Win tickets to Whitehorse

The Georgia Straight presents Whitehorse at the Commodore Ballroom on January 26

Whitehorse defies the math of one plus one with their inventive, expansive new album The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss, and a live show that beats the band with its chemistry and complexity. Whitehorse has raised the stakes with adventurous production that showcases blistering guitar work and perfectly matched vocals in surprising ways, and their record has received extensive critical praise since its release in August 2012.

The album title comes from a Wonder Woman comic glued to a table at the Templeton, a diner in Vancouver. “We loved the drama of it, and it’s taken on this personal meaning: our marriage, our career, our home, the road, everything is wrapped up in one,” McClelland explains. Beyond this, the title also conveys a sense of urgency about the world today, Doucet notes. “It is both romantic and intimate, but at the same time it carries a more foreboding social subtext.”

Whitehorse’s live show wrests complex layers of percussion, keyboard and telephone receiver amplification with looping pedals, adding complicated (and risky) elements. "We have a pretty complicated setup on stage," McClelland says. "We're looping rhythms. Luke has a kick drum and I have a stomp box, and we have seven guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, tons of percussion. So for a lot of the songs, we're building pretty complicated loops and playing along to that. We're building it very organically on stage so anything can happen. It's gone very wrong, and very right.” 



Grand Prize:
A pair of tickets to the show and a copy of the Vinyl LP 'The Fate Of the World Depends on this Kiss'

Secondary Prize:
A pair of tickets to the show on January 26 at the Commodore Ballroom

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