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So tired of bicycle riders

I am so tired of badly behaved bicycle riders. Today I yelled at one who almost ran me over when he rode through a ride light across my path. I don't want to be a person who yells. I don't want to be anywhere near badly behaved bicycle riders. That's the only title I want to give them, though my mind constructs other things I could call them. It's like the embodiment of entitlement on two wheels - no consequences. I want to carry three tomatoes a day and just throw them when the occasion - and there are always occasions - occur

my secret to thicker fuller hair

is sharing a hairbrush with my furball cat. I brush her lovely calico locks with my deluxe brush - then i mmediately take that same brush to my thin fine hair, spray, and voila! thicker fuller hair. My office mate seems to sneeze more since I've made this discovery and sneezing makes her talk less on her cellphone - my cat is coughing up less fur balls so it is win win all around with this amazing discovery. Thanks fluffy!


I really want to check out this yoga class tonight because I need something to help with my anxiety and depression over a recent break-up, but I'm a bigger girl (size 18) and am basically terrified of being the only girl bigger than a size 4 and not clad in Lululemon. I guess I'll drag my Old Navy wearing self there anyway and see what happens.

Each day

Every day I struggle to get up and fake it through the day. I know now that none of my dreams can ever come true for various reasons beyond my control. Where do I go from here?

I am not tired

I may look it, I guess nearing 50 is not helping or I need botox. The nicest woman at work keeps saying I'm looking tired. Every time she says it, I feel like shit.

I Once

had a boyfriend who was so unbelievably bad to me: cheating, boring, mean and shitty in bed I feel I should almost put up a warning. He's still at large. Or do we just let the gals with low self-esteem keep learning the hard way?

I just hate him right now.

I have wanted to break up with my bf for quite a while but lacked the resources or stable mental health to do it. This past month, however, I gained some strength and had enough of his controlling/smothering ways and told him everything was finished--and no matter what I have to do to make ends meet, I will do it. Around the same time, he got laid off from his job (and lied to me about the circumstances, as well as the length...not the first time he's lied to me about his finances or life situation). He is now doing NOTHING. And we don't talk! He is incapable of reasonable discussion, and last time we attempted communication, all hell broke loose. I decided the best thing to do was not talk to him, because he is crazy. This middle-aged guy is home all the time, playing on the computer, doesn't even attempt to find an interim job, and is likely torturing me by just being around constantly. I'm sorry, this relationship was finished AGES ago, so the "grieving period" is not an excuse. What kind of man is this?! I have at least another month to go of dodging him in our one-bedroom apartment (he's on the couch, and dominating the living room with his laptop, so I stay away as much as I can and sleep in the bedroom) and I am seriously daydreaming about him killing himself. This parasitic asshole, who has smothered my life for years, has no reason to exist. I cannot believe a man of his age would resort to this: collecting UI, doing fuck-all, pouting and carrying on like a wounded teenager!!


When I was in my 20's I was depressed a lot. Now I am 38 and close to 40. I don't get depressed anymore. Don't get me wrong I get sad if friends and family die. But now instead of depression I just get disappointed with how people act and treat me some times. And that feels a hell of a lot better than depression.

Three's a crowd

Thanks for inviting me to be the second woman in your threesome. I'm seriously considering it. Not because I want to get with you but because your wife has really nice boobs.

How common is bulimia?

I have been bulimic since college, and it has been a few years since I graduated now. It started off because I wanted to lose weight (even though I have never been close to being overweight or even chubby), but now it is more like an addictive habit. I'm actually better now than before, I went through a couple bad years where I've gotten extremely frail and couldn't keep anything in my body, but now I can eat as long as I watch myself strictly. However, I know it's still an issue since I still deal with it daily, but I don't know how to cleanly end it and move on with my life. It messes with my head sometime since I actually want to gain a few pounds now & be healthier, but my body itself has a hard time digesting food sometimes and I think it's also a mental issue sometimes as well. I believe I can one day move on from this illness completely, but when and how I do not know. A few people close to me has suspected and raised it up with me, but I either shut them down or said I am completely recovered. I don't want to be exposed but I also need to start thinking of making a solid change in my life in order to not drag this on.

Tip Jars - wTf?

I always fight a bit of unfounded subconcious guilt when facing a tip jar on the counter beside a cash register and not contributing to it. Basically, giving a cashier your spare change does NOT make them SELL you something any better, (baristas and bartenders excepted). Beisdes, aren't they simply doing their job (selling you things), why do they need a tip? I may start giving them nickels (the new penny), though, as they are useless in the parking meters.

Rickroll Me!

I am a fan of Rick Astley's music and think he is talented and sexy. Everyone else can have buble, while I enjoy a secret Rickroll in the hay. .

No idea what I'm doing anymore

I'm in debt. I keep making choices that lead me down paths that aren't fulfilling. I try to get ahead but I feel like it's just one step forward, two steps back. I feel lonely at times but I'm not ready for a relationship at all. I am a broken person inside, I know this. I work at a job that's not challenging but I can't leave because I know I don't have the skills that could make me a better wage so I'm stuck. Payday to payday is no way to live. Two jobs is no way to live. I'm tired all the time and don't eat properly. I want to lose weight, get fit and healthy but my mind isn't healthy enough and there's not enough time in a day, I feel like. If I take the little amount of spare time I do have to use it for exercise then I won't be able to see my friends or family as much, which will probably just remind me how even more alone I am, when really what I think I need is someone who just loves me for me. Someone who is okay with the fact that I don't have a career, am a little on the curvy side and so can still love me. Maybe then I'll feel like everything I'm doing is okay, but right now I honestly feel like no one could love this mess. Totally lost.


Dominic-Canada day My Skytrain Prince

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