Restaurant Reviews

If you go expecting its former grandeur, you’ll be disappointed. However, executive chef Cameron Ballendine's food more than makes up for that.
Sharing is encouraged at chef and co-owner J.C. Poirier's new Italian restaurant in Railtown.
Robert Clark is back and he’s cooking up a storm at his new shop on Main Street, which specializes in sustainable seafood.
If French restaurants still get a bad rap for perceived snootiness, Bistro Wagon Rouge is anything but.
In August, Faux Bo welcomed a new Mexican sibling a few doors down: Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina.
A visit to the Emerald is a great way to get a sense of what things were like right before the hippies ruined everything.
You know you’re in Lotusland when a highly anticipated new restaurant offers a daily kombucha on its menu.
At the new Homer St. Cafe and Bar, executive chef Marc-André Choquette cooks an ultra-juicy, ultra-flavourful rotisserie chicken.
If you’re a hard-core carnivore, the Black Lodge will require a quick rethinking of your dietary habits.
The draw was the food—modern dim sum served tapas-style for dinner—but Bambudda had us at the first sip.