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Gut Feeling

My first impression of them was that this person was a dangerous manipulative snake. But they were just so damn sexy I tempted fate and got involved with them. Turns out my gut feeling was entirely correct.

F Vancouver

Vancouver is a shallow place loaded with vicious class bigotry and narcissistic new-age trust funders, where careers go to die, and people think they're self-made wealthy because of the stupid cult of real estate. The vacuous bimbo/mimbo of the west coast. If I had any choice I'd have left years ago. So f*ing trapped.

Brain cancer

I must confess I think it is terribly sad that Gord Downey is dying but straight up, I hate the tragically hip.

Are you like me?

Do you ever wonder how many "I saw you" posts actually result in a connection? Or do you read the "I saw you" posts hoping there is one aimed at you?


is "world famous" according to who? Since the 1970s I have always thought this station was drivel - Rawk 101 not much better. Do either play the excellent local band Black Mountain? Or are they convinced local audiences still want to hear The Soup is Hot Tonight or Rush - 30 years after the fact.

Crazy coworkers

I work at an insane place. Staff are all crazy. They are shallow, self entitled idiots. There is a female worker who keeps talking about being a jevohah witness. My boss is useless. I get yelled at and tell them "no, you cant behave like or do this" but they still do it because they bully my boss. Why are people being so shallow and stupid in Vancouver?

It's Been Five Years......

..since the ex left, after 36 years of marriage. I've built a wonderful life since then, learned a lot, travel, hang out with amazing people playing music and creating, have been promoted at work and am looking forward to a good retirement. The one thing that would be really great to add into the mix is a companion in my life, a friend, a lover, someone to share meals with, travel with, share stories with. "Dating" hasn't really worked. I don't want to get married again, love to live on my own, travel on my own. Surely there are men out there in my age group who aren't partnered up, who aren't looking for a caregiver or housekeeper or mistress, but are looking for a friend, a lover, a fellow traveller, an independent partner to learn with. Men who tell the truth about their lives and their motives. Goddess, that would be so refreshing! Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it, I guess. Life is good just like it is. I just thought I'd fling this out to the Universe, let it know I'm ready.

Historical heartbreak

I know a lot of great musicians have passed recently, but right now I am feeling super bummed that John Lennon was killed. I want more of his music, and his message (give peace a chance) needs to be heard just as much now as it did 50 years ago.

Get Over It!

Since my break up six months ago I've returned to putting myself first and I'm on a path to being healthy (physically, emotionally, and financially) again. I've lost about 30 pounds and it seems as though my ex has found them. I feel a lot of different things about this. Firstly, I'm embarrassed that I'm still creeping his social media after this long. However, I also feel like after spending almost six years together, basically growing up together he may not do so well on his own. Now all I can think right now is, "Is he getting enough veggies?" and "Who takes care of him when he's hungover?" and "I hope he's not doing hard drugs again." It's not my place. He treated me like garbage and then threw me away but I'm still worried about him? I thought I'd be over him by now. I can't even manage a weak, vengeful smirk about him getting fat. I shouldn't even know; I should be respecting his privacy. Shame on me! I bet it's pizza, weed, beer, and video games every night. And I bet he's happy. And I bet he's not at all worried about me.

I am happier but no one knows why....

I lost all my savings, car, friends and a lot of stuff due to a breakup of long term relationship. I have a good job, ok housing, but no friends anymore and was extremely lonely and isolated. I was tired of socializing with upwardly mobile shallow types that don't really care and too busy to socialize. So I hung out at the park, dressed down, old backpack and a few joints..first time I did it I met 3 awesome people who are now my friends. They have nothing materially, lots of emotional pain and they accept me without judgement, and I have better times than had in years. My old friends, family, coworkers would never approve of this, but they have their own lives so who cares...I am no longer alone and I actually laugh all the time now.

Potato Salad

What's up with people crowdfunding everything? If you can't be bothered to invest in your own future, why hit up your friends for cash instead? Lots of them are more broke than you are. Compared to some of us, you are living in luxury. If you can't even be bothered to fill out the paperwork on time for other sources of funding, or even cut your cable, why should we be paying your way?

things that fit perfectly into other things

have you ever discovered that two unrelated things fit together? Like fitting a rock into a hole in a tree, or inserting a coin inside a ring? Well that's us! You might not see it yet, but we would fit together. I'm certain of it, and the parts might not look like they go together or are matched...but lo and behold, jam us together and it would be PERFECT.

Dirty texter

So there's this guy that I have had the hots for for like the whole summer and we finally hooked up a month ago. He told me he wasn't looking for anything serious cuz he had just gotten out of a serious relationship.. Then two weeks later he was dating his friend... I was so hurt... But then .. We decided maybe we could be platonic friends? Well, things have gotten a little confusing.. A few days ago he told me he doesn't know if he should be dating her and told me he wants to hook up with me but would feel guilty hurting this girl... He says he's been looking online for people to help him with his hornyness.. I asked him why he was feeling this way towards me when he was with someone and he said he was a really sexual person and is really curious about our sex... Im shocked and I know this is wrong.. But like I want him.. I don't know if he will leave this girl... I asked him today if he would consider being just platonic friends and he got annoyed and said I was bringing this convo up again.. It's confusing... I'm co fused but I also want him so bad.. But I don't want to be a homeworker... But I feel like their relationship is already doomed if two weeks I he's already wanting other girls? What is his deal??

Thumbs down

I'm pretty sure this will get a bunch of thumbs down and make me feel even worse about it because people tend to think people who do drugs are low lifes and worthless but I haven't told anyone that I know personally because they would probably cut ties with me. I'm making this confession just to put it out there because I have to tell someone. I smoked heroin yesterday for the first time. I don't know why I did it. I always said I never would touch it and I broke that promise to myself. I didn't want to have to do it but I ended up talking myself to the hospital because I was having really bad chest pains and my breathing was all messed up. I was extremely clammy and confused. I'm pretty sure I was close to overdosing. I can't believe I did this.. I don't know what came over me but the thing is I didn't even like the high. It made me feel like a lost soul floating through space I was completely disconnected from the world and it scared me. The trip to the hospital was embarrassing. My heart rate was pretty bad they had to give me medication to slow it down. Some of the nurses treated me poorly and gave dirty looks because ... well, druggie. I felt so bad sitting there as an old lady was being rolled by and she looked lifeless I thought.. that's the person who is supposed to be getting attention not me, just some idiot that made a shitty decision. Wasting peoples time at the hospital because I wanted to smoke some heroin. When I woke up this morning I thought it was all a bad dream for a minute until I saw the cotton ball taped to my arm from where they drew blood and remembered it was all real. I swear to God I will never touch heroin ever again. Roll your eyes if you don't believe me but I know what happened opened my eyes. I could have easily died and the people in that house didn't care at all. They probably would have tried to get rid of me if I overdosed to make sure they didn't get in trouble from the police or something. I'm cutting all ties with them and going to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting tomorrow with a friend who convinced me that I need to change. I also struggle with alcoholism and I'm tired of living like this. I really am ready for a change and hope I can do this. I don't want to die and really don't want to put my family through something like that. They don't deserve it.

My wife is a sexual deviant and more

She still sleeps with our child who is almost 16. I'm now certain there has been emotional and sexual abuse. I have tried all avenues to find help, child services, the police but women abiding their children is very rare. I talked to the police who called her, duh, she denied it. Now that's great police work. My wife has proven she's a sexual deviant, has astonishing manipulative skills at the level of a complete sociopath. If it ever comes out that my wife was abusing my child sexually these organizations will pay dearly. Another story of the bias the "justice system" has towards women. Fed up.


Belonging to the Universe, Science and...

You were reading a book that made me curious. I showed you something i had written in my journal....


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