Talk like a pirate for White Spot Pirate Pak Day on August 13, 2014

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      Did you know that a merchicken—a mermaid crossed with a chicken—graces the helm of White Spot’s Pirate Paks?

      The paper boats that carry the kids’ meals are just plain fun, and while they’re usually restricted to children, anyone can order one on August 13. That’s White Spot’s Pirate Pak Day, an annual fundraiser for Zajac Ranch For Children when the charity receives $2 from each Pirate Pak sold at B.C. White Spot locations.

      The adult-sized meal (starting at $11.99) includes a choice of four burgers along with endless fries, coleslaw, a soft drink, a scoop of ice cream, and that prized chocolate “gold” coin.

      (If you're wondering why anyone would even want to order an adult Pirate Pak, here's why.)

      Feel free to dine dressed as a pirate—or at least open up and say “Aargh!” 


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      Aug 5, 2014 at 8:20am

      With childhood obesity such a problem, It's a little ironic that a fund raiser for children's health would do this be selling high fat meals to children.
      The White Spot Pirate Pack with a hamburger pictured above has: 780 calories, 49.1 grams of fat and 900 mgs. of sodium.
      As for the 'endless fries' for the parents-this is a heart attack special if there ever was one.

      'Arrgh'-the scurvy scallywags at White Spot need to walk the plank for this one....