Blue Water Cafe's sustainable seafood unsung heroes menu returns


Once again, throughout the month of February, Blue Water Cafe (1095 Hamilton Street) is offering its Unsung Heroes promotion, encouraging patrons to give less familiar sustainable seafood a try.


Executive chef Frank Pabst’s Unsung menu consists of sharing plates ($9.50 to $16.50 each), as few or as many as you like, along with dishes from the regular menu.

Dishes range from the relatively approachable, such as white anchovy bruschetta with marinated red peppers, to the more adventurous, such as sea cucumber with squid ink fettuccine. (For those who’ve never tried it, sea cucumber tastes like a cross between squid and jellyfish.) 

Here are some photos of what's on the menu, taken at a recent media preview.

White anchovy bruschetta with marinated red peppers, mozzarella, and arugula
Carolyn Ali
Sea cucumber with squid ink fettucini, serrano pepper, and saffron broth.
Carolyn Ali
Charred octopus with morcilla sausage, picquillo peppers, arugula, white bean puree, and chorizo oil.
Carolyn Ali
Smoked mackerel with celeriac, apples, watercress, and pickled mustard seed sauce.
Carolyn Ali

Ten percent of proceeds from the menu go to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program; see

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Well won't be singing this song....
Sea urchin-ever tasted sea urchin? it is unbelievably horrible-had some accidentally in sushi years ago-the worst thing i've ever eaten.
How about the description "sea cucumber tastes like a cross between squid and jelly fish"? Gee that really helps.
Think all these creatures need to be left in their natural habitat undisturbed by chefs & foodies seeking yet another taste "sensation".
Rating: -4
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