Win tickets to see Rangda at the Rickshaw

Enter to win a pair of tickets to see Rangda with special guests Blackout Beach, V. Vecker Ensemble, and Nurse, on February 28 at the Rickshaw

Rangda the band threatens to usurp Rangda the Balinese demon for search-engine supremacy, thanks to the magnificent firepower of three vastly respected, veteran underground musicians: Sir Richard Bishop, Ben "Six Organs of Admittance" Chasny, and Chris Corsano. A power-trio-supergroup of sorts (though they strenuously deny it), Rangda arose from Chasny's desire to start a band with two of his favorite musicians (Corsano guested on Six Organs' 2005 album School of the Flower).  

The band's latest album, 2012's Formerly Extinct, is a masterclass in psychedelic noise music that will leave your ears screaming for more.

Originally started as solo endeavor by Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes, Blackout Beach has since become a living, breathing thing, a trio, with Mercer at the helm. Though just as dense, intense and literate as his Frog Eyes work, Mercer's Blackout Beach recordings reveal another side of the artist (and the artist's psyche). The band's latest offering is the 2012 instrumental album entitled 11 Pink Helicopters in the Coral Sky

Made up of members of Nü Sensae, No Gold, Basketball, Cowards, and Von Bingen, Vecker's ensemble is an experiment in psych-jazz that takes a page out of the collected works of Glenn Branca. 

NURSE is a grouping of tonal alchemists that intend to create free improvisational tonal music. NURSE is comprised of two basses, one full of riffs, the other a distorted drone, a haunted slide guitar, and one constant phase-drone guitar, thus providing the continuum. A wash of space synths make this spare dronescape lush. NURSE are based in the rainforest that is Vancouver. NURSE prescribes heady medication.


A pair of tickets to the concert on February 28 at the Rickshaw.

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