in your head that "lets go for a skate" doesnt mean grab my ass and try to kiss me. nor does "come watch a movie with my roommate and i". Seriously guys wtf is wrong with you...UHG. And what really sucks is here i am thinking "man we're such great buds" and enjoying your company, meanwhile you're just looking at me like a piece of fucking ass or something to stick your prick in. I'm hurt, i'm offended and im pissed. I feel like i need to carry around a "stop objectifying me" bat or something. Jesus...does anyone value friendship in this city anymore?
Rating: +30