Restaurant Reviews

If French restaurants still get a bad rap for perceived snootiness, Bistro Wagon Rouge is anything but.
In August, Faux Bo welcomed a new Mexican sibling a few doors down: Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina.
A visit to the Emerald is a great way to get a sense of what things were like right before the hippies ruined everything.
You know you’re in Lotusland when a highly anticipated new restaurant offers a daily kombucha on its menu.
At the new Homer St. Cafe and Bar, executive chef Marc-André Choquette cooks an ultra-juicy, ultra-flavourful rotisserie chicken.
If you’re a hard-core carnivore, the Black Lodge will require a quick rethinking of your dietary habits.
The draw was the food—modern dim sum served tapas-style for dinner—but Bambudda had us at the first sip.
It’s difficult to really understand what Peruvian cuisine is all about without tasting it for yourself. A visit to Chicha is a good way to find out.
Under the direction of chef Alejandro Cruz, a native of Guadalajara, and consulting chef Tina Fineza, the food here is authentic and, in a word, excelente.
The fare at Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods is perfect for a scorching summer afternoon or eve: light, flavourful, and, as the name makes clear, good for you.