The Praguery food truck serves up tasty chimney cakes

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      When you see a new dessert making waves through Vancouver’s social media scene, you make it your mission to try it even if you have to go out of your way.

      The Praguery is one of the newest members to join the city’s food truck fleet, and it offers delicious treats that originate from the Czech Republic.

      Jaroslav Mestka, founder and president of the Praguery food truck, was born and raised in Prague. His memories of the childhood desserts that he indulged in eventually became the basis for opening his own food business.

      The main menu item that Mestka serves is chimney cakes (trdelnik)—a fresh rotisserie-baked pastry that is vegan-friendly. He uses dough made from an original recipe that he created from scratch.

      A chimney cake with shredded coconut and lemon curd.
      Tammy Kwan

      Guests can choose toppings that range from sugar and cinnamon to shredded almonds, and shredded coconut to bacon and cheddar.

      What makes the chimney cakes special is that you can add fillings as well. Our favourite is the sugar and cinnamon filled with Nutella, but shredded almond and lemon curd is a very popular and traditional flavour. For a savoury filling, go for cream cheese.

      If you find this dessert familiar, it's because it was a popular treat at the 2016 Vancouver Christmas Market.

      Mestka has rolled out a new menu item just in time for the summer: Prague cones—chimney cakes coated with cinnamon and sugar, and filled with soft-serve ice cream.

      The strawberry Prague cone.
      Tammy Kwan

      Flavours include original (vanilla), chocolate, and strawberry.

      Besides tasting amazing, it’s also extremely photogenic. In other words, it makes for one helluva Instagram shot.

      So why should Vancouver be excited about chimney cakes and Prague cones?

      “I think the people will appreciate that it’s not a deep-fried product,” Mestka told the Straight in an interview outside his parked food truck. “This is freshly baked on our rotisserie oven, and the dough itself is vegan-friendly. It’s definitely something unique.”

      The Praguery’s schedule can be found here

      The Praguery food truck made its debut in June.
      Tammy Kwan