Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature our annual holiday gift guide, including style, food, music, and technology gift ideas; plus reviews of Christmas albums, a roundup of the year's best reads, and a look at the Studio Ghibli retrospective coming to Vancouver theatres. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. The Georgia Straight's holiday gift guide for 2012Already overwhelmed by holiday gift shopping? Our annual gift guide is here to help take the stress out of buying presents./ Holiday Gift Guide Critics say redistributing TransLink bus service won't helpTransLink says it will deliver extra buses where they are truly needed with its "service optimization" plan./ News Gift ideas for Vancouver cooks and food loversGoodies aside, here are 10 gift ideas for the cooks in your life. The first one just might pay dividends for your own pantry next year.../ Dining Georgia Straight critics review the year in booksBelow is our annual roundup of the books that mesmerized our regular reviewers over the year./ Books Wrap up retro jammies and indie iPhone cases this holiday seasonFrom seasonal scents to the best ugly Christmas sweaters, we've got presents for everyone on your list./ Style Good gadgets for everyone on your holiday gift listGot electricity? We've got gift suggestions for photographers, readers, and even snowboarders who want to record the action./ Tech In search of Saint Nicolas with Ben HeppnerWith the help of choirs and an orchestra, Ben Heppner digs deep into the legend of the man who predated Santa Claus./ Arts The good, the bad, and the ugly music of the 2012 holiday seasonNot all Christmas music is God-awful, of course-just most of it./ Music Studio Ghibli's magic returnsIn December, the Cinematheque and Vancity Theatre will cohost a major Studio Ghibli retrospective, giving local audiences a unique opportunity to experience these films on the big screen./ Movies   Things to do Music The Cave SingersRickshaw Theatre DEC8 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Kamloops BlazersPacific Coliseum DEC9 Movies Castles in the Sky: Miyazaki, Takahata, and the Masters of Studio GhibliThe Cinematheque To JAN3 Theatre White ChristmasStanley Industrial Alliance Stage To DEC23 Et Cetera An Evening at the Penthouse Nightclub (1947)Penthouse Night Club DEC11   Comment of the Week Re: "Stephen Harper relies on imagery to remain in power" Harper's Conservatives rely on an unelected head-of-state, unelected Upper House and an antiquated and unrepresentative electoral system for the Lower House to stay in power. These are the real issues allowing a minority party to govern as a one party state. [read story] > Submitted by Lawrence Hearn, 2012-12-05 07:11   Blogra Australian PM Julia Gillard "confident" world will end on December 21 Belgian writer Thierry Vanroy accuses Femen of being a bunch of whores Lighten up with Life of Brian at the Rio Theatre M83 completes trilogy with video for "Wait" Greenpeace goes after Clover Leaf Seafoods over "unsustainable" tuna  
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature Las Vegas rockers The Killers; plus new Italian eatery La Pentola Della Quercia, Vancouver Opera's Pirates of Penzance, and a look into the Whistler Film Festival. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. The Killers are staying aliveSinger Brandon Flowers and company just might be the world's last big mainstream rock 'n' roll band./ Music Bill C-42 gags the Mounties on tortureA Vancouver human-rights lawyer says she "can't believe" that Canada is about to pass a law that authorizes violations of an international convention against torture./ News La Quercia's sister Italian restaurant La Pentola shines in YaletownIf there is one thing to remember when you go to the new La Pentola Della Quercia in the Opus Hotel, it is this: order dinner famiglia style./ Dining At play with the Pirates of Penzance's Roger HoneywellFor tenor Roger Honeywell, who's mastered the heights of Puccini and the rogue notes of new opera, Gilbert and Sullivan is pure fun./ Arts Feathery corsets and antler headwear hit Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week catwalksIt's obvious that the people behind the inaugural Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week, which took place at the Ironworks, love what they're doing./ Style Whistler Film Festival 2012 offers plenty of sex talkThis year's Whistler Film Festival certainly gives audiences lots of conversation material./ Movies   Things to do Music The KillersPacific Coliseum DEC3 