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The Georgia Straight presents the Jon & Roy Holiday Special at the Vogue Theatre on December 21.

The Georgia Straight presents the Jon & Roy Holiday Special at the Vogue Theatre on December 21

This year marks the second installation of the Holiday Special at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre. Past artists include Bahamas, Ryan Guldemond (Mother), Damien Jurado, Current Swell, Hannah Georgas, Adam and Antonia (Jets Overhead), Aidan Knight, and more. Always a sellout, this is an event not to be missed!

Longtime friends and collaborators Jon Middleton (guitar/vocals) and Roy Vizer (drums/percussion) released their debut album, Back after forming in 2005, followed by 2008’s Another Noon, from which the title track was featured in a Volkswagen TV commercial, resulting in considerable exposure in the US. Now on their fourth album, Let it Go, the Victoria duo expanded their music-making process.

"We went into this album without thinking about what other people maybe wanted to hear or what we should be doing," Middleton said.

Jon and Roy spent eight months crafting a follow-up, 2011's Homes, a recording that earned them further airtime and exposure on the CBC, NBC, HBO, and MTV, as well as a placement in a six month Scotiabank Canadian ad campaign, all in addition to a headlining performance on Canada Day before a crowd of 45,000 in Victoria. Middleton and Vizer could have repeated the formula on Let it Go. Instead, they made the decision to serve the music, giving each song only what it needs, not what history dictates it should have. For any band, big or small, the simplest of intentions—playing music for enjoyment’s sake, if not the pure joy of collaboration—are often the first things to get lost along the way. Jon and Roy rediscovered that feeling on Let it Go. They found what they were looking for.


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