8 places to find last-minute Easter treats in Metro Vancouver

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      You’ve probably glanced at the Easter chocolates sold at your local supermarket (which were probably put onto shelves a day after Valentine’s Day) more than once.

      For those who would rather buy freshly made Easter treats, there are plenty of chocolate and pastry shops offering some delectable bunny-themed goods.

      From chocolate chicken sculptures to rabbit-shaped cookies to traditional foil-wrapped eggs, here are eight places to find sweet Easter delights around town.


      Bel Café

      Bel Café (801 West Georgia Street)

      Forget the carrot-flavoured and bunny-themed macarons, Bel Café is serving up some fancy Easter treats this year. One of its newest features is a fruity and floral pastry made with citrus, verbena, and fresh blackberries—prepare to take out your camera for an Instagram shot. Other items on its holiday menu include its popular hot cross buns, as well as a milk chocolate and salted caramel choux pouf.      


      Tammy Kwan

      BETA5 Chocolates (413 Industrial Avenue)

      This Vancouver chocolate-and-cream-puff hot spot never disappoints, and its 2017 Easter collection is no exception. Easter treats seekers will find themselves ogling at spring-themed multi-layer chocolate eggs (bulbs) filled with—you guessed it—even more chocolate eggs (buds). Flavours range from raspberry to coconut and passionfruit to hazelnut praline. Peanut butter raindrops, chocolate rainclouds, and peanut butter cup cream puffs are also on offer. BETA5 is currently hosting a pop-up at 3345 Cambie Street (through May 15), so you have the option to pick up some Easter goodies at either location this weekend.


      Cadeaux Bakery/Instagram

      Cadeaux Bakery (172 Powell Street)

      Who says Easter treats have to be all about chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs? Cadeaux bakery has created some cute bunny-shaped cookies and cupcakes for the long-weekend, and word of mouth tells us that they sell out quick. The pastry shop will be closed on Easter Monday, so be sure to get there early if you're keen on picking up some of these babies.


      Chez Christophe

      Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Pastisserie (4717 Hastings Street, Burnaby)

      When people look at seasonal chocolate sculptures, they can often forget the time and effort it requires to create an edible masterpiece. But you will definitely remember to admire the chocolate showpieces at Chez Christophe’s because of its intricate and creative craftsmanship. Its Easter collection features five bunnies this year: a royal guard, chef, carrot, hockey player, and lumberjack (a perfectly burly one, too). Three colourful hens also make up the farmyard friends—chocolate art that’s almost too pretty to eat. Limited edition bunny eclairs are also on its menu this weekend. 



      Purdys Chocolatier (various locations)

      The Easter tradition continues at Purdys this year: milk, white, and dark chocolate bunnies, colourful mini foiled eggs, caramel eggs, and peanut butter eggs, among others. What makes Purdys special is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase from its Easter collection, but will still be able to enjoy Easter chocolates. Simply choose any of your favourite confectionaries (hedgehogs, Himalayan pink salt caramels, etc.) and wrap it up in one of its special Easter gift wrap. Don't fancy bunny-shaped sweets? Problem solved. 



      Soirette (1433 West Pender Street)

      Not sure what to bring to your Easter Sunday dinner with the entire extended family? You can’t go wrong with cake. To be specific, an Easter-themed cake. Soirette has created an amazing Easter chocolate nest cake made with vanilla bean buttercream and filled with 8 different macarons (flavours include pistachio, raspberry, Vancouver fog, and more). It is topped with a crunchy chocolate nest filled with a chocolate earl grey macaron egg and mini chocolate eggs. Its other Easter offerings include carrot macaron pops—filled with 58% dark chocolate.



      Thierry (1059 Alberni Street)

      Artisanal chocolates never really go out of style—especially for those who like to spend heavily on high-quality sweets. Thierry Café has created another batch of beautiful Easter treats this year, which include everything from handcrafted chocolate bears to chickens, and lambs to hens. Besides the cute farmhouse animals, guests will also find chocolate eggs and shells—flavours range from Tahitian vanilla to creamy caramel to fruits and florals.


      Amy Ho

      Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie (2539 West Broadway and 128-998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver)

      Easter isn’t really Easter without chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs, right? Thomas Haas has got you covered with a whole line of Easter sweets in all shapes and sizes, and chocolate species. From hens to chicks to bunnies to ducklings, you might have a hard time deciding which ones to take home. Other handcrafted confections in the line-up include chocolate flowerpots, Easter truffle eggs, an Easter egg nest, and Easter-themed lollipops. In our opinion, this chocolate shop takes Easter almost (or just) as seriously as Christmas, and that’s saying a lot.