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Tri-City AmericansPacific Coliseum DEC1 Movies Cine ChileVancity Theatre To DEC6 Theatre Winners and LosersGateway Theatre To DEC1 Music Arts The Pirates of PenzanceQueen Elizabeth Theatre DEC1-9   Comment of the Week Re: "Justin Trudeau had no need to apologize for his comments about Alberta politicians" I'm certain there are a lot of decent people in Alberta, however, having said that, Albertan values are not Canadian values. Not any more. I don't remember when it started, but I recall an Alberta in the 90's that poached head offices in Vancouver, while B.C. was in recession, and then turned around and gave welfare applicants bus tickets to the West Coast. Albertans have become the loud and brash "ugly americans" of Confederation and with the rise of the teabaggish Wild Rose party look to be moving further to the right and further out of sync with the rest of the country. [read story] > Submitted by Gene Logan, 2012-11-25 19:50   Blogra New poll finds majority of Canadians, Americans support marijuana legalization Sarah McLachlan releases free Christmas song Oprah's coming to Vancouver on January 24 Hot Chip tells homophobic athletes: "Don't Deny Your Heart" Photos: 2012 FIBT Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cup in Whistler
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature your guide to the winter arts season, including dance, theatre, music, and more; plus Canada's war on marijuana, takeout turkey options for holiday dinner, and punk band Gallows. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Winter arts preview: 'Tis the season to hit the stageWhether the holiday season makes you merry or mall-sick, there is a performing-arts event geared to every mood./ Arts Canada's war on marijuana ramps up with amendments to Controlled Drugs and Substances ActOn November 6, amendments to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act imposing mandatory minimum prison sentences for pot offences came into force./ News Panama City’s charm lies beyond the canal in Casco Viejo neighbourhoodOnce you've seen the canal on a day trip, there's plenty to explore on land in Panama City./ Travel Takeout turkey—and all the sides for Christmas dinner—is easy at Vancouver restaurants and storesWe won't judge you if you outsource your holiday meal./ Dining Hanging out with GallowsFor its self-titled album, the U.K. punk band reinvented itself, with the assistance of Canadian Wade MacNeil./ Music Santa's got a brand new bag in Rise of the GuardiansPeter Ramsey's 3-D film reinvents St. Nick and the Easter Bunny with influences ranging from Maxfield Parrish to Star Wars./ Movies   Things to do Music The Pack A.D.Commodore Ballroom NOV23 Dance In/verseQueen Elizabeth Theatre NOV22-24 Movies European Union Film FestivalThe Cinémathèque To DEC6 Theatre Dickens' WomenThe Cultch To DEC1 Et Cetera Candytown—A Yaletown Holiday FestivalMainland Street NOV23-24   Comment of the Week Re: "Lorne Mayencourt returns to provincial politics by seeking B.C. Liberal nomination" A parasitic relationship is one in which one organism, the parasite, lives off of another organism, the host, harming it and possibly causing death. Guess who the host is. Hint: It's not Lorne Mayencourt [read story] > Submitted by Aashif Khan, 2012-11-21 21:47   Blogra Lil Wayne officially jumps the shark, contributes to Paris Hilton track Hamlet gets choosy in an interactive book by Ryan North Indulge your seasonal sweet tooth at Bel Café Douglas & McIntyre wins extension in bankruptcy proceedings Jackie Chan calls it quits on doing stunts  
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature Cirque du Soleil's new show, Amaluna; plus Dr. Peter Jepson-Young's 20-year legacy, new dining spot East of Main, and Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Amaluna is Cirque du Soleil's new sister actFrom muscular Valkyries jetting through the air and red-corseted Amazons swinging around athletically on uneven bars to the entire hard-rocking, guitar-slinging live band, more than 70 percent of Amaluna's cast are women./ Arts Federal omnibus bill is part of assault on fish stocksEnvironmentalists claim that with Bill C-38 and Bill C-45, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government are waging a war on fish./ News HIV care transformed by Dr. Peter's legacyWhen Peter Jepson-Young died of AIDS in 1992, his wish was that a foundation created in his name be used to help people living with HIV/AIDS. Today, the Dr. Peter Centre has become synonymous with cutting-edge health care and healing