Dining Features

Despite their relative media obscurity, there are many other individuals who cook excellent Indian cuisine and run much-loved South Asian restaurants.
Tap houses have sprouted across the city, and any self-respecting restaurant now has to have at least a handful of craft beers on tap—if not 20—to satisfy customer demand.
Tasting wine in its country of origin is like having dinner with a person you’ve only emailed with: you finally put a place to a name and never look at the wine the same way again.
This weekend’s festival highlights two much-loved culinary staples, rice and noodles, in a mock battle for supremacy.
Taiwanfest takes place at various venues on August 30 and 31 and September 1.
Vancouver restaurateurs offer some inspiration for getting you started in shaking up your own grilling at home.
If you'd rather drink beer than hike with a lot of gear, Squamish is suddenly a worthy destination.
If there’s one obvious faux pas you can commit while dining out—at a French restaurant, no less—it’s licking your fingers.
Here are some recommendations on where to eat on the big day.
We explore some of Vancouver's best patios, the summer-long Food Cart Fest, refreshing wines for the season, and more.