Pointer Sisters
I was sitting behind you at the Pointer Sisters in row ten, right side of the stage. You were wearing a white Bomber Jacket and I was wearing a White drivers cap.After the show we...
My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on.


Yes. It's true, I don't re-cycle. I see no point. Until I see Las Vegas turn down the 'wattage', I'll increase my 'garbage' thank you very much. Re-cycling is just another way of keeping the poor busy. Poor people go off to war, poor people are never celebrities and now, poor people are responsible for the re-cycling epidemic. The rich? No one rich goes to war and believe me... no one rich is re-cycling.
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When you don't stay the night, I sleep on your side of the bed until it doesn't smell like you anymore.
Rating: +36
One summer evening I came home to my girlfriend who had no idea I was high as a kite. She was talking about writing a book, something she always wanted to do. I blurted out an idea and I guess it inspired her. Years later, she has written her first soon to be published book based on my idea. She thanks me for inspiring her to write it. I still thank her for her inspiration. And it's based on that book. But my confession is she won't ever know that I would've never thought of that idea if I wasn't high.
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I need to know that you still love me in order to make our relationship work. otherwise i will continually second guess... and that never ends well.
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Come on, non-recyclers in Vancouver. The city can't make it any easier for you to recycle. I'm tired of going down into our ever so environmentally friendly building garbage/recycle area that it's not being utilized properly. Please stop throwing your pizza boxes and your orange juice containers in the garbage. Quit being lazy and please recycle them. For goodness sakes, the big blue recycle bin is literally four feet adjacent to the garbage. Vancouver is one of the greenest (or at least some of us try) cities in North America. Let's keep up the good reputation and keep global warming at bay. PS: Just in case you forget, I've attached a photo for you of what these bins look like.
Rating: +52
I confess that I was having trouble prioritizing you because I was afraid of loosing myself. I realized that's just a shitty excuse. If I knew myself as much as I should, enough to be in a relationship with you, then you shouldn't be able to throw me off. Knowing this, I've gained more confidence in my own identity, and feel so much freedom in falling for your gorgeous face - its a win-win-win.
Rating: +23
I've had sex with 2 men. I am 22. One of these men was purely for sex as the first one, whom I lost my virginity to, I had immense feelings for. Anyways I don't think I will ever have sex with a man who doesn't appreciate me. No, this doesn't mean that I will always have to be in a relationship with him but I want him to care about me. After having sex without a connection, I feel incredibly empty inside and wondering why I let it happen. I'm glad I figured this out now. Thank you for listening.
Rating: +59
I still get goosebumps when I listen to Tupelo Honey and remember what we had. All these years later, you've still got it.
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