Dining Features

If you daydream about eating good food, the recent shifts in the Richmond dining scene will get you excited.
With a few meal-planning, shopping, and cooking skills, it’s possible to eat well and save money at the same time.
Over 270 restaurants across Metro Vancouver are participating this year. Here are a few of the menus that stand out at each price point.
Move over, kale. The year ahead promises a whole new crop of healthy foods that may well turn out to be just as popular.
Here are some recommended places that will feed your brood for cheap ($15 and under per person) and satisfy the palates of both grandparents and younger ones.
Au Comptoir offers the most authentic Parisian-café experience in Vancouver. Even before you walk in the door it feels like the real deal.
The B.C. government, however, insists it's merely creating a level playing field between public and private sellers.
Ever notice how everything in cooking stores is so shiny and full of promise? Here are gifts for people who love to cook…or at least watch people cook on TV.
Who wouldn’t want praise from the pickiest guests as they devour your holiday feast?
Here are some restaurants where Vancouver artists like to grab a bite in the Downtown Eastside.