Sitting in the rain
You were so sweet. How you didn't get mad when your bus didn't stop. How you were nice to someone else. I'm curious about your accent. I wish we could of sat in the...
Acknowledge the discomfort and awkwardness (D & A) that has been created while simultaneously drawing attention to the fact that said D & A are not of your creation.


I'm a woman in my mid 30s and have never been in love. I'm somewhat attractive, fun, have a good job et. but no one has ever liked me. I've watched it happen to all my friends but me. They don't seem to notice I've been single for 5 years. Online dating doesn't work for me. virtually no messages. Hard to keep the faith.
Rating: +24
I recently read an article that the average house costs over a million while the average hously income is around $70,000.. I have lived in a few cities. I have built successful friendly relationships in all of them. The interesting thing about Vancouver is every friend I connected with here, except for a few, are also from another country or city (Peru, Australia, Sweden); and the few are from the more down to earth outskirts of port moody/ Coquitlam. Not to say there are zero decent people in your city, just more not than are . Attending university and being around Vancouver youth regularly led me to 3 descriptive words for them: Over-privileged, uninviting, and un-realistic. Despite my efforts I could not seem to get along. I am moving and will only be in this province for 2 more days. Considering SFU pumps out over 600 business degrees a year and a business degree starts at a measly 30,000-40,000 a year; and assuming you beat all the competition and can even find a job. Enjoy that $1 million per house-housing market, let me know how privileged you are when you can't afford a mortgage. And let me know how the stuck up, unwelcoming persona works for you when you are forced to move to a more affordable city with more work opportunities. Or just keep living at your parents house, I dont care. Young Vancouverites you are going to have a rude awakening if you want to continue living in this city. I suggest you start thinking about it and doing something
Rating: +33
I really want and need a big bad ass boyfriend who will scare the crap out of all my haters.
Rating: -22
She told me I should help with the dishes, so I do. She told me I should help with the shopping so I do. She told me to do the laundry so I do. She told me that I should also cook meals, so I do. She told me I should clean up the dishes, so I do. One day it rained and a water drip began up in the ceiling, she told me to hurry and fix it, so I told her to go do it herself.
Rating: +42
I went out on a proper date last night and the man was not a gentleman.I am so embarrassed for him and I.He had been pursuing me for a while now.I finally said yes.He lives on the west side and makes good money.We went to a high end place for a fine meal with some great wine.I expected him to pay since I was his guest.AFTER THE MEAL HE ASKED FOR SEPERATE BILLS.Who does that? Ifhe had told me prior to ordering, I would have chosen not to eat, since I only had $5 on me.I calmly told him I did not have any cash on me, nor plastic.He refused to pay for my meal....I had to call my friend to bring me some cash.Whatis the world coming to?
Rating: -48
I live in the West End and as you can guess there is limited parking available, and going the transit route just isn't viable for me. 1 block away from my apartment there are designated spaces for the little Smart Car to Go vehicles. So WHY when those spaces are empty do several of them choose to park in spaces that are for public non commercial resident use. A few weeks ago there were 6 of them within 1 block of their designated spaces while those spaces remained vacant. AAAARRRGGHHHH.
Rating: +23
I am so fucking crazy and no one, NO ONE, will help me. If I go to anyone about my issues, I will most certainly end up in a psych ward. I just don't think I can live like this for another ten fucking years.
Rating: +1
I have been entertaining my ex-boyfriend's texts lately because my current boyfriend and I are in a bit of limbo. Decided to take some time apart so we could figure out whether we should take the next step. We have basically broken up, but we didn't want to say that exactly because after all this time, it hurts too much to call it what it is. I've been licking my wounds for a few months now and my old ex-boyfriend texts me about something I posted recently on Instagram. He's married with kids now, but every once in awhile, he starts sniffing around me, just to see how I am. I would never do anything with him and I told him that (I maybe be "single" now, but he certainly is not!), but I don't stop him when he starts to reminisce about "old times". The attention is definitely helping me get through my current situation but in all honesty, it just makes me miss my limbo boyfriend even more.
Rating: -20