White Spot Cookbook reveals favourite recipes but keeps Triple O secret



No, White Spot does not reveal its Triple O sauce recipe in The White Spot Cookbook ($19.28, Figure 1). The closest you get is a blurb on what’s not in the sauce, along with instructions to dress the bun with mayonnaise and hamburger relish when re-creating executive chef Chuck Currie’s Favourite Burger.

Nonetheless, the new book will satisfy fans of the long-running B.C. restaurant with recipes for dishes like curried chicken and broccoli casserole (see photo below). With historical photos, it chronicles how the chain has evolved over 85 years and compiles the fond recollections of fans such as Jim Pattison and Michael Bublé. Find it at full-service White Spot restaurants (various locations).

Topped with breadcrumbs, the homemade version of White Spot's curried chicken, broccoli, and cheese casserole tastes exactly like the original.
Carolyn Ali
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Jeremy Twigg
This casserole photo is making my tummy grumble! (It's just shy of lunch time, too!)
Rating: -12
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