Dumplings star at CIBC LunarFest


Love dumplings? Head to CIBC LunarFest at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza (West Georgia at Howe streets) this weekend. Six types of Asian dumplings will be on offer, including Chinese pork siu mai, Korean kimchi dumplings, and Japanese gyoza.

The festival is highlighting how various dumpling fillings have different meanings: for example, pork denotes strength and chives indicate a long-lasting relationship. Most dumplings will sell for $4.50 for four to six pieces, with giant 15-centimetre round “prosperity buns”—filled with chicken, mushroom, and bamboo shoots—going for $7 each.

They’re on sale from Friday to Sunday (February 7 to 9) from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; see lunarfest.org/.

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