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stop just existing

I wish more people would take responsibility for their own lives. If you aren't happy with how things are going, try to make a change. Don't expect things to work out for you if you don't work for them. I have a hard time respecting those that spend more time complaining than doing...

What do you do?

When I meet new people, I hate answering the inevitable "What do you do?" question. Don't get me wrong, I "do" a lot of things (tons of volunteer work, community engagement, non-fiction reading, arts and crafts). The problem is, I have an unexciting, low-paying job which, when mentioned, often doesn't measure up to people's expectations of me. I really wish that a person's "worth" wasn't so embedded in "work".


There is something kind of depressing about ejaculating into a plastic tube that resembles a vagina. It's just not the same.

I feel like a fraud

I have a sales job that is relatively easy. I work from home, sleep in until 9am, work till 4pm, get paid about 110k per year, and I take 2 hour lunch breaks. My manager never checks on me. Sometimes I feel like a fraud, but I still make my quota and I'm bringing in lots of money for my company. I'm trying to not sound like a douche, as I realize how ridiculously lucky I am. I know this will eventually come to an end so I better enjoy it while it lasts. BTW, I grew up really poor and worked minimum wage jobs for years. I guess this is Karma.

Maintenance sex

I sure am tired of the maintenance sex. Wish we could get back to long lazy afternoons.... Damned kids! Ah well. At least we're getting some.

Lost Cat

The thing that I find ridiculous about missing pet posters is that the first piece of information is always the cat's name. I have cats and they sure as hell don't know their own names, only who has the best treats and luvs.

Still believe in fairytale romance and soulmate for life

But almost ready to give up on ever finding them. It seem to be going completely out of style these days, with the new trends of open marriages, poly somethings, strings of convenient relationships, friends with benefits, prenuptial deals and general cynicism and pragmatism in the matters of intimate life setting in. Yet, I am trying to hold onto something that may no longer exist. I can't , I don't want to accept anything less than pure, unconditional love, care, trust, respect, admiration and devotion for one another. A lifetime of shared happiness and joy together. As well as sadness and tears, and health, sickness and grief and death and wealth and poverty. Everything that can happen in life. Never betraying one another no matter how tough it might get financially, or other pressures or temptations that may come. Being one another's rock in this mess of a world. Never taking each other for granted. Forever in love. I feel like a lone ancient fortress amongst concrete high rises resisting the times of change. Unable to find any attraction in the ubiquity of disposable assets. Is true love dead and I just don't want to believe it?

I'm gonna practice not answering

questions - too much of my life, I have answered questions without forethought, giving personal information and ammunition and feeling icky afterwards - and realize later in life that this automatic answering is simply conditioning.

From Unbreakable to Dust In The Wind

I hate how our unbreakable, joined-at-the-hip friendship turned into a magnificent romance and then very quickly dust in the wind simply because the two of us are viciously as stubborn as mules. Now she's blocked me because I've hurt her unintentionally and she feels like she can't convince me of her side of our issue, and I feel just as sad because I can't get her to see or understand my side either. We never used to be like this and now our love has turned into resentment simply because we love one another but either can't or won't compromise. Balance is everything but where the hell is it in this situation. I really didn't want to lose her but now I think I have for good. This isn't right. Personality conflicts really suck!

I Wish

I started dating this great guy but he's so busy. He works full time and goes to school at night which leaves very little us time. I would like for us to get away for a weekend but its impossible. We're in a relationship but its like we're not. I wish things were easier.

Sometimes, when I hear sirens...

I run down the nearest deserted alley, and dramatically rip open my shirt like a superhero shedding their alter ego. Then I walk around shirtless for a while, because the buttons on my shirt popped off.

theres nothing quite like seeing

what appears appears to be a good looking person, then they spit and to my eyes their hot goes to lot and they turn into the loogie they just spit out.


I am a bisexual woman. And I can't help it. I feel like I should choose but I can't!

Sad still

I left because he couldn't give me what i needed emotionally. I think about him every day and we had our issues but he was willing to be there and try. And now its too late and i will always wonder if i made the right choice.


1. I feel like a hypocrite most of time - Contradicting my thoughts with my words. I feel like I'm lying most times to please my audience and myself. Is it wrong to tweak my personal stories to make it sound like the better perspective? Maybe it's just exaggeration? Maybe I'm just dramatic. 2. I'm lonelier than I seem to be. It's easy for me to make friends cause of my spontaneity but I'm finding it hard to find that deep connection and intimacy with someone recently. I miss the abundance of love and affection that I used to get. I miss the east coast vibe. 3. I'm secretly not happy with how my life is going no matter how brave and strong the close ones think I am for doing the move and drastically changing paths. I secretly liked all the drama and misery and now it's just blah. Flat. 4. My thoughts contradict the things I believe in and advocate for. 5. I need to get laid.


Were those roses for me?

You were standing at the entrance to Vancouver City Centre station with a few single-stemmed...


Why did BCIT post an important notice on...

BCIT vice president Bill Dow had a serious message for the Burnaby campus community.