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i'll never become the doormat.

listen, You have to learn whats more important in certain situations. If you dont start showing me what im worth to you, and continue to dick around and leave me in the corner then sweetheart you have another thing coming. i'm going to fucking leave you, understand? Smarten up god dammit...quick being such a baby, time for big-boy relationships. but it's gunna have to be with someone else. Because im done.

Put on your big girl panties/big boy pants

I am tired of the whispering,gossiping and rumour spreading. Every time I walk into the room someone stares and starts to whisper yet NO ONE has the courage to say anything to my face!Are you people kidding me? This isn't kindergarten . You hurt people when you gossip, isolate and ostracize them like that. I do not deserve it and I have not done anything to anyone. Heartbreaking.

you can thumb down, but don't hate me!

I love confessions and here's one that I think may be controversial. Before I begin, my disclaimer is I don't hate animals or those who have animals. So I've seen people with their dogs and know people with dogs who do what is normal to do, walk the dogs and pick up their poop. But I wonder how that is sanitary to then bring your dog back into your car and your home without having wiped their butt? I don't know of humans that go poop and not wipe or wash their butt. I get it - OK, animals are different. But I wonder to myself, do you care that the dog sitting on your carpet or couch may leave slight skid marks? Is that sanitary? Granted, I am not a dog person or any kind of animal person, but I sit and think to myself and I confess, I think its dirty. Nothing against dog owners or any other kind of animal owner. I guess I ask why is it fine to let a dog wipe is butt that may still contains traces of poop on your floor, furniture, carpet, car, etc as opposed to you feeling grossed out when you've stepped in doggie doodoo and you wipe your shoes clean of it before you even walk into your house? Yes, I confess I'm not that kind of understanding because I'm not an animal person. Someone want to chime in? I can feel the heat coming on now. Sorry!

Strange Occurance

A month ago I realized that I had left my home keys back at the office halfway back to Surrey. Since I still had my passcard I realized I could still get into the office to get them . When I got to the office at about 6:30 pm I see one of the Owners of the company having sex with someone who was not his wife. It was in fact a man. It was very awkward and he saw that I saw them. So I decide to keep this to myself because I don't want to lose my job and its none of my business. Last Monday I got promoted to a new position with a large increase in pay. This Owner was in charge of this promotion. I am pretty sure I got this position because I kept my mouth shut. His wife works here too as a Manager and if she knew he would be sleeping in a Motel. I feel horrible but my family really needs the money. Is this how the business world really works?

Dear **** *****

still thinking of you. still dreaming of you. maybe another lifetime

to all the "kool Aid" drinkers at work

I am starting to dislike all you as more time passes. You all flock to management like sheep, signing their praises, but seriously, they are thief's and you are all one step closer to drinking the Kool Aid. You are just a bunch of mindless drunken hipsters, going nowhere with your lives and I hate you.

I fess up

I confess it hurts me that I'm only good enough to fuck, but not to talk to at any other time. Does it say more about you and how you compartmentalize your relationships, or more about me and how I need to look myself in the mirror as to why I would accept that. A huge part of me wants to keep it status quo and not throw away this amazing sex. Another part is extremely frustrated at being played by some girl who, in her other life, is playing herself.

Fuck with me not my hubby

So many 'ladies' working in (my local market which I can't name) and no line up of customers in there. So I dash in to get my favorite cinnamon hearts. My hubby, who is tired from being unwell, is with me and I'm hoping this will go fast so we can get back to the car - I'm worried it will be towed there is a heavy weight on my back. the ladies decide that this is the time to play the 'slow game' I understand this – I am a twenty year veteran of retail and of working with group of women – I know how it works. I don't give a crap if you have five staff nobody wants to serve me then you take a very very unnecessary long long time to weigh it and give me change - so you can have a little power trip because I was feeling (not showing) impatient because I want to get my husband home. Ladies you can play this game with me when I come in by myself - and I do come in often, I'm a regular customer. I don't give a flying fuck how long you want to first ignore me then take your sweet time getting a single item and not caring if price is correct or not – but don't play this game with a person who isn't feeling well - that really sucks.


I through a full can of beer in the middle of the dance floor of one of my (former) favorite music venues. It's now become a total meat market and my only regret is that it wasn't a Molotov cocktail. Is that too much?

Careless Whisper

I was doing someone I recently met in my apartment and I was playing my playlist of classic cheesy songs. Careless Whisper by George Michael started playing and I can't believe I actually had sex to that song. Moments later she started laughing too much and ruined the sex and I didn't get to cum.


I check the I Saw You's every day, hoping the love of my life has left me something. This had led me to think I better do something constructive with my life...

Pass the Kleenex

My least favorite part of being a woman is that once a month, my reproductive system is all "Haha I own you bitch, get ready to cry at ALL THE THINGS."

parental unit

I (45yo, single Mom of two -girl 15, boy 12) living in smallville, BC nearish to Van found a Habitrol patch in stuck to the inside of my washing machine this morning. No one here (only me & the kids, part time) needs this item. Am I over thinking this? I have a great relationship with both my kids and neither one is interested in anything off the grid. We have discuss it all...(I'm very open & discuss everything). Do I bring this up with them? Write off as a possible picking up litter incident (that is that kind of family we are)? Or am I clueless. Thoughts?

I'm a cold and unfriendly woman

And I'm sorry. If you look you will see I'm with my mom. She's there to make sure that I don't waste my time talking to men who aren't worth my time which seems to be 99% of you. Plus she thinks most of you will take advantage of me anyway because I'm nice. She's lonely and anti-social if that makes any sense and I have to be there for her. So I don't think I'll get married in this life. btw I'm Asian and I guess this is my role as the unmarried daughter. White people will say that at my age I should move out because I can afford it but she doesn't want me to.


'You look smashing tonight'

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