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I miss my co-workers

at Christmastime. I left the job a few years ago but worked with a really great team - time has shown me how truly awesome this group of workers really was - I had my head up my ass in ridiculous personal issues so I did not fully appreciate them at the time. I appreciate that they didn't tolerate rudeness and swearing - I used to say the F word now I can't bear to hear it. My co-worker would even make me sushi if I didn't swear. Dedicated to their jobs and to classy professional behaviour, I hope they all have a Happy Healthy Christmas and New year :)

Ex machina

I used to live in Yaletown and while I was there I acquired the delusion (at least I think it was a delusion) that the majority of its inhabitants are in fact replicants or androids or some other kind of robot. You probably know what I am talking about. When it got to the point where I had the urge to go up to strangers in coffee shops and restaurants, grab them by the lapels, and ask “Are you real? Are you one of us?!” then I knew it was time to move away. All the same, sometimes I still wonder.

Hmm how entertaining

I deactivated my facebook account recently because I was tired of all the negative posts I was seeing. Suddenly people who have never bothered to reach out or even reply to me in years start getting ahold of me and asking why I deleted them off facebook. Weird... I didn't know you had my number, or email for that matter but yeah I just deactivated my account I didn't "block" you. It is amazing how quickly someone notices when you aren't there for them anymore even though that same person hasn't shown a shred of giving a sh@t about you in like 4 or 5 years. And how incredibly facebook-ish for those people to assume it is all about them. Why did I block them? What did they do to get blocked by me? Of course it could never just be that I wanted to deactivate it for my own reasons.

Best date Never.

I am tired of being told that date was the best she has had in years only to be told a day later she changed her mind because I misread her beyond obvious body language. I'm so chivalrous and not like the other guys blah blah blah, FREE MEAL. NEXT. Too many flakey women here it's beyond a joke.


I really don't like people who identify as "Creatives". The reason is they seem very close minded about the definition of a creative person. Being creative doesn't only mean you create art, and I can prove this. There is a very famous person in the accounting/finance field, Charles Ponzi. He was alive in the 1920's, and got so creative with bookkeeping that he's still known today. He may not have painted a picture, or sculpted something, but to say he wasn't creative is a lie. Everyone is creative, you just need to find the way in which you are creative. As a final parting shot I've always found it funny how all "creatives" seem to only use Mac, not so creative to me.

i hate liars, actions tell the truth

It hurts still. I was broken up with and feel like I was lied to. I suspected part of the real reason behind it and called them on it but they denied. More signs point to it including what others say on the subject without me even having to say my suspicions. Should I speak my mind to them calmly or is it a lost cause? probably but someone please help, I'm torturing myself uncontrollably and i hate it. i don't think they will listen or care so how do i find a way to get the closure i need so i can move on? I just don't understand why people can't be honest about their reasons. i am so offended... that's one way to show how unimportant someone was to you. I've been stuck here for so long and i just want out now!

I could walk forevever - part 2

I think you should give me a shot. When I said I could walk forever, I meant that I enjoyed being in your company, that I would like to get to know you more. I'll wait until you are ready, until you realise who I am and can be. I'm not desperate, I have friends, lovers... but I can't seem to get you off my mind.

Waiting room

I would have done anything for her. She didn't care though so I left and filled an empty life with travel and saving. Now I think her priorities are changing. Maybe a stable guy who could pull his weight around the house would make a good option. Feeling conflicted though. If I win the affection of the woman but only because I fulfill a role, is that something to celebrate?

Secret bookcase

Im in 'Narnia' you'll never find me. Hehe

Once upon a time

I believed in love, joy, compassion, care, kindness, justice. Life is made of running into people full of hate, anger, cruelty, indifference, evil, injustice. What went wrong?

When we touch

Is that just my own energy being reflected back at me, or is that you? So cozy...feels like home But it isn't my place Is it?

I want Justin Trudeau

to shave his head and grow a beard - he is hot right now but this would make him over the top PILF...Oh Canada....

Want to be used

I want to invite a bunch of people over to order me around and use me however they desire.


Bonfires, bats and room service

We shared coffee and croissants on the beach with our bikes. I watched you tame a rare and...


Photos: Meat and beer paradise at Brewery...

Having a large-scale barbecue on a sunny day is always a good idea.