On his days off, Tobias Grignon tries to eat healthy meals, which he says can be a challenge for people in the restaurant industry.
Oliver Zulauf tops his sprouted whole-wheat pizza crust with fresh farmers market produce.
The L'Abattoir chef demonstrates how this seasonal fish can be easily cooked in the oven.
When chocolatier and pastry chef Christophe Bonzon was a child in Switzerland, he used to make chocolate truffles with his mother during holidays.
This recipe for hunter-style braised beef is named after Italian hunters who, centuries ago, carried red wine, garlic, and pepper to whip up this dish with game and wild rosemary.
This Norouz, the Vancouver Community College culinary instructor will visit family in Pitt Meadows, where up to 14 dishes will be served for a New Year’s feast.
Restaurant workers need sustenance to get them through a shift, and at PiDGiN, the staff meal is an important way to relax and refuel.
Executive chef Lucais Syme riffs on a simple Italian buckwheat-noodle dish by using Japanese pasta and topping it with a mirin-ginger sauce.
Like most young people, Tai Keattivanichvily really started to appreciate his mother’s cooking after he left home.
The challenge of cooking within the limits of kosher cuisine was what initially attracted Tim Kozody to the Maple Grill.