I used to made videos of myself masturbating and ejaculating and post them on a site where people posted nude photos and vids of themselves.
Here are a bunch of questions that were submitted anonymously at a live taping of Savage Lovecast.

I Never Really Saw you.

We are secret pen pals. writing each other from morning to night. I've never met you But I feel like I know you. I think if I knew where you lived I'd throw pebbles at your window or ride my non- existent bike around your block. I sometimes day dream of kissing your beautiful smile. I'm glad your younger then me. And that you can grow a rad beard. And that you have 3 or more nice tattoos. One day we will meet. Until then I will wait. I will wait for you.
2012-12-10 00:00:00
Everywhere but here.
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This isnt an I Saw You - this is a confession. Quit wasting the space here just to read your own thoughts. Write a novel or something.
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Beware the endless email/MSN and never meeting. Been there, done that and it was painful. At the end of the day, he had every excuse to never meet but conned me into 'waiting' for him, which I did willingly. I felt very foolish later - turns out he was doing this all over the place, and meeting other women while keeping me on the hook.
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