cute man with dimples at the wharehouse downtown
We kept looking at each other inside the resturant i cant stop thinking that i should of taken your number. You had headphones and cute dimples you almost ran into someone looking...
While a wedding ring on a straight married man (or woman) will be assumed to mean “taken and off-limits”, the same assumption doesn’t apply in the case of a married gay man.


Woman stop confusing us. You need to realize that if you are an attractive woman who starts a conversation with a man, flips you're hair, and smiles at us that we are going to think you are into us. I don't start conversations with random hot females that I don't want to date. So stop confusing us.
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While I have yet to achieve a marriage, I feel certain it must be the bain of a persons' existence to be married to and to be staying with a person they are not happy with. Now, I may be right out of line saying so, as I have not (cannot perhaps?) be(en) married. But it seems to me like a dark Hellish box to be trapped in. That said, love waits around every corner so there is light right outside...
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I feel compassion for people who live in the city without a backyard, pet, or stereo
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I can't tell if a woman is just being nice to me or actually has some interest. I work at a club and for a year not one woman in the place has uttered two words to me, not a single hi, they don't even know my name. Then this new girl starts work there, amazing in every aspect, smiles at me , bought me a beer one night and even waved at me. This perplexes me as it is normal behaviour where i grew up. But here it is not normal so I'm stumped. Is she just being the friendly new girl from Abbotsford or have I just lived here too long and can't see the obvious. The cherry blossoms look awesome though!! That I know.
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After being single for about five years, I've fallen for someone I've known for years - he hadn't been available until recently (no, I hadn't pined for him before - it wasn't like that). I had no idea how we'd hit it off because he seemed a bit quiet for me. It turns out we're an excellent match. My confession: he wasn't everything 'on my list'. I'd been used to dating younger guys, and he's a bit older than I am. He has gray hair and wrinkles. I was concerned that the sex department would be lacking. Ha! He is the loveliest man and the best thing that's ever happened to me. I gave him time and patience (as he had some emotional stuff to deal with) and I have been so richly rewarded. (And the sex? Amazing - he's like a guy 20 years younger but with more experience and technical expertise.) To think I could've written him off because he didn't match my stupid 'list'. Sheesh. My advice to other singles? Keep an open mind. Be patient. There might be someone in your life who is just perfect for you, if you are prepared to drop a few things off your list of expectations and realize that by doing so, you may receive a person with qualities you hadn't thought to include on that list. I think online dating has left us with a 'shopping' mentality in partners, and I think that's messed a lot of us up. True love may already be around you, if you open your eyes and your heart.
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I just found out that I am pregnant with my fourth child. I don't think my boyfriend is ready to become a father and it scares me a lot because I think he might leave me.
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It just feels awful! The other week I was on a crowded bus and holding onto one of the poles. I stood facing the three middle seats on one of the long buses and a pretty girl close by looked at my legs (I wore leggings that day), then at my face, then down and up again. Finally she ended up just looking at my face for a long while. I know my legs aren't skinny, but you didn't have to stare at me for so long. Gosh, that made me feel so uncomfortable, and the effect is still with me. *sigh*
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I live in north van, and across from my apartment there's a woman who has all her phone conversations loudly on her balcony. Even with my tv on I can hear her constant talking (all day) I'm glad she isn't a night owl. I might slip a note on her balcony just to let her know that the neighbourhood can hear her personal conversations all frickin day.
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