Restaurant Reviews

A visit to the Emerald is a great way to get a sense of what things were like right before the hippies ruined everything.
You know you’re in Lotusland when a highly anticipated new restaurant offers a daily kombucha on its menu.
At the new Homer St. Cafe and Bar, executive chef Marc-André Choquette cooks an ultra-juicy, ultra-flavourful rotisserie chicken.
If you’re a hard-core carnivore, the Black Lodge will require a quick rethinking of your dietary habits.
The draw was the food—modern dim sum served tapas-style for dinner—but Bambudda had us at the first sip.
It’s difficult to really understand what Peruvian cuisine is all about without tasting it for yourself. A visit to Chicha is a good way to find out.
Under the direction of chef Alejandro Cruz, a native of Guadalajara, and consulting chef Tina Fineza, the food here is authentic and, in a word, excelente.
The fare at Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods is perfect for a scorching summer afternoon or eve: light, flavourful, and, as the name makes clear, good for you.
The protesters have been getting all the press, but what about the food at PiDGiN, the new restaurant located right near the Downtown Eastside’s Pioneer Place, the gathering spot better known as Pigeon Park?
Take one step into the Cannibal Café on Commercial Drive, and it’s obvious that owner Matt Thompson is a fan not only of the Vancouver-via-Edmonton hardcore legends, but of everything fast, loud, and local.