with dignity./ Lifestyle Project Limelight Society wins at East of MainWhat separates East of Main from the other bars and restaurants around it is its mission to give back to the community—in a big way./ Dining Diamond Rings gets ambitiousWith his signature blond quiff, John O'Regan is hard to miss. The music on his sophomore album, Free Dimensional, is equally singular, with the singer's effortlessly tuneful baritone the focal point of a batch of hook-heavy electro pop./ Music Daniel Day-Lewis makes Abraham Lincoln a movie starThe Oscar-winning actor wasn't certain that he could believably portray the 16th president of the United States in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln./ Movies   Things to do Music Alice CooperQueen Elizabeth Theatre NOV16 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Saskatoon BladesPacific Coliseum NOV18 Movies Vintage Vancouver: Archival Films From the Vancouver City ArchivesVancity Theatre NOV18 Theatre Dickens' WomenThe Cultch To DEC1 Et Cetera Canzine WestW2 Media Cafe NOV17   Comment of the Week Re: "Stephen Harper government lies to world on housing" Canada is the only G8 country that doesn't have a housing program. They leave everybody to fend for themselves. Gordon Campbell's dislike for middle class people is well known; the Federal Conservative's don't look to be any different [read story] > Submitted by Michele Baillie, 2012-11-15 10:02   Blogra Who let the Flaming Lips take a flaming crap on the Deep Purple tribute album? Warm Bodies trailer puts a new spin on the undead Gay men will steal your girlfriends with motherfucking quiche Marc Emery earns $22.20 per month in a Mississippi jail New York Post wins the David Petraeus headline contest
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions are your guide to winter adventure, including hitting the ski slopes, snowshoe racing, snowboarding, and biking; plus, Dark Table's blind dining, dancer and choreographer Crystal Pite's new work, and saying goodbye to local film writer Ian Caddell. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Winter adventure guide: ski bums, snowshoe racing, and snowboardingOur winter adventure issue will get you ready for the slopes with articles on ski bums, snowshoe racing, snowboarding, biking, and West 4th Avenue shopping, and a mountain roundup./ Lifestyle Georgia Straight film writer Ian Caddell leaves a legacyOne of B.C.'s most beloved journalists has died./ News Dark Table's "blind dining" restaurant turns off lights to turn on senses in VancouverDark Table isn't just about eating; it's about being thrown out of your element. It's definitely an experience worth having./ Dining Crystal Pite's The Tempest Replica brings white masks and shipwrecksAt first overwhelmed by the play, celebrated Vancouver choreographer Crystal Pite found her own unique way to put The Tempest into dance/ Arts British hip-hop MCs Foreign Beggars making wavesThe Uprising is a rap record, but you'd never mistake it for a product of the American hip-hop world./ Music Sally Field and Joseph Gordon-Levitt text the prez for LincolnTo prepare for Steven Spielberg movie on U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, actors Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis exchanged text messages in character as Mary and Abe./ Movies   Things to do Music Dan ManganQueen Elizabeth Theatre NOV9 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Portland WinterhawksPacific Coliseum NOV9 Movies Vancouver Jewish Film FestivalRidge Theatre To NOV15 Theatre Eternal HydraStudio 16 To NOV11 Et Cetera Circle Craft Christmas MarketVancouver Convention Centre To NOV11   Comment of the Week Re: "Restaurant owner says "bananas" don't get importance of shark-fin soup" I am a first-generation Chinese Canadian, born overseas, from a traditional family. I grew up with shark fin soup. I am in my 50s, so I assume no one will classify me as either "young" or "banana". I don't get the "importance" of it either. It is about time shark-fin soup be banned all over the world, not just in Canada. I, and my family, have stopped consuming shark-fin soup. Chinese culture is not about wastefulness, boastfulness, and cruelty, at least the one I know. [read story] > Submitted by KatYat Chen, 2012-11-05 19:49   Blogra First Canadian Uniqlo store reportedly opening in Vancouver Corey Olsen gets introspective with Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit It Gets Better: RCMP share their coming-out stories to support queer youth Outlaws boxed set captures the shitkicker glory of the Florida Guitar Army Excuse me, I think this voting machine's a Republican
