Food of the Week

If you’re looking for dessert for Thanksgiving dinner or a treat for your hosts, why not hit the Baker’s Market this Saturday?
The volunteer-run initiative aims to connect new-immigrant families with established Canadian ones over the dinner table.
At the market, you can watch staff use a blowtorch to roast the corn kernels.
Ever tried coconut sap? The natural sweetener is a key ingredient in Chocolat Naturel goodies.
Want to try the top chocolate bar in the world? Call ahead because the shelves are bare.
Bella Gelateria’s just-opened Yaletown location is upping the indulgence ante.
The third annual Gastown BBQ and Chili Festival happens this weekend (August 30 and 31) in the 200 block of Carrall Street, between Water and Cordova streets.
Chef Rob Feenie has come up with an excellent version of the citrus-cured seafood dish.
Don't miss home-style Korean dishes, such as bibimbap, at the 13th annual Korean Festival at Swangard Stadium.
Did you know that a merchicken—a mermaid crossed with a chicken—graces the helm of White Spot’s Pirate Paks?