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Four Dates.

We dated for a short time. It was amazing. Then you told me you weren't feeling it and that we shouldn't see each other anymore. Fair enough. Those were some of the best days of my life. I wish I met more nice girls in this city. Five years is a long time to be single.


I really am. Really, really sorry. When I am on a fitness kick I can be such a judgmental bitch. I begrudge you every slice of pizza, every gelato, every burger. Because it pisses me off that I can't have it but want it so desperately. So, if I give you the stink eye, please understand. It's just that I want to taste what you're tasting.


I went out with some girlfriends today and I noticed an overwhelming amount of attractive men this city has to offer. I also noticed they're all very approachable and have no issues asking a lady for a dance/drink/number. I seriously don't get you Vancouver women who write on here daily complaining about how hard it is to meet a man. It's NOT hard if you have something to offer. I'm not trying to sound like a bitch but I believe the same rule of thumb applies here that it does everywhere else.. If you're decent looking you'll get approached. Keep a good conversation going and maybe you'll snag yourself a date.

I feel so alone...

I feel so alone when I have to come home alone and you would rather stay out and party till 1-2 am with your friends. There is always an excuse.. tonight's was it was your friends birthday but it seems every week one of your friends has a birthday. So now I'm left alone in your place feeling all alone while you party it up. Is it so much to ask that you come home 2-3 hours early and cuddle/have sex with me? Do you really need to party until the wee hours of the morning every weekend? I'm a decade younger then you yet I feel a decade older... If you keep this up you will lose me.

80/20 Rule

In the Lower Mainland 20% of the people get 80% of the sex. This leaves the rest of the 80% fighting for 20% worth of sex. Once you realize this fact you will understand why you are alone. The fact is based on sheer numbers alone your are trying to climb a mountain with no arms. Good looking confident people have an unearned advantage over everyone else. Its up to you to close this gap by staying fit, getting a good education, getting a job that pays well etc. Some people will comment and say this is hogwash and will go on to say that they love their spouse for who they are. Well these people are the 20% as they are married. Dating in the Lower Mainland sucks so either accept it or fight it.

Tonne of bricks...

...I was at a shop today when I got hit by the umpteenth tonne of bricks over the past few months. I no longer have a Dad. Stupid-Father's-Day-Hallmark-holiday-bullshit for tearing open that wound again. Regardless, love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.

To being better men

Five years ago, I constantly cheated on my girlfriend (at the time). She had suspicions, I would deny it all... Until she found proof. I got caught because eventually the lies caught up with me. She was amazing but that didn't stop my ego from chasing other things, like feeling good about myself through sleeping with other women. If you asked me back then if I thought that I really, truly loved her, I would say yes. Ask me now, I will say that I definitely loved myself more back then. I'm not boastful about being that way, I'm rather remorseful that she suffered from my own selfish desires. She didn't deserve that. I didn't deserve her. Now, I try to be a man that deserves the girl, not one who pretends that he does. It took some serious self-discovery and forgiveness, falling in love again and a baby girl later to realize I can't live life being that way. For the record, I really am sorry for being the huge douchebag I once was. Cheers to being better people. More importantly, better men who protect our women instead of hurting them. I hope we all become the best version of ourselves. Ps. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's and mom's out there. You rock.

Gay or Straight?

I remain 110% unsure as to whether or not my father is gay or straight. The thing is, I have the world's most resilient, kick-ass, maverick, fun, kind, loving, patient, steadfast father. I would love to meet a fine man with such decent qualities myself! I am so deeply grateful. I truly believe in my dad; he has been a huge source of hope for me and for our whole family. So inspired. If you happen to be an in-the-closet-dad, please don't be afraid to come out. I would love my dad no less if the truth spilled over. Happy Father's Day!


no family. no friends. no love. isolated. alone. lonely. empty. hurting. scared. visibly invisible but ignored. invisible illness. always in pain. no one knows. or cares.


Remember and never forget all of your life is all just a test....

lifes cruel joke

was to put me in a relationship with who i thought was the woman of my dreams, and then have beautiful women everywhere suddenly treating me like I could be a good match.

I say NO

OMFG!! I saw the petition canvassers out in full force last weekend. I just dare you to have asked me to sign the petition. I would have refuaed flatly -- no -- Vancouver doesn't need a Broadway subway. Vancouver residents are still paying for the Canada Line. Vacouver's cost of living is already sky high. We all saw what happeed to the bussinesses along Cambie. Some never recovered. Don't be stupid and make the same mistakes. Translink can add more buses. No more subways! We can't afford it!

...does endurance mean love or loss..

I've wondered and hoped for a long time if those were your words...I'm hearing black keys 'too afraid to love you'...and if there is ever a time when I need to know if you are still is now. you're leaving soon...and i hope you can leave me with something to hold onto.

other woman

I'm the other woman. The woman who wears her saucy undies with jeans just to watch you look for them as she drops her keys. I'm the woman who breaths heavily in your ears. I am the calm and stylish one when she is spending your hard dollars. I'm the person who stands up for you when you feel like the world is against you. The only trouble is, that I am your employee and you are my employer. Thank you for letting me dream.


Downtown firehall near Burrard

You jumped out of the fire truck and stopped my car in traffic. You waved at me and smiled, then...


NPA financial backer Rob Macdonald dishes...

If you thought these guys were enemies, guess again.