Dining Features

Healthy, tasty, and free: what’s not to like?
With handmade touches such as knitted flower-pot cozies, this family-run spot is a pleasant place to relax over a cup of matcha tea.
While promoting elBulli: 2005-2011, the Spanish chef encourages people to investigate food the same way science and art are approached.
There is more to good sushi than fresh fish. At these Vancouver restaurants, sushi chefs explain why rice, real wasabi, and crispy seaweed are equally as important.
The first bite is definitely with the eye for these three local chefs.
Interactive dining experiences—like eating chocolate fondue—can encourage romantic bonding.
Valentine’s Day (cheer or groan if you will) is fast approaching, and if you want to dine out, different restaurants suit different stages of a relationship.
Our annual winter entertainment guide will drag you out of hibernation.