PiDGiN's daily $40 prix fixe menu is a delicious deal


Even if you’ve previously dined at PiDGiN (350 Carrall Street), you might not be aware that the restaurant offers a great prix fixe deal daily.

For $40 per person ($55 for dishes with more luxurious ingredients), you get an ever-changing, sharable selection of Makoto Ono’s small plates. These include a bracing apple-and-horseradish-tinged oyster shot, his famous Korean gochujang-spiced chicken wings, and smoked lingcod with lentils, clams, and bacon dashi velouté.

An amuse-bouche, five courses, and dessert add up to a very substantial meal, and sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and let somebody else make the decisions for you. Peruse the menu and make reservations at

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Wow-5 small plates for $40 or $55.
This is supposed to be a good deal?
The cod pictured is just a little bit bigger than 2 clam shells with maybe a Tbs. of lentils with frothy stuff. Yum-that'll fill ya up.

What about those picketers outside?
Are they still there?
Rating: -2
If you consider a half duck a small plate you must have an amazing appetite.
Rating: -8
hey pidgin
did you read the review? it was reviewing "small plates".
btw amuse bouche means "small bites" or tidbit.
so if you think half a duck is a small bite perhaps you're in the wrong business.

Rating: -10
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