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Lucky unlucky

Is it normal to always be thinking of someone outside of your relationship? My partner is loving, beautiful, thoughtful and always there for me and yet I'm constantly thinking of someone else and feeling guilty about it. We've been together a long time by any standards and I've never cheated, but at some point I met this other person and I can't seem to forget about her. I worry I would end it for this other person and they would treat me terribly. Logically it makes no sense, but it's always on my mind.

Lonely and turning into a bit of a workaholic.

I was causally seeing someone and I wanted more but I knew I couldn't get more. I'm in school/working and certain aspects of my career have taken a really stressful turn. I also wasn't sure if he wanted more than a friends with benefits situation and I suspected he wasn't the type of guy that would be there for me in the long haul. It just seems like he's in a place in his life where he's just having fun and that's ok. So I let him loose because I now know what I'm looking for. It just sucks because maybe I am focusing too much on my career and I don't feel like I have much of a personal life.

dark cloud

I've struggled with mood disorders for as long as I can remember. I can feel the depression returning. It's hard to get out of bed, I sleep too much, I can't apply myself at work, I don't take pleasure in anything and I'm neglecting my partner. I need something to give or I feel like I may lose control of my life. The wall is fast approaching and everything is going to spiral out... and I don't even want to stop it.


So I am dating the girl of my dreams. I fell in love with her the moment I met her, and after nearly a year, my love for her has not lessened at all. She is everything I have ever wanted, and my love is fully reciprocated. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world. Now, for my question of whether or not I am a total narcissist. Everyone, and I really mean everyone, we have ever met has asked us "omg are you guys sisters?" or even worse "omg twins!!!" Yes, we look similar. It is incredibly awkward for both of us to admit that we are a couple, not twins for f&%k's sake. I am sooo sick of hearing it, and despite it being a compliment to be told I look like my gf, who I see as the most gorgeous woman in existence, I feel weird about it. Am I full of myself for being so attracted to someone who looks like me?! People have told us both that we must be in love with ourselves. Our personalities are very very similar too. Our clothing styles are identical. So are our career ambitions, our morals, our anxiety issues, everything. More similar than me and my own twin sister...oh did I fail to mention that kicker? The fact that I actually do have a twin? fml. -_-

Daddy Issues

I want a man to take care of me. I know it sounds "anti-feminist" but it's true. And I don't mean just financially (I have a career that pays well and easily supports me, although I would love to combine this with someone else for an enhanced, shared life). Mostly what I want is a man who cherishes me, holds me, protects me and looks out for me physically and emotionally. Someone I can fall into at the end of the day and feel safe and comforted. Which apparently means I have daddy issues.

Show & Tell

When I was in kindergarten, the class came to my house for a treasure hunt in the backyard. I was so excited to have my classmates over that I put on my "Indian Costume", which consisted solely of a headband with feather, a belt and 2 washcloths. My friend still teases me about that one to this day, as the washcloths didn't cover much.

Earthquake please!

I work in a Vancouver eatery, we have free internet and seats about 20. I've noticed in the last 2 weeks or so some of the patrons have been coughing/hacking up a lung. Well yesterday I woke up with a pretty severe fever and today I am undeniably sick! Thanks a lot you ignorant, selfish ASSHOLES, thanks for sharing your disgusting germs with otherwise healthy staff and other patrons. Next time you are sick, STAY AT HOME and keep your filthy infections to yourself! Bunch of bird brained idiots!

Better yet

There is national secretary day etc...why not national bus operator or chauffers day? Just asking..

'If I had a million dollars'

The other day I was on the bus. I was feeling happy and wondered , since the driver had mentioned being a driver for 20 years, that if she ever got a tip. I thought since she worked with the public she might /should have been given one. So I asked her if she ever in 20years had received 100 dollars or any tip. She smiled and said , "No, mostly what I get are angry combative riders." She then gestured to another rider to the left of me and added, "Just ask him he is a regular rider." He more than happily confirmed her words. Riding the bus myself, I began to remember the times I had seen disgruntled riders. So I am putting this out to the world.I confess that if I ever come into a million dollars: I would spend a week during a holiday handing out 100 dollar bills to the great selfless public sevants we over look tipping. They are our "friendly neighborhood bus drivers".


I am in tremendous physical pain because cancer is now in my bones. You'd think that doctors would take that kind of pain seriously, especially when they can see it on their scans and xrays. I have been getting inadequate pain care for too long now. It's so very f**king extreme, that I've looked for help, gotten next to zilch and so now I'm going to have to start making some decisions. I'm out of patience and I've witnessed lies and I cannot fight an entire medical system. Do they want me to just die already? Cuz that's what I'm starting to think. Just make very clear that you are not going to help me, instead of sending me home with what might as well be a bottle of tic tacs. If I go down...


Life is fucked up. That is the one and only thing about life that we can confirm, nothing else.

Cheaters are everywhere

I only have open relationships. I find its better to have a honest relationship rather one where some one needs to hide the truth. I have been approached by so many guys on tinder and Okc who are looking to cheat on their significant others. Women need to open their eyes. You make think your man is an angel but chances are he's hitting on women like me online. I've had to add a line to my profile saying I'm not interested in helping men cheat and still they ask me. They tell me stories how their woman stopped sleeping with them or don't fulfill a desire they have or whatever. Then just be honest and tell her that and not me!

Not Always a Cheater.

According to many people, especially those who are wounded from being cheated on, every single person who cheats will forever for the rest of their lives be unfaithful. This isn't true. I have been a cheater, and I have many regrets, horrible wounds from doing the cheating, and have suffered terrible losses from my mistakes. I will absolutely never cheat again. As a matter of fact, I have been cut so deeply by learning my lesson the hard way, that I feel that I am even more trustworthy than someone who has never given into the temptation, and never been burned by it.


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