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature a special education section, including math learning, earthquake readiness, and mentorship for aboriginal students; plus winter fashion and beauty, local band Ladyhawk, and a look at The Gazillion Bubble Show. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Spotlight on education: Math in crisis, aboriginal mentorship, seismic readiness, and vaccinesAddressing a crisis in math learning; plus, earthquake preparedness, HPV vaccine scrutiny, and two programs providing mentorship to aboriginal students./ News Winter style guide: Cozy coats, craft markets, menswear, and moreFrom tweed parkas to faux-fur-lined capes, chic ways to stay warm abound this season; plus, holiday threads for guys, a look at Vancouver's coolest indie craft markets, and must-have cosmetics for winter./ Style Pilot program teaches aboriginal culinary artsSmoked-salmon mousse, spicy elk salad wraps, and venison on bannock were among the items on the menu when chef Andrew George Jr.'s inaugural Tsleil-Waututh culinary-arts class./ Dining The Gazillion Bubble Show's Fan Yang floats a dreamFan Yang turned a childhood fascination into a hit show that mixes art, science, circus, and spectacle for people of all ages./ Arts Vancouver's Ladyhawk makes a short, sharp return to rockLadyhawk streamlined its songs and toned down the guitar heroics in making the long-awaited No Can Do./ Music Rio Grind Film Festival gets fleshed outYou'll easily get your fill of gratuitous sex, horror, and violence at this weekend's (November 2 to 4) Rio Grind Film Festival./ Movies   Things to do Music Cat PowerVogue Theatre NOV2 Theatre Far Side of the MoonSFU Woodward's in the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts To NOV10 Movies Rio Grind Film FestivalRio Theatre NOV2-4 Music Cosi Fan TutteOld Auditorium To NOV4 Fashion Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding ShowcaseFour Seasons Hotel NOV4   Comment of the Week Re: "China FIPA deal draws protests" This FIPA agreement, and especially, the deceitful way it has been introduced into the parliamentary process is an insult to Canadians and an outrage to the principals of democracy and transparency. [read story] > Submitted by Trent McGurvey, 2012-11-01 00:36   Blogra Purple Olive Grill replaces ensemble restaurant at tricky Thurlow Street location Whitecaps in tough in MLS playoff debut tonight versus LA Galaxy Rory Gallagher fans want an airport named after the Irish guitar great Video: Halloween pumpkin transformed into Tetris videogame Axl Rose blames Slash for his inability to write new Guns' music
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature Robert Lepage and his hit solo show, Far Side of the Moon; plus worldly doughnuts, Halloween style, and Vancouver bands sound off on their favourite spooky tunes. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Robert Lepage's journey to the Far Side of the MoonTheatre artist reflects on the loss, and the washing-machine door, that launched a beloved play; plus his growing ties to Vancouver./ Arts Downtown Eastside sergeant Kalwinder Dosanjh aims to build community rapportA veteran Vancouver police officer says he can only succeed if he builds bridges with people living in the city's poorest neighbourhood./ News From Lucky's Doughnuts to Chinese fritters, doughnuts make the world go 'round in VancouverThe display case at Lucky's Doughnuts makes you want to order a dozen and ravenously consume all of them in one sitting./ Dining The costume possibilities at Millennium are virtually endlessThe former lead singer of the Black Halos has no shortage of ideas—and furthermore, he's more than willing to share them with anyone who's within earshot./ Style Vancouver musicians serve up sonic treats for HalloweenVancouver indie musicians talk about their favourite Fright Night costumes and the songs that get them doing the Monster Mash./ Music Being human in Cloud AtlasCloud Atlas is a film unlike any other, and it will go down in history as a tremendous Hollywood risk that either paid off considerably or didn't./ Movies   Things to do Music Halloween at the WaldorfWaldorf Hotel OCT26 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Victoria RoyalsPacific Coliseum OCT26 Movies Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream WarriorsRio Theatre OCT29 Theatre The Number 14Waterfront Theatre To Nov18 Et Cetera Parade of Lost Souls Festivalvarious Vancouver venues To OCT27   Comment of the Week Re: "Impacts of food poverty highlighted by B.C. welfare challenge participants" Never mind how much welfare money goes to tobacco, alcohol, taxis, and junk food! Do you think just because you are on welfare you should be deprived of the addictions of the rest of the population? They still don't get enough to eat, healthy foods, and use public transportation (if available)! [read story] > Submitted by Lorraine Dick, 2012-10-24 11:24   Blogra Iron Man 3 trailer promises sexy robo hijinks Fire damages La Baguette & l'Échalote bakery on Granville Island Take a peek inside the new La Pentola della Quercia in Yaletown's Opus Hotel British kids freak out when shown Paranormal Activity 4 by mistake Amanda Palmer and Richard O'Brien do the "Time Warp" in London
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature a healthy living section that looks at narcissism, male fertility, a yoga protest, and helping kids with cancer; plus Sarah Polley, Aszure Barton, La Boheme, and more. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Healthy living: narcissists, male fertility, yoga protests, and moreOur special health section examines why narcissists are oblivious to the pain they inflict on others; plus, male fertility, a yoga protest, media coverage of a high-profile suicide, and a campaign to help kids with cancer./ Lifestyle B.C. Liberals gain new blood with Suzanne Anton and other nomination candidatesAbout a year after Suzanne Anton launched her mayoral bid with the Non-Partisan Association, the former city councillor is in a tough fight for a B.C. Liberal nomination./ News High tea is served with a raw vegan twist at Indigo Food Café in VancouverAt this cozy Kitsilano eatery, you can taste practically everything on the menu in one sitting by ordering the high tea./ Dining La Bohème's star baritone Etienne Dupuis has fun amid tragedyTo understand rising baritone Etienne Dupuis's approach to opera, it helps to know about one of his favourite gigs./ Arts Failure gave Adam Cohen impetus to make the best music of his lifeAdam Cohen nearly failed in his ambition to become a successful singer-songwriter—but not, he notes, because of the daunting legacy of his famous father./ Music Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell is a family affairEvery family has its sustaining myths, although those that Sarah Polley grew up with were shakier than many./ Movies   Things to do Music David Byrne & St. Vincent Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts Oct. 20, 2012 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Calgary Hitmen Pacific Coliseum Oct. 20, 2012 Movies Reel Recovery Film Festival District 319 Oct. 19-20, 2012 Theatre All the Way Home Queen Elizabeth Theatre To Jan. 14, 2012 Et Cetera UBC Farm Harvest Festival UBC Farm Oct. 20, 2012   Comment of the Week Re: "Fazeela Jiwa: "Bullying" is too vague when we're dealing with sexism and misogyny" Excellent Article! Rarely has one come across mention of the fracturing of culture you describe in mainstream media. The methods used to alienate, isolate, divide and polarize groups of people among ethnic/ religious lines are complex and take a long time to create. A steady diet of negative archetypes is required to be "fed" to people to create new paradigms; as compared to what society was in the 1950's. The social paradigms now are more consistent with what is seen in feudal societies in the past. [read story] > Submitted by Michele Baillie, 2012-10-16 21:23   Blogra News for Youse: Heed supports marijuana legalization, Peace Arch reopens, XL Foods plant management shuffle Die Antwoord blasts Lady Gaga in outrageous new "Fatty Boom Boom" video CRAFT Beer Market to open at Olympic Villiage's Salt Building next summer A day in the life of TransLink Hilary Mantel wins 2012 Man Booker Prize for Bring Up the Bodies
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions take a closer look at Vancouver's affordable-housing crisis; plus urban living ideas, fall books, and musicians Angélique Kidjo and Carolyn Mark. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Toronto bankers put the squeeze on Vancouver real-estate developersFinanciers have upped the ante for developers, which may have an impact on the city's plan to boost the supply of homes./ News Urban living: terrariums, rustic accessories, indoor gardens, and moreWarm up fall rooms with cool new terrariums, rustic accessories, and indoor herb-growers; plus a look back at midcentury architecture and a peek at this year's Home Show./ Style Fall books: Martin Amis, Emily Schultz, Rawi Hage, Writers Fest, and moreAcclaimed novelist Martin Amis talks about his new book, Lionel Asbo; plus Emily Schultz, Rawi Hage, and the season's most adventurous cooking./ Books Angélique Kidjo travels to Benin and back againAngélique Kidjo is based in New York and performs around the world, but her West African roots are still her biggest inspiration./ Arts Carolyn Mark knows it isn't always time to partyCarolyn Mark is known for her raucous humour, but her latest batch of songs hints at her darker side./ Music Christopher Walken keeps it quirky in Seven PsychopathsIn Seven Psychopaths, Christopher Walken plays a dognapper who poaches the wrong pooch./ Movies   Things to do Music Bob Dylan & His BandRogers Arena OCT12 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Seattle ThunderbirdsPacific Coliseum OCT12 Music Arts Angélique KidjoChan Centre for the Performing Arts OCT13 Theatre Master ClassGranville Island Stage To OCT27 Et Cetera Vancouver Home + Design ShowB.C. Place Stadium OCT11-14   Comment of the Week Re: "B.C. medical insurance to cover phalloplasty for transgender men" I'd like to point out that Phalloplasty for cisgendered (i.e. non-trans) men has been covered for decades. If you lost your dick in an accident or to cancer or whatever, MSP would rebuild it. Now the very same surgery is available to trans guys. It's about equality. [read story] > Submitted by Amy Fox, 2012-10-09 15:38   Blogra Mick Jagger sings about zombies and exploding heads on new Rolling Stones tune Gamers will play homeless person in Vancouver-made iBeg Scare up some fun with Halloween activities in Metro Vancouver Seven transit peeves from a new parent in Vancouver World's smallest reproduction of a printed book requires electron microscope to read
Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature comfort food for fall, including soups and stews, Thanksgiving dinner, wine, and more; plus dancer Alvin Erasga Tolentino's Colonial, Japan's ramen museums, and more from the Vancouver International Film Festival. Don't forget to check out Straight.com for daily news and views on everything Vancouver. Comfort food for fall: Soups and stews, Thanksgiving turkey, wine, and moreHeirloom's Georgia Morley and other local chefs share their secrets for easy fall soups that nourish both family and community; plus novel approaches to a turkey dinner and Thankgiving drink pairings./ Dining Justin Trudeau's federal Liberal leadership bid doesn't thrill B.C. marijuana activistsCannabis activists don't see a friend in Justin Trudeau, the presumptive frontrunner in the race for the federal Liberal leadership./ News Japan's ramen museums celebrate noodle soup in Tokyo and OsakaTwo ramen museums in Japan—the Shinyokohama Raumen Museum and Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum—teach visitors all about the famous wheat-noodle soup./ Travel In Colonial, dancer Alvin Erasga Tolentino finds the lost voices of his homelandIt's rehearsal time at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre performance hall, and these are highly loaded images./ Arts Imagine Dragons is a study in contradictionsImagine Dragons likes to make its songs big and anthemic, even when the subject matter is dark./ Music Tim Burton recruits Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara for FrankenweenieSince their SCTV glory days, Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara have rarely been less than busy./ Movies   Things to do Music Grizzly BearCommodore Ballroom OCT6-7 Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Medicine Hat TigersPacific Coliseum OCT5 Movies Vancouver International Film Festivalvarious Vancouver venues To OCT12 Theatre The Spitfire GrillPacific Theatre To OCT27 Et Cetera River District Farmers MarketKerr Street Plaza To OCT27   Comment of the Week Re: "John Furlong biography omits secret past in Burns Lake" Interesting how most of the mainstream media chooses to ignore the allegations of racism in the story and instead focuses on the physical abuse element, basically saying that "it was a different time then and everyone got smacked around, even white kids". It's much easier to justify alleged violence in the past than it is to condone alleged acts of racism, past or present. [read story] > Submitted by Victoria Michael, 2012-09-28 16:36   Blogra Vancouver Canucks' Kevin Bieksa organizes charity hockey game Geeky fun abounds at the first Vancouver Mega Comic-Con Six B.C. writers shortlisted for 2012 Governor General's awards Kareteci Kiz: Worst death scene in a movie? Ever? Photos: Interior Design Show West 2012 in Vancouver