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E.g., Apr 23 2017

Amanda on your way to John Mayer

Hi Amanda...couldn't think another way to reach you other than here or Craigslist. Super hot I know lol. I would love to buy you another candy from Starbucks at International Village and see you again. -A

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: International Village Starbucks

Drive-by smile and wave

Last week I drove past you in my white van and smiled, you smiled back and we waved. I wish I'd stopped! Seemed mutual? You're blonde, I think you had a red toque on. Corner of Victoria and Kingsway... I think. Something like that. The day is fuzzy, but your smile is not.

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Kingsway and victoria dr

Mystery Bike Man all around Vancouver

You: tall, dark hair, handsome, outgoing, Adam driver doppelgänger. Me: significantly but not quite as tall as you, half Asian, light brown hair. I've seen you all around the classic vancouver spots: Yyoga (possibly), whole foods on Cambie and most recently the sea wall near science world. Last I saw you, you were on your bike with female company. I recognized you and I think you did too so you said hi. I got too nervous to respond. Who are you mystery bike man?!

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Everywhere downtown vancouver

Mixed with dreads on Hastings at Woodwards

Saw you walking in Hastings between Cambie and Abbott this afternoon on my way home from working out. We made eye contact briefly and you had this vibe..When I looked back you had turned around and were walking behind me but must have ducked in somewhere cause you were gone when I looked again. If you recall and are down, tell me what I was wearing? I'd love to grab a coffee and hear all about you.

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: East Hastings

Beautiful lady on flight from Montreal to Vancouver

We were sitting on the same row but on opposite sides of the aisle. You were watching Big Bang Theory episodes during the flight. We glanced and smiled at each other several times. You had long, red hair, blue jeans, and a small bag. I let you pass in front of me as we were disembarking and it appeared you had a connecting flight to catch. Maybe sometime you'll be in Vancouver and free for a coffee or drink?

When: Tuesday, April, 18 2017

Where: AC195 flight from Montreal to Vancouver

130 bus heading to Metrotown

You; Filipino sitting at the back talking on the phone in a red sweater. Me black jaket, several smiles exchanged and would like to see that smile again :)

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Willingdon and Hastings

We work together

You blonde middle aged and smoking hot. Hard worker with a smile that never quits.. I get butterflies every time you walk into my stage or by my bench. I'm a little younger but believe me I'm not inexperienced. A series of ...... Say hi sometime let's go for drinks

When: Monday, April, 03 2017

Where: Studio marine

Karaoke Dream Man

I didn't sing and neither did you before I left. You were wearing plaid and had a delicious ginger composition. I like your beard. We made eye contact once or twice. I would like to again!

When: Thursday, April, 13 2017

Where: British Ex-Servicemens Club

The Damned

The woman at The Damned. Jean jacket? Super cool scolding finger? We were dancing beside eachother. Please accept my sincere apology. I misread. Very embarrassing for me, I assure you. I hope it doesn't sour your memories of an excellent show

When: Saturday, April, 15 2017

Where: The Commodore

Voluptuous exotic shortie

I saw you sitting at the bar with some guy, didn't pay attention, but I sure noticed you. And your assets that stood out from across the room. I was waiting for him to leave so I could sit across from you and make you mine, but instead you finished your dessert, paid the bill and left.. but man did I even enjoy watching you leave! You were wearing a sexy skirt, a low cut top and 'hooker' boots, and it was hot as hell. I saw you looking at me too, let's make this happen!

When: Friday, March, 31 2017

Where: terminal pub

At costco buying Cliff Bars

We met in long lineup for membership then later buying cliff bars then later in check out line up and later in garage! So that's crazy! Ur tall and dark haired and gorgeous! Dinner?

When: Saturday, April, 15 2017

Where: COSTCO Vancouver

1st Avenue Liquor Store

Dear attractive woman: We got into some small talk about banking fees and beer - I wanted to talk to more but got scared... Hope to see you again.

When: Saturday, April, 15 2017

Where: 1st Avenue Liquor Store

Edgewater Casino

Hey, we met at Edgewater Casino Friday, April 7th. We were sitting a couple of seats away from each other at the slot machines. You had a boyish grin; a sense of humor ; and a beer in hand. You had light brownish hair I think- lighting terrible there; late 40's, early 50's? You said to me 'If you win $20,000 you buy me a beer'. I said sure. I went off in another direction where you later found me. I wish I had given you my number. Do you remember what you last said? I would like to have a coffee with you sometime. :) Our interaction was short, but like I said I wish I had given you my number.

When: Friday, April, 07 2017

Where: Edgewayer Casino


I was sat on my own and you came and sat on the aisle seat. That horrible smell? It wasn't me! I wanted to say something after we got off but you were with your mum? and it didn't seem appropriate. Can I buy you a drink sometime?

When: Wednesday, April, 12 2017

Where: Flight from London to YVR

Green Goddess

You are a newish budtender at my dispensary and the last couple of weeks you handled my purchase. Both times I found myself captivated by your amazing blue eyes. And with hair to match, i think you're sexy AF!

When: Monday, April, 10 2017

Where: dispensary on boundary

Hi Frotter!

Us: in Squamish Deja Vu Comment allez-vous? Like to see you again....perhaps chat at dinner with a glass of wine? You could consider since being so close....I may turn around!

When: Wednesday, April, 05 2017

Where: Standing behind me in Starbucks

Samantha doing graduate Criminology German/Persian

It's Ali I was going to message you today as well but I saw your profile was deleted. Sorry I didn't message you earlier in the day my phone was screwy. Hope you didn't think I was ignoring you :*(

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: Meetme

Alibi Room

When you were leaving the Alibi Room with your friends, we made eye contact. I was with my friend at a table near the window. I glanced outside and you were on the sidewalk watching me. I was a bit shy, but I kept glancing over my shoulder at you guys. When my friend left the table, next thing I knew you came back inside and sat down at my table with me. You shook my hand and asked if you knew me from somewhere. You looked familiar as well to me. I made a terrible joke that perhaps we had met in clown school. You were blonde, attractive, your name was Jordan. We chatted for a few minutes until my friend came back. You asked for my number, and when you left you said you were going somewhere secret. But you never contacted me? Did I give you the wrong number?

When: Saturday, April, 01 2017

Where: Alibi Room

Sunday night Sketchers

You were waiting for the number 99 B-line at Commercial, I was behind you eating pizza. You were wearing beat up Sketchers, a black leather jacket and had a tan/sand coloured bag with a little rip on the outside. I was unshaved and wearing glasses, black tshirt and jacket, jeans with the knees ripped out and beat up Vans. We should hang out.

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: Commercial #99 bus stop

Game of Thrones, drunken idiot and fun bus conversations...

Ok, this is less of a "missed connection" and more of a "