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My Dead Relatives

Granny, Grandpa, Mom, Aunt and Uncle are still very much alive in my heart.

C'mon Law

My last partner with a fixed income would always say "We should make some money so we can go on vacation"-though it really meant "YOU should make more money so "I" can go on vacation".

Sky train directions

I took public transport to work last week for the first time because of the "snow storm " that never came. I found there are hardly any maps either in the trains or on the platforms. If I was a tourist it would be really challenging to find my way, especially if English wasn't my first language. Come on Vancouver!


My wife and I enjoy threesomes. We secretly pick and approach woman at parties, get together a or sometimes servers at restaurants if we are dating. It usually catches them off guard but it never ceases to amaze me how open woman are to the idea. We have never got a flat out "no".


I'm not a fan of this time of year. For most of my working life I've been in customer service and during the holidays it takes it's toll. Do we have to start with the decorations and music a full month to 6 weeks in advance? Of course not but we do, so by the time Christmas rolls around I'm done with all of it. Not to mention all the people, who are full of less that Christmas Cheers, more like rude bitterness. Hey at least you guys are taking time off, I'm usually at work for Christmas Eve and Day. If we could celebrate this holiday like any other I'd be fine with it, but stores need to make a buck and people need to consume all while telling each other that Christmas is too commercial.

Lookin For (A)Muse

Ever been one? Learning from each other is the only way...

am i dead?

nothing in my life is moving. every day is the same. nothing updates. nothing changes. not even the people i creep on social media update anymore. maybe i'm dead and i'm reliving a day over and over forever.


"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Variety is the spice of life, just as monotonous, grinding routine is the little death, one moment at a time. Whatever the practice, I usually have a cheat. If I don't switch it up, change it or do the opposite sometimes, I know that the habit will fail me. I'll even abandon a healthy, useful routine from sheer boredom and impatience. Cheating is best when occasional (lest it become the norm), and it should be more intense than the practice, even risky and outrageous if possible. With this philosophy I've maintained my crazy ways over so many years, though effort of will is still required. Fortunately I'm neither conventionally religious nor particularly moral, and had the fortune to be born into an atheist culture. Guilt does not affect me. Yeah, I make questionable choices sometimes. I own it. So should you. You own the consequences anyway, regardless of the excuse. And you should cheat more often, too, and not feel guilty. You'll be the happier for it, or at least less miserable and dull. Absolute, slavish adherence to virtue is overrated.

How I get through my day

My current coping mechanism consists of telling myself that all the people who are giving me a hard time are going to die someday; with any luck, before me.

Feeling a bit knky

I was feeling a bit kinky today, so i went out and bought a nice womans thing underwear for myself. Ive never worn womens underwear before. I think i like them.


Sometimes when I look at all you've been able to achieve since becoming disabled, it makes me feel worse for achieving so little. If I think about it more, though, I realize that you were only able to do those things because of actions you took before becoming disabled. My life has had no pre-disability phase.


I'd like to think that I went to a good university and got a good education, but when I look at some of my fellow graduates, it's not encouraging. How is it that someone with no critical thinking skills who can't even tell the difference between fact and opinion can graduate with a 3.0 GPA? I worked for my degree, while you took bird courses. In the end, it's the same piece of paper.


I try not to think about you, because it just pisses me off. Some people get more than they deserve and still bitch that it's not enough.

"I am a Tastemaker"

I always see it in writing but I think if somebody actually said that to me in person I just might want to punch them.


Wondering how those who confess wanting to be drunk every day/all the time function? I get wasted one night and feel like complete shit the next day. Where's the joy in that?


West End Restaurant

Nine years ago you had a friend approach me in a West End restaurant where I was a server. She...