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This offer is only ever open for a limited time, and it's later than you think. Without reciprocity I can only care for so long before I check out. It obviously can't be any other way. There is no room for half-measures; go all in, or go home. To choose not, is still a choice, and if you do not choose soon then I will​ do so for you.

Fat Shaming

Ok I'm getting sick and tired of guys getting blamed for "fat shaming". Women do most of the fat shaming to each other. It's women who buy tabloids, it's women who talk about each other behind their backs, it's women who look at fashion (well women and gay men). However I'm on Fetlife and I can tell you from the pictures on there that plenty of guys with rock hard bodies and 6 pack abs are going for bigger girls, why? Bigger girls are better in bed, they know what to do and guys who like them know this. So ladies, lay off the guys and go after those twiggy model looking bitches. They are the ones fat shamming you, and I think it's out of jealousy, you can get the same guys they can.

Extra-marital affair beat down

Was walking on the beach this afternoon. At a secluded spot I heard yelling including a woman's screaming 'stop it'. There were two men and the woman, and one guy was pummeling the other. I thought it was a mugging at first but it wasn't. Turns out the guy doing the beat down was the husband of the woman, and he caught his wife with the guy taking the beating. I almost let it continue but stopped it because I can't condone further violence because it could turn on her next. Besides, point made. Nothing more to accomplish, at least that's what I told the guy to make him stop. I don't know where he went or what he did but his life was so screwed at that point. I heard him say something about kids. She was a blubbering mess and didnt even say thanks. And player is going to have a heck of a time explaining the beating tomorrow. And me, I felt out of sorts for the rest of the day. All this fallout, and for what. Bad choices, consequences, ripple effect.


Any store/establishment etc that plays a christmas commercial on my tv before REMEMBRANCE DAY has even passed, is getting boycotted by me, immediately! RESPECT! ! !

We Are Not Failures

My single friends and I are all attractive, educated, with great jobs and have come to the conclusion that men just can't handle us. My mother and aunts say we are being too picky but why shouldn't we have partners that are similar in terms of attraction, education, and careers. Why should we have to compromise? My mom and aunt think that by 26 you should be married with children and that's just an old way of thinking. The men we meet at coffee shops, the gym, and adult education classes seem to want this 1950's style woman. I mean I have gone out with grown men who live with their parents and don't do their own laundry or pick up after themselves. My friends have gone out with men who can't handle the fact that we make our own money. Why should we be made to feel inferior for being successful? Society should stop treating 26 year old women like we're failures for not finding husbands.

Asknowlege he exists

I've decided that the only people I'm going to deal with are those who ask about my sick spouse - it disturbs me greatly that people know but ask me to do things and don't include him like he doesn't exist. He is my priority and centre of my life so if he doesn't exist to you, you don't exist to me either, no matter how 'friendly' you may seem.

Terms of Endearment

Emma was right - discussion about vaginal herpes is ok what's so god awful about cancer - to my jaded eyes it looks like humanity can't face that we need to get off our celeb and cell phone obsessions, shut the fuck up, wake up, look, listen, pay attention and discuss important issues we face rather than the puppets we serve.

Abandonment? No~

All, well at least most, parents worry for their children because they love them. Both my mom and my dad's dying words to me were to go and live my dreams and fulfill every last thing I wanted for my life. I was by my mother's side when she died, I was very young. A few years later, it was my father, with the exact same last words. One difference. Before he died an opportunity had come up for me to literally leave home and start those dreams. The pride and happiness on his face that his son was going to begin his own life I think was the best gift I could give him. I took that opportunity and left, but wasn't with him before he died. I left my sister too, who is perfectly well off on her own. I have no regrets and I know, from them and the rest of what's left of my family, that I abandoned no one. I did what was right for me as well as what my parents wanted most for me. However, one person in particular in my life, a very good person, keeps telling me that I did abandon everybody and constantly repeats it. They repeat over and over, like a broken record, that that I abandoned my family and friends and thus I'm an asshole, even though it's for an opportunity that literally is a once in a life time shot. I seriously don't think that way, but the longer I hear it, the more I feel like I'm being guilted into it thinking that I'm a bad human being. It angers and hurts me. My family is not the type to say I love you or show love through togetherness -- in fact, we are very individualist, goal-oriented free spirits. This is my life and I want to live it the way I want, but did I wrong people over my choice?!

I hate HR peeps

Been job hunting for 7 months now and it is brutal out there. A lot of companies want you to do a task if they think you have potential and i don't mind spending an hour on my resume and then at least two hours on the task but after spending so much of my time, they can't even spend two minutes emailing you to say no thanks. One hr manager emailed me after i sent in my resume and addressed me by the wrong name. Another asked me to call a certain time only to be busy. So called at the new specified time and guess what, she was busy again. this is her job! She got in touch with me! Us job seekers have to run around like crazy and so many recruiters/hr people are so unprofessional!

Confessions of a lawyer

In a big downtown law firm we do make a lot of money, but we work very hard for it. For the most part it's rewarding, challenging work. But it really annoys me that just because we sell a service people think they are a better judge of the value of what we sell than the market. If we have other clients who will pay what we ask, that's what we are going to charge. Does anyone go to a baker and start bargaining on their prices, or ask to eat a few croissants for free before they order and pay for a dozen? If you don't like our fees go find some other way to solve your problem. Your problem. That you got yourself into.

What what we can't have

I'm in love with someone I can't have. He's not married or taken. It's much more complicated than that.

Bitch stole my...

baby name!!!! I told my friend how much I loved a particular girl name a few years ago. That if I ever had a daughter, that would be her name. I probably repeated that a few times as stuff like that comes up in gf circles at our age. I loved that name... had a short version of it too. The 'friend' had a baby girl the other day ... guess what??? Brutal.

It's been two years

I remember you always used to read these. It ended two years ago over a phone call. I couldn't see a future for us but that doesn't mean I don't miss your company. I wish we could have been friends but you didn't want that so I respected you. I wonder what are you up to? And where your story has taken you. I hope you are happy and have found a new shark to play with.

Beats the alternative

I walked past a meat store yesterday and realized that I eat dead things.

Xenophobic Ignorance

If there is one thing I cannot handle, it's xenophobic ignorance about other cultures and societies based on gossip, die-hard family mentalities, and news-fed skewed one-sided bullshit. I'm not arguing that anyone is perfect. Good and bad, leftist and conservative, ugly and beautiful is found in every patch of land on Earth. However, never judge books by their covers. I'm a bit of a wanderer who knows first hand, from experience, that all human beings exist on a level playing field. We all have same emotions, fears, wants, needs, blood, brains, organs, this, that, and the other, regardless of what language we speak, what being(s) we pray to, and what plot of sand or rock or ocean or grass we come from. No one is better or worse than someone else. When it comes to dating a partner (and their tribe) who has the above line of thinking without ever daring to actually getting to intimately know the people they don't mind looking down on, well then, you're not going to be my date!


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