Chef Karen McAthy's vegan take on savoury country pie is easily adaptable to whatever you have on hand and makes for a nutritious, hearty meal.
Think a healthy diet means sacrificing flavour and enjoyment? SMAK Healthy Fast Food proprietor Brendan Ladner begs to differ.
When Quang Dang celebrated the holidays with the Vietnamese side of his family, one dish that was always part of Christmas Day dinner was salad rolls with steamed fish.
One of the only Christmas traditions that Stephanie and Andrea French maintain is making and eating this layered dessert of sponge cake, custard, whipped cream, fruit, and toppings.
The owner of Yaletown's Sweet Bake Shop has given baked goods as gifts since she was old enough to operate an oven. Here, she shares a recipe for Earl Grey shortbread cookies.
One dessert that always makes its way onto Rosie Daykin's Christmas baking platter is the butter tart, or a variation such as the chocolate chip and walnut tart she shares here.
Some of Brian Skinner’s fondest memories involve spending time in the mountains and enjoying this soup that his dad used to make.
With early mornings and three businesses on his plate, Steven Ewing prefers to have low-key meals, such as this chicken stew, at home most evenings.
The executive sous chef at the Fairmont Pacific Rim is as passionate about cooking sustainable seafood as he is about fishing.
Cullin David enjoys combining flavours from around the world when he cooks at home. The executive chef often makes these lamb sliders at home for his son.