Save On Meats reopening on February 14


Nearly five months after the closure of Save On Meats (43 West Hastings Street), owner Mark Brand has announced that the restaurant will reopen Friday (February 14).

“On Valentine’s Day we will open our doors for breakfast and outside of any natural disaster, plan to never close again. Ever,” Brand stated in a news release.

In an interview with the Georgia Straight, Brand explained that the Save On Meats building was purchased by Vancouver-based real estate developers Anthem Properties, and closed in September 2013 for seismic upgrades to the top-three floors, ground floor, and sub-basement. During the closure, Save One Meats operated as a pop-up restaurant and test kitchen at 1 West Cordova, the original location for Brand’s now-closed Boneta restaurant.

Brand stated that Save On Meats currently has a partnership with Anthem Properties to stay in its location until 2034.

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Meat Man
Welcome back!!!

What about the butcher shop?
Rating: +1
I don't see why people are making a big deal of this place or why this guy is getting so much funding from the city of Vancouver, Mark Brand is no Al DesLauriers and he never will be, he is living off another man's legacy that dedicated is life at helping people in the neighbourhood no mater who they were, this place is no longer Al's meat shop and I don't think he would ever had turned it what it has become, the current owner can try to say he is helping the neighbourhood all he wants but everybody in the neighbourhood knows he is just there to help himself, Al never asked for any recognition for all the help he procured the neighbourhood but now whenever Save-On-Meats gives some crumbs to the neighbourhoods poorest, the restaurant makes sure to brag about it to the media to get more government funding, the restaurant should be seen for what it is,a hipster hangout nothing more nothing less.
Rating: -24
Alan Layton
Patrick - have you asked Al DesLauriers what he thinks or are you just full of anger because the world didn't turn out the way you wanted it and are looking for anything you can find to smear Brand? The guy works very hard and if he gets publicity that will continue to help his projects then the more power to him. In case you haven't noticed every place in that area is full of hipsters.
Rating: +12
Noto Bene
Patrick, you need to go to Save on Meats when they re-open and order their cheese burger. That will put you in a much better mood, Mr Grumpy Pants.
Rating: +7
Glad to hear Save On is opening again! My grandmother worked at Save On Meats back in the day and knowing what an icon it is, she would be proud to know it is serving meals to the community to this day. Makes me want to come back from Berlin (also full of "hipsters") to enjoy a cheese burger too! In order to share the wealth, you have to build wealth.
Rating: -2
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