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racism and whiteness--whitepower shihhh is killing people, internally, externally. It is definitely trained, something I never thought about as a kid, hanging with all my friends from different cultures except when racist, however slight, adults intervened, or TV shows (Who's kelly?). I will do whatever I can to end this bullshit mindset and if your bigotted in any way, I don't even want to know you.

breaks my heart

When everything my parents ask me for help, like for the internet. I can't help you. Because you don't make sense, everything you say comes out confusing and get emotional. Especially when they say" oh, but you help so and so with this and you had patience with them." It's different. Every single time. It's not my fault but at the same time, maybe I can lower my voice and stop being a b****.

true, though.

I never masterbate to images... I think a lot of women aren't visual like that. But I did to a picture of our PM. It was my own private trudeau mania. I voted NDP... Justin should spank me.

You must be kidding!? Right?

'Ladies Night' on Mount Seymour!? 60% off the price men pay - every Monday!!! So long as this kind of blatant - in your face - sexist pandering carries on, i refuse to treat women as equals. It-really-is-that-simple... good luck gurls

It doesn't happen all the time...

But I noticed there's a lot of guys (not every single one) in their mid twenties with erectile dysfunction. Lay off the porn bubs!

Hare Krishna

I want to try chanting but the neighbours will hear me

What is with boys today?

I was walking home from a late show with a friend past midnight on Granville Street and the boys would not stop cat calling. Seriously we were both not wearing make up and were dressed casual. Seriously do boys really think that's how to pick up a woman? You really think yelling "Hey sexy lady" from across the street is going to get you anywhere? I swear the next guy that tries I will throw an egg at you for being a moron.

I've noticed

That some Asian women like to puff their cheeks out like they are holding air in. What's up with this? I lived in Asia for close to 2 years and first noticed it there. Then When I came back I've started to see it here. Always with Asian women, sometimes just walking down the street with her cheeks puffed out.


Sad to see major newspapers shrinking and some disappearing. Confession: I haven't bought a Sun, Globe or National Post for at least 3 years now.

Wanna punk a waitress?

Don't tip out. On every bill wait staff tip out: host, cooks, dishwasher. Wether or not they get tipped they shell out a certain percentage of your bill. You can actually cost someone money for coming to work with a decent bill. Sucker.


I'm confessing this because I genuinely want to gauge if I'm being a twat, so here goes. Birthday's after 40 s.u.c.k. It's not aging that gets to me, its the lack of shits anyone gives about other people's birthdays. My spouse barely registered a blip in the day, ran out the night before to grab a last minute gift and did not plan a darn thing for my birthday. Didn't even engage/remind the kids to wish me happy birthday this morning. No calls from friends or family, just the odd text and some Facebook posts. I feel selfish admitting this, but it's a let down and yes, I do feel a bit hurt. I'm not terribly extroverted and I've never been the type of person to talk about myself much, so I guess I don't keep reminding them. I can't help wish that I was the type of person who insists on being celebrated, but I'm just not. Are my expectations insane? Am I immature?

Bipolar neighbour

If this were a perfect world we'd all get to choose our neighbours. Not in the real world. A couple of years ago I had to put up with a nasty neighbour who had bipolar disorder and constantly harassed other owners by blaming them for his issues. To add insult to injury, he was also an alcoholic, which brought out the worst in him. The strata council was useless because one of two things happened; they either didn’t know how to deal with the situation or, more accurately, didn’t care. Calling the cops was a joke because they just slapped the creep on the wrist. Moving out was one of the smartest choices I’ve ever made and I haven’t looked back since.


now I am depressed. Sent out a lot of applications. I cold call companies on my list and no one wants to speak to me. I am running out of money and I am starving in Vancouver.

Got any change man....

Not sure who taught servers in Vancouver class but they failed on all fronts. I have not been to a single restaurant , pub, bar, snack outlet or any place that serves food in Vancouver with a server that can serve and brings back my change without asking for it. It's rude and I mean RUDE to ask a patron if they want their change back because you aren't owed anything unless you work for it. The vacant smiling and inability to be proactive and anticipate diners needs is rock bottom here but it always from some good looking person guy or girl. Women do it way more than men though so not sure why that is. Do like when homeless people beg for money,? Why do the same If you could actually serve, you would get a better tip. T.I.P.S. To Insure Proper Service. Not I brought you a plate of food you own me 30%..... Bring me my change, NOW.

This is just a test

I told myself that this life is a test.. A test to prove that I can be happy for you.. So that I really deserve you in the next one. And then you'll be mine.


Smooth talkin hockey boy that can handle...

Jason, you kissed my hand right when I walked into the bar. I was sassy as hell all night long...


Musings from the stoner's paradise that...

Shoddy campsites, dirty porta-potties, expensive swag, and excessive drug use ...