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I think I'm one of those women who secretly hates other women. I love my mom, sister, and my closest friends but can't relate to 99% of the other women on this planet. My boyfriend has been a better best friend than any of my past female best friends put together. Am I the only one?

Rant, not a confession.

GS apparently now requires you to be a Facebook user to comment on news stories. I wanted to comment on the inaccessible Translink faregate story, but could not. So here is my rant: Translink's record relating to accessibility is disgraceful. Handydart doesn’t provide nearly the services the general public thinks it does. I live in Surrey, and to book a ride to the Skytrain usually requires a week's notice. (Five or six days if I get lucky.) But even with a week's notice, despite Translinks claims to the contrary, there are no rides after 10:30 pm. Usually any requests after 10:00 are turned down. That means if I attend any events in town, they must end by 8:30 or I'm out of luck. As for Skytrain itself, they place a low priority on accessibility. When re-modelling stations, the elevators are out of service for extended periods. Metrotown elevators have been out for as long as I can remember, and aren’t scheduled to re-open until sometime this spring. Anyone care to place a wager on whether this deadline will be met? Not me. Granville station has been closed for a while, and won't be up again for some time. A few years ago, Surrey Central (the most important transit point in Surrey for switching between Skytrain and buses) was closed to wheelchairs for over a year. Add to that Translink's disgraceful performance during an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate Taxi Saver tickets, and their willingness a few years ago to allow Handydart to lock out employees for months on end, and it pretty much sums up their attitude to accessibility. Don’t get me wrong, I am not someone who thinks I'm entitled to special treatment whatever the cost. But at least be honest about the situation. If accessibility has a low priority, then just say so. It is what it is, and I can accept that. But enough with the false, self congratulatory praise. Just admit, Translink, that you have other priorities for your money and be done with it.

I'm in the zone!!

I thought being stuck in the friend zone was going to suckkkkkkk but it has been the best time of my life. Whenever we go out she picks the place and I show up, we party, have fun, laugh and dance. Here is the catch. Women seem to be incredibly attracted to me now and since I have a female friend with me flirting is off the hook, almost like being with a woman makes me a better man in their eyes. Sure, I'll accept that. She is interested in another guy anyway so I'm not here for the rebound, I'm just going to soak this up for a while and enjoy the time well spent and the attention of course. Silly me for going out with men to meet women. I should have known that was kryptonite.. Who knew the friend zone was the best zone.

boring people

Why is it that people in their early twenties are bright eyed , ready to be original, but as they age they become boring. Why are there so many bitter and boring adults? It's like they're not goofy o joyful any more. What happened? Seriously guys warn me if life sucks ass after I turn 30.

Odd God

I'm an agnostic who grew up in an agnostic, secular home. To me the idea of believing in a deity is just as strange as not beliving is to someone who grew up in a religious household. One detail, I don't go around telling people to become an agnostic or atheist, there are already books and speakers who do that for me if one's interested. Here is what is odd though. Being of one religion in the eyes of another religious group seems to be more palpable to those trying to convert you than trying to explain that you live your life just hunky dorey without any god. I had a born-again missionary come up to me and my lapsed Muslim colleague yesterday; his intention of course was to show us the way to Jesus. When my friend said she was a Muslim, the bible thumper found it a great entry point to discuss the almighty with her. When I said I had no religion whatsoever, he went mute and deaf and thought I was moreso an unsavable heathen than my friend. Not like I give a rat's ass but still, randomly bizarre. This is why I respect Buddhists, Hindus, and Jews, they never stalk you to shove their beliefs up your hoo-hoo and down your throat. Amen.

Effective Soundtrack for a Spotless Mind

I confess that my mind is a disobedient beast. When someone I treasure checks out of my life with no closure, it takes about a year (!) for the pain to fade. Until then, many times daily something triggers a vivid reminder of this ugly and frustrating experience, and the brain gnaws on it obsessively. It is the mental equivalent of hourly junk mail - wasteful and maddening. This time, I will give the process a shove. I have a sound recording that induces a deep meditative trance within about a minute, and clears my brain of this rubbish for a while. I will apply this as required for however long it takes, a blunt erasure of my emotions. Like any proper mad scientist, I have been my own experimental subject for ages, with considerable far. If Something Goes Awry(TM), like a zombie apocalypse, the opening of the Seventh Seal, alien invasion, me turning into an unstoppable monster, etc., it will almost certainly claim me first, in which case, to quote one of my favorite dead philosophers, "So long, and thanks for all the fish." The experiment has already started. Stay tuned.


I call women, ma'am and I call men, sir. To you women who think I am calling you old - I am not. Someone planted that in your brain and it's not at all true. I am passing you respect when I call you sir or ma'am and I will continue to call you ma'am or sir as long as you do not disrespect me. I am a gentleman. It's a mans job to respect women, but it's a woman's job to give him something to respect. Have a nice evening.

Open to a House Husband

After about 3 years of being single, I've given up on finding a partner who is a similar fit to me in terms of education, demographics, attractiveness, and other variables. I was hoping to meet a nice guy who was smart and fun, and could take care of his managing own life (no active drug addiction, maintains a career, exercises, has a good work ethic, etc.). But now I must say, having my own house husband would be pretty cool, too. I do ok (make about 75 K) - enough to support a low maintenance guy. I would love to come home from work, see the dishes done, and have a nice meal waiting for me on the stove. And then lots of sex. And Netflix! How do I make this happen?

How many calories?

today i ate a whole box of cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks, they had them on sale

R.I.P. Scott

You are still loved and will be missed.

Just Found Out

That the reason why I cannot climax during sex is because I jerk off too much, and have in slang terms as Masturbation Death Grip Syndrome. The only way to fix it is to do NoFap, basically no sex or jerking for a few weeks to re-acclimate my mind and body. Something tells me this is the going to be the hardest thing ever. Wish me luck.


To save money on legal fees, I plan on buying a house every 10 years for a woman I despise.

Over and Two Worlds Apart

I feel down. This past year has been one transition after another with a very heavy emotional tax to ice the cake. The hardest of all is that I lost my best friend, who I'm literally a continent and time zone gap apart from, over the internet. Our last words to each other were nasty and a bitter war of words in an e-mail over very divided logic. This past week I removed her from my Google+ friend circle because I felt like we'd never speak to each other again. We haven't been on Facebook or Skype ince the summer when things started to go cold, there's no other real practical means of communication. I have her e-mail but I don't think we're going to be able to patch the hurt up. Today, I saw she removed me too. Ya know, I don't think this hurt would exist without underlying love, intense love at that too. We're going down two very different roads in our lives that at first felt like they'd meet, but they've split. I'm sorry.

Isms And Ists

I thought that I was raised on atheism and existentialism, but it's more likely we were hedonists.


3 Downtown, Bus

You were blond, with a hat on and army green(?) jacket. I was with two friends, and got off at &...