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boss under the bus

about a year ago, I threw my former boss under the bus with his . While its true that he was inappropriate and a bit of a potential legal hazard to the company, I confess I regret going against what I really wanted to do, which was to sit him down and tell him myself, even though it could have put me in an even more inconvenient situation job-wise. The people around me at the time encouraged me to go talk to his boss, and so I did, but its never really sat well with me. Serves me right for not listening to myself..I'd apologize, but its been a long time and I know he probably hates me.

From someone a bit more experienced

I've been reading confessions for a bit over a year now and it appears that many are written by fine people who may not have really experienced life yet. Lots of regret about lost love, lost opportunity, wish I didn't feel this way, wish I didn't feel that way... wish so and so loved or liked me, wish these people would just fuck off and leave me alone.... I'm a mid 40's guy who finally has his shit together but everyday I face my own worries and challenges so I think I have a bit of experience when I say this... Relax.... live in the moment... be who you are... don't freak out about what's happening right now... it will all be ok! Despite what you think about your life right at this moment (and trust me, we've ALL been there) it will all be ok if you just don't give up. Don't let go. ...

So Depressed

I just turned 30 and I am so depressed. All my friends are either engaged, married, or having kids. I feel like I am stuck. I feel like I am too old for the club scene but too young for the pub scene. I don't understand why I can't meet a nice man to marry.


When everything is going right in regards to life (school, work, relationships, health, money, et cetera) something comes up and ruins it for a little bit but it makes everything that much more worth it. A few things happened in the duration of the week for me that tested my patience and made me a little dejected but it put things into perspective [again] for me and really made me thankful for everything that is going right in this beautiful thing called life...and this is coming from a pessimistic person by nature. Just smile people, it all works out in the end.

Missing Clarity

At 26, I met a beautiful woman who was the first person in my entire life to show me love. It was terrifying. After years of torture and isolation I considered myself an exile -- it was better to distrust and judge than show vulnerability. I was cold and dismissive. I became the monster I always feared. Now she's gone and I wish she knew how sorry I was. That I had to crack straight down the middle so my hard exterior could fall away. I wish her well.

Who am I?

I was asked this in an interview the other day. "Who are you?" At first, I wanted to state my profession, but I realized I didn't want to be defined by what I do. So then I was going to state my marital status, but I didn't want to be defined by my singledom either. And then it occurred to me that I didn't know any other way to market myself as anything but my occupation or social status. It made me a little sad and a bit frustrated because all this time, I thought I knew who I was and what I brought to the world, but it turns out that it doesn't have a label or a title. In the greater scheme of things, it doesn't matter because I feel who I am without having to say it out loud, but on the rare occasion I'm asked, it appears I actually don't have the words to express it. Frustrating. Thanks for the ear!

really tough decision...

My ex-husband continues to drop our former family dog on my doorstep. He went out and bought a new dog and now no longer wants this one. I love our dog, but Im in a pet free apartment and can't afford to find a home in the needed neighbourhood that allows dogs. He knows this but keeps doing this to me just to torture me. (Long history of that) I have no option now but to call the SPCA. I'm broken over this, and my children will never forgive me..but I can't keep him, nor can I afford him and my two children with zero child support from deadbeat dad. I am just devastated tonight, and I want to run far far away with my children....(but won't) Thanks for listening..


My mother is mentally ill and hates me. There aren't words that can properly describe my pain.

tick tock, tick tock

Caught up in a career that literally makes me weep in frustration and rage, and I don't have any qualifications to do anything else. No friends at all, no social life. Only people I care about are elderly mom and dad. When they are gone I'm going to kill myself.

broke the seal!

i was walking home last night in the West End after going out for drinks and really needed to pee, so i stopped and squatted (I'm a girl) at some condo bushes and let it out!!

Be a Ninja

So Iam not a fan of porn but I told my boyfriend if you are going to watch it be a ninja. Last night he could not keep it up. This morning I could hear porn on, made me so mad. And I love sex....


I was helping a friend set up her POF account and i came across my ex's profile. We broke up 4 months ago and I know we aren't great together but i still feel so sick. I'm trying to move on. Can't wait for the day when I don't care about what he's doing.

insta what?!

I was looking for something on Instagram and accidentally stumbled upon Instagram porn... There's tons of it. I was shocked at first, but the dirty girl in me just kept looking. Now I can't stop thinking about it. The things you can accidentally learn.... Wow...

Sleep to dream

I look forward to sleeping every night, not only for the rest, but when I dream, it's the only time I feel wanted, loved, and I feel so happy. I'm surrounded by people who I love and non existent. Waking up is sometimes a nightmare.

Pondering our existence

Maybe the truth is something like this... God is not large and more complex than us but instead simple tiny and all powerful existing as hard set laws that matter and energy must abide by. The simple physics of of our universe. Gravity, the spin of atoms, energy and light. All of these simple truths that allow for existence. Energy and matter adhering to set laws that exist in the fabric of time and space. That is God.


Teal Truck Showdown

Me turning left on 12th at Main with one female friend in the passenger seat. You heading west on...