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I can't stop crying

Thinking about that old lady in North Van who ended up in a shelter. So many of us could end up like this. So many of us are only one crisis away.

just realising

How many dumb people there are out there. Internet commenters, co-workers, family, even people I graduated university with. We're so screwed.

Tired of not being accepted for who I am...

I have a friend who is continually pushing my boundries. They tell me my stories ramble on - just get to the point. I can tell, when I am talking, they get irritated that I am not just being brief. I have never had anyone else in my life get so impatient with me. I have been told in the past that my stories are some of the best they have ever heard yet this person continually schools me on the art of conversation, social media rules, what I can and can not ask, say, do. I am getting really tired of trying to meet this person's expectations of me. Why can't you just accept me as I am. If you don't like me then lets stop being friends. If you do like me then shut the hell up. I never put restrictions on you and your ways. I accept that you are not a very open person and like to keep your life a mystery. You don't like to be asked where you were, what you were doing and whom you were doing it with so I bite my tongue. I have learned to work with your quirks and insecurities - why can't you do the same. This is the most exasperating friendship I have ever had - a real love/hate. Its starting to wear very thin.

Too many cocks

I work in a small office with a group of men. All day they are tense, stressed out about their work and go on about women's bodies and talk badly about others. It's pretty crazy some of the thing I hear on a daily basis, insane actually. There is no HR and even if there was I'm not the complaint type. My problem is its just gotten to the point where i hate coming in each day to the testorstone fest, its driving me mad. I've thought about finding another job but my hours are good and the pay is okay and in reality i'm not sure what else I could find. But man, these dudes. If women could hear the things they said about them. Okay off to the office.

Mother In Law

My MIL is my role model - a quietly amazing woman who I want to be like because she is calm and does the right thing no matter what, and so easy, too easy, to underappreciate people like this who are not 'out there' in your face - this wonderful lady is just doing what is right every day. I want to be like her if I am fortunate enough to reach old age.


Out of a job since the beginning of last year. I am scared at what I am willing to do for money. I will do anything - I mean ANYTHING!

suicidal teen

The grief of having a teen who is on & off suicidal, badly cutting herself, suffering from debilitating anxiety disorders, badly bullied, at-risk of schizophrenia, has symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, is environmentally sensitive, and has undiagnosed auto-immune disorders is overwhelming. I don't even have time to process or think about all the other huge problems in my life. Hours & hours of her crying & yelling at me yesterday, followed by same today. Have been on the waitlist for reduced-cost counselling for a month. Supposed to be a few more months before I get in. Weight of the world on my shoulders. When no one is around, sometimes I just collapse to the floor. Can't even tell for sure if it's just emotional or something is physically wrong & I can just hide it sometimes. I've been through a lot of shit in my life, but this might be the worst yet, and that's saying something. Already have counsellor for her, hospital trips, health treatments I can't afford. Have switched her schools, alternative program. Just desperate for a way out of this. To all the other parents who have ever gone through things like this with your kids, you have my whole-hearted respect.

Where you at?

you might have moved on with your life, given up on adventures to be a housewife, but you're still the moriarty to my sherlock holmes, and still the dr. belloq to my dr. indiana jones, and still the magento to my professor x, and if we are no longer fighting we might as well have good sex.

Compass card

I really have to wonder about some of these government corporations and where their heads are at. Like all who take transit, I was forced to go the compass card route. When I signed up for it, I went the auto load route. Last night I received my first notification of via email of "compass autoload receipt", and was somewhat shocked that they included all my personal information - name, address, AND FULL credit card information. Surely these dimwits realize that sending information via computers particularly this method is far from secure and open the door to identity theft and credit card fraud. Talk about irresponsible.

Taking it for granted

I confess that I am in a loving, happy, long term relationship but often fantasize about living on my own. Not to be single and leave the relationship, but just to have my own place. No cleaning up after other people, not being expected to always cook for someone else, no unwanted/unexpected house guests, being able to decorate however I want, and being able to have quiet evenings to myself throughout the week. This would also give us a bit of time to miss each other so that the time that we do spend together is cherished; and the meals that I cook every night become an appreciated treat that is savored, rather than something eaten quickly in front of a TV. But then I often read on Confessions about all the lonely souls who want so desperately to have something like this and I think maybe I'm just taking it all for granted. People want what they can't have I guess. Grass is greener syndrome.


I made 35k more than I did last year because I've decided to work almost everyday. Its a sad distraction from the fact that I am unable to initiate contact with the opposite sex because of rejection issues . Ugh what a failure I am.

Weekend worker

Where do people go during the week to get out? I work weekends and everytime I get fired up to go out during my nights off I get hung up on wondering where the hell am I going to go.

So dissapointed

My confession is that I think I'm losing faith in humanity. That or I'm just getting old and not getting the 'kids these days'. I drive a lot doing outreach and I can't even believe how many izombies I see crossing super busy streets with their faces buried in their phones. No looking up! Not even to cross at places like Burrard and Georgia or Davie and Burrard or any GD intersection in the city. What is wrong with these people? I have observed people of all walks of life doing this. People that look like they should be educated. These haven't had lobotomies! I'm 41. I have a phone. I text. BUT. I put my phone in my pocket or at least don't continue texting while crossing a busy street..This really worries me folks. Let's look up. Make some eye contact once in a while. Not be in a drooling stupor.


Skytrain. September29 midnight

I think you watched me the entire train ride you got off at royal oak and motioned for me to get...