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The truth is...

I effing love Say Yes To The Dress. 28/m/straight

puttullo conspiracy!

the real reason the bridge is getting shut down for such a long time and in such a user unfriendly way is to punish the BC public for not paying up and using the upgraded port man... this work will force the wage slaves to buy their pass and save a few dollars... and teach them to use what the boss says they must use!

God's Cruel Joke

that the dumbest most narcissistic asshole species on the planet got thumbs.

Socks and sandals

may be hard on the eyes of the fashion conscious but are to my feet the most comfy summer wear Ever.

Shiny outside.

The more I'm infiltrated with Facebook Tinder Instagram Google shitstorm of attention - the less close I am to any humans within actual arms reach. How powerful is that? People have de-volved. I don't believe we have reached the bottom yet. Slay Mother Earth is not enough any more. Wars are appetizers. False democracy ensures destruction. How the hell can regular humans make utopia? I can't even pet the ones I love let alone drop pretense and let the sunshine in. Fuck.

Watching Erin Brockvich!

I had never seen the movie and decided to watch it. There was a scene that jumped out at me. The part where the creepy guy kept approaching her and asking for her phone number. And then at the bar he approaches her and talks to her. She is nervous at first but stands her ground. At the end of the scene, you see that he can help her out with her case, with all the information he knows. As someone who is single this scene really spoke to me. Did anyone else feel this way?

Bad Girls

I was at a wake for a relative of my partner, and encountered a very vibrant woman from the other side of the family. No matter how inappropriate, our mutual attraction was apparent. We were connecting eyes, smiles, exchanging touches and flirtations and laughing a bit too loud, given the circumstances of where we were. I really hope nobody else noticed, as it was difficult to hide! My husband was pretty turned on by our attraction to one another. If we'd been at any other kind of event, I would have approached her to take it to the next level. Ya never know where you're going to find a kindred spirit!

I don't think youth are lazy...I just think they are too picky.

Most jobs are not very glamorous ...they are stressful or dirty or devoid of interaction with the opposite sex or "politically incorrect" but previous generations did them to make a buck so they could buy stuff they wanted.Not sure what kinds of things young people want to buy these days....a Smartphone and a Compass card?

I'm Unemployed

And it's really getting to me. My husband cheers me up, but when he's gone working the thoughts of worthlessness creep up making me not want to go outside. What am I good at? What am I good for? My confidence is shot. This is also having a negative impact on my health. I suspect my mom may be cheating on my dad. Thanks for reading.

Broke it off

I was cheating on my boyfriend for about 9 months with another guy who was totally different, who I had fun with, and who wanted to do all the things that my bf isn't interested in. We were best friends and lovers, and i'd even say that the physical part of our relationship was secondary. When we got together, it was almost never for the purpose of hooking up, but to do fun things with each other. But I couldn't do it anymore and I had to be really awful to him in order to make our separation really set in stone. I miss him so much. I miss his company more than anything else. I miss our connection. In fact, I would say we were far more emotionally connected than anything else. Is that worse than just having an affair where it's all about lust lust lust?

I feel like I'm being punished

I've made some horrible choices in life. I can't seem to forgive myself. Bad things still happen to me - my loved ones say it's just bad luck but I feel like I'm being punished. I'm not a criminal and not an addict. Just really fucking dumb.

Fashion Statement

OK, now when I see a girl with the ripped knees, I automatically assume that she can't think for herself. If you're going to appropriate Korean fashion trends, why not pull out the old jean shorts over stockings one? - That was hot.

Ok I'm done

I think I've been working with the public for too long. It honestly feels like I just can't satisfy people. No matter how much time, energy I put into each person and try to solve their problems I just can't do it anymore. I hate customer service and it is ruining me as a person, in result with me not wanting to interact with anyone anymore. I can't handle it anymore every time someone yells at me or personally insults me for something that isn't within my power. I really like helping people, I really do. But not in this way. The end of last night my chest hurt from the stress this one lady put on me. I just want to hide from the world now.

I want in

Is it reasonable to ask someone you are interested in if they would be willing to open their presumably exclusive monogamous relationship so you can be with that person in some capacity? To me that seems more honest and ethical than asking someone to cheat on their partner with you, which just seems skeevy and wrong. But I have zero experience in poly matters, so I really don't know. This is mostly a hypothetical question.

Instead of war

I wish we could just have a gigantic huge ass arcade and people can do their war shit there; either that or a gigantic mud pit and war can be naked mud wrestling.


Great Smile on the Snowy Number 9

Normally I hop on the 99, but I didn't want to wait in the cold so I got on the 9 and I'...


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