To celebrate National Caesar Day, a slew of bespoke recipes for the Canadian cocktail

Walter collects recipes from coast to coast that go beyond the celery-stick garnish

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      If the mighty made-in-Canada Caesar is your drink of choice, then you probably already know that National Caesar Day is nearly upon us.

      If you’re just looking for an excuse to put one of these hearty cocktails back, Thursday (May 18) is the day.

      To celebrate, Walter—the country’s only all-natural craft Caesar mix—has amassed a collection of bespoke Caesar recipes from bartenders and restaurants across the country. Flavours vary wildly and so do the garnishes, from a fresh Nova Scotia oyster (from Halifax’s Katherine Ryder-Burbidge) to Ottawa chef Jesse Bell’s arrangement of anchovy, pickled tomatillo, and sea asparagus.

      Michael Cipollo, meanwhile, gives Hamilton, Ontario’s version an entire full-size hamburger as the piece to top it all off. 

      We like the concoction crafted by Chris Shaften and Mia Papadopoulous, the chef/owner and GM, respectively, of Kelowna’s Krafty Kitchen. It features fried chicken, pickled seaweed salad, and tobiko. 

      Follow the pair's recipe to make this libation yourself. 

      Krafty Kitchen Caesar - Kelowna, BC



      1 tsp chili powder 
      1 tsp garlic powder 
      1 tsp Maldon salt 
      1 tsp chili flakes 
      1 tsp cumin 


      1 oz soy gastrique (equal parts soy, rice, vinegar, cane sugar, lime juice) 
      2 oz Summerhill Cipes Brut 
      1.5 oz Sheringham Seaside Gin (made from BC organic white wheat, BC malted barley, natural botanicals, sustainable hand-harvested local winged kelp) 
      3 dashes of Tabasco 
      Walter’s Craft Caesar Mix in Mild Spice


      Fried chicken 
      Soy gastrique 
      Pickled seaweed salad 


      Mix rim ingredients together on a plate. Line glass with water or citrus and coat rim of glass. Fill glass with ice then pour in soy gastrique, Summerhill Cipes Brut, Sheringham Seaside Gin and Tabasco. Top with Walter Craft Caesar Mix. Mix with a cocktail spoon and garnish with fried chicken topped with soy gastrique, mayo, pickled seaweed salad, and tobiko.