Food of the Week

Once again, throughout the month of February, Blue Water Cafe is encouraging patrons to give less familiar sustainable seafood a try.
The chef won't repeat a plate on his 10-course tasting menus all month.
Popping the cork is part of the fun of drinking Champagne, so wouldn’t it be nice if there was a little ceremony for nonalcoholic beverages too?
Since you probably need to hit the liquor store anyway for holiday provisions, pick up a bottle or two of local craft beer while you’re at it to give with the book.
Amid all the cookies and chocolates, cream puffs are guaranteed to stand out.
Those who grew up eating at White Spot will enjoy the nostalgic photos and recipes for dishes like curied chicken and broccoli casserole
Beautifully illustrated by Gabriola Islander Sima Elizabeth Shefrin, the cookbook is as much about Jewish lore as it is about recipes.
If the glorious smell of fried onions and bacon doesn’t draw you in, the sight of a giant skillet full of noodles will.
The new grab-and-go shop is at 1513 West Broadway, where the westbound B-Line stops at Granville Street.
In addition to roti, try Trini favourites like doubles