Restaurant Reviews

Under the direction of chef Alejandro Cruz, a native of Guadalajara, and consulting chef Tina Fineza, the food here is authentic and, in a word, excelente.
The fare at Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods is perfect for a scorching summer afternoon or eve: light, flavourful, and, as the name makes clear, good for you.
The protesters have been getting all the press, but what about the food at PiDGiN, the new restaurant located right near the Downtown Eastside’s Pioneer Place, the gathering spot better known as Pigeon Park?
Take one step into the Cannibal Café on Commercial Drive, and it’s obvious that owner Matt Thompson is a fan not only of the Vancouver-via-Edmonton hardcore legends, but of everything fast, loud, and local.
Dark Table isn’t just about eating; it’s about being thrown out of your element. It’s definitely an experience worth having.
At this cozy Kitsilano eatery, you can taste practically everything on the menu in one sitting by ordering the high tea.
Madras Dosa House offers a remarkable sanctuary on the northeast corner.
With menu items like smoked lamb heart and pig snout, Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q will appeal to adventurous, carnivorous foodies everywhere—except, maybe, those who happen to be hungover.
It’s immediately obvious that Tera V Burger isn’t like other fast-food joints.
Local chef Trevor Bird may have lost the most recent edition of Top Chef Canada, but he’s clearly a winner in the eyes of Vancouver diners.