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I fancy your boyfriend

When I was in my early 20s, I worked with a bunch of people my age shop at the mall that often dealt with security, so we got to know the security guards really well. There was one in particular that I thought was really nice, but I had just broken up with my boyfriend, so I didn't want to start anything or try to pursue him. But I overheard my coworker, who was always competing with me for sales, say that this particular security guard was totally her type, and she was going to make a move on him. Well, that night near closing, I upped my flirt game (this was before sexting so I actually had to flirt with him in person) and continued on until he finally asked me out. She was pretty pissed.

I've slept with many women.

I'm not a stud and not all of them were hot but many of them were incredibly hot and when I think about them I get incredibly horny....but at the time I rolled over and went to sleep more times than I can count...go figure.

Yarr-tee-harr harr

I pirate music, books, movies, etc. all the time.


At night when I'm riding my bike in the city and one of those people with an airplane light strapped to their forehead comes around the corner and blinds me with the four halogen strobe lights they've attached to their handlebars - I secretly wisht htose people would wipe out real bad .. thanks for making it impossible for everyone else to see. Strobies suck. also - people who run their bike lights in the day need a boff with the wiffle ball bat. boomp.


I moved this year and my new landlord is rude. I usually give a $40 tip at Christmas..and would have given $50 this year. No tip for you this year. So sad. Probably no tip next year either.

Transit Tax

I swear, if this Transit Tax passes, I'm going to go out of my way to buy everything I can outside the 'region'.

Loss for words

I am pretty adept at writing engaging emails, online posts, letters, and postcards... but I confess that I am a terrible conversationalist. To paraphrase George Costanza, I've got absolutely nothing to say to anyone anymore.

I was playing a Brat pack-themed game

of fuck/marry/kill with some friends he other day. I was astonished by how badly I wanted to kill Anthony Michael Hall in The Breakfast Club and how desperately I wanted to marry him in Sixteen Candles. The boy had range.

What I Want For Christmas

Just a normal guy with a job and no major issues is all I want for Christmas. He doesn't have to look like a movie star or make $100,000 a year or even own a house. Just a decent man who will date a SSBBW with a great personality and so much love to give. All I want for Christmas is a good man.

dating vs. divorce

i think i want to get a divorce but all this constant talk about how the dating scene in Vancouver is so bad, you are making me question if I would just be as happy to stay and suck it up.....

The age old question

Why are there so many drivers in the left lane going slower than those in the right lane? Usually I can get home faster by travelling in the right lane. And it’s not a matter of that driver needing the left lane because they are turning left because I've been behind these left lane hogs for blocks and blocks and blocks. The really shocking part is how oblivious they are. A bunch of cars will pass them on the right before they suddenly wake up and figure out 'oh duh, maybe I should move over - lum-dee-dum-dee-dum' - and sometimes (far too frequently) they don't wake up at all. So, my question to all of you left lane hogs is: have you been taught to drive selfishly in the left lane or are you just a totally inconsiderate and blindingly stupid person all the time?! To fix your complete lack of consideration for others around you, here's an idea - if two or more cars pass you on the right, you're up for a ticket. There's an old saying that you can't fix stupid, but write you dummies enough left lane hog tickets and we can at least improve stupid. This isn't my confession, but if you drive slowly in the left lane, it should be yours!!

Courage To Come Forward

After 3 years of keeping everything bottled up inside of me, I finally gained the courage to speak to someone about my former Psychiatrist verbally/sexually harassing me and abusing his power when I was his patient back in 2011. I will no longer remain silent.

Who knows if he'll ever see it.

I have been channelling my intensely passionate unrequited lust for a man I barely know into writing some pretty steaming erotica. I wish I could be doing this stuff to him, but I now doubt it could ever be as good as I imagine or write it. He makes for a good muse but I suspect the real him couldn't get comfortable enough to have this much fun. I should sell this to a publisher and find a guy who can appreciate me.

Stop Blaming Us

A lot of men in this city need to learn how to dress at a basic level. I have seen men wear shirts with mustard and ketchup stains and sports sneakers to a lunch date. I spend time to look good I expect the same from you. You don't have to wear expensive clothes but at least an ironed shirt to a date and clean dress shoes and trousers. No jeans. Men in this city blame us for all their dating troubles. I get asked out at least 3 times a week and half the time it starts with "Yo Baby" with them not even looking in my eyes but at my body. I am not a piece of meat. I go out with men who look me in the eyes and seem genuine and have similar interests to me. That is dating at the most basic level. Of course there has to be some kind of physical attraction but that's not the most important thing. Men keep saying women are hard to approach. Maybe its because we have our guard up after being harassed all our lives by men. So stop blaming us because the blame goes both ways.

Bundle of Joy

I still cannot get over the fact that you want to have a baby with me (and I want to have one with you)! :) I'm excited, honoured, and yes, completely terrified...and I can't wait! I love you.


Waiting in line to vote

You: wearing shorts and a t-shirt, some salt in your dark brown hair. Me: black dress, jean...