I really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree.
You work at uprise and have reddish hair and a tattoo by your ear. I am a carpenter that thinks you are awfully cute. You told me to have a good day and I totally did. THANKS!
Here are a bunch of questions that were submitted anonymously at a live taping of Savage Lovecast.


I ate at a restaraunt on the drive and observed a guy below me on the patio who clearly hadn't been eating there but was watching the intersection intently. I didnt think much of this fact, but noticed his leg bouncing up and down and him itching himself. He was dressed like your average east side guy, but I could tell that he hadn't bathed by his messy hair. Then I noticed 2 infected welts in his elbow and realized that he had been shooting up. He got up and walked away with that constipated poise. So sad. I could tell he wasn't Main & Hastings material just yet, but was going down that road.
Rating: +7
i need depends every time i laugh now.
Rating: +16
My supervisor says sexually inappropriate things to me at work and I think I like it and find it amusing and reply equally. Our sexual flirtations have gone nowhere. Is that ok?
Rating: -5
There's a guy I barely even know, who keeps telling me he's in love with me and will not stop hitting on me. He flatters me constantly, tries way too hard to win me over. I've made it very clear I do not return his feelings. I have things going on in my life, I found out yesterday that my cancer has spread. My gramma and aunt are in town. It's my gram's birthday today, she's 95. We're having a dinner for her. He acted like a big sucky baby when I told him I was leaving for home. I think my mistake was that I was too nice to him for too long. I have learned that being nice will get you dumped on by emotional train wrecks. This guy is nearly 50 and he should know better. If I have to start ignoring him or being nasty to him, then I'll go hang out elsewhere. I go out to relax and have fun; he's ruining that completely for me. He asks to sit at my table and I say sure, it's a free country. Should I just say No, it's not ok next time?? How can he not get that I will never be interested in him in a romantic way? It's pathetic. I'm not a person who enjoys hurting other people, but I wonder if it's come to that. Obviously, there have been times when I've been interested in a man and he doesn't return my feelings. I do not stalk him, or harass him to try and change his mind. I sort of hope he reads this and knows who this is directed at. I hope he will be mature enough to take it in stride and not give me the cold shoulder. If that's what he chooses to do, so be it. I have no control over the actions of other people. My problems include wondering how much longer I have to live; his neediness is not only a turn off, but it's rather insulting. Get a clue - you are so close to the bottom of my life's list of things that matter. I will be your friend or foe, it's up to you. Please try to be an adult about it.
Rating: +41
There is a young woman with either bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia at my work place. She refuses to take medication. She also has a very short fuse. I'm finding I feel sick when I see her as she is very hard energy to be around. I wish I was a bigger, more compassionate, inclusive person but my life is made even harder with her antics. I also find myself wanting to hand her her ass on a platter. I won't as I'm not that mean, but I cannot believe how 'on another planet' the gal is. Boundaries.
Rating: +14
My mother has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. At which point do doctors recommend not breeding? This has been a nightmare for us as a family. My glands/hormones never formed properly and a host of other physical concerns came along with her own deficits-not to mention the emotional stuff. This has been the hardest thing ever to confess.
Rating: +48
I have a 'New Man' policy: I don't shave my legs and I wear Granny undies for every first date. I do this because I'm a slow mover and so I try to wait to hop into bed with a potential suitor. I am a horny young lady and would love to not wait. However, self-respect and old-school values have me adhering to the above. Plus, I know men like a bit of a hunt; this policy has served me well. (majority of my relationships have lasted 5-9 years) I went on a date with a very nice fellow. During the movie, a scary part happened and I jumped. He 'stilled' me by reaching into the bottom of my jeans and stroking my (ugh!) hairy legs. I didn't get a second date to explain my policy. In general, I do shave all relevant regions, I do wear sassy undies and it would have been fun to get to know him better. But I have to laugh, really. He wasn't from BC and I can only imagine what he thought.
Rating: +23
I thought this would happen. I spent a decade in Vancouver and it has been 15 minute friendships the whole time and countless nights of my best efforts coming up empty handed. I worked hard, had up and downs like anybody but in the end I have decided to pack it up and leave for a much warmer social climate. This place is what it is so no further comments. Of course I would fall in love with eight months to go. The VNA awards last week had some interesting people at it, i use that term loosely but there she was. This beautiful woman in nice shoes , summery flower dress, hair up , dirty blonde.... i could go on..... stood in front of my equipment and almost burnt her hair. We had a good laugh, introduced ourselves and then had eye contact and some smiling for the rest of night. Unfortunately she seemed to be on the arm of this guy and that was that but before she left I received a stare that left me speechless. She looked into my soul. I swear it. Of course..... that would happen. For the next eight months I'm on a mission. I will find her...... dancing to house music I suspect. Of course..... life would not be fun if it was easy. Thanks.
Rating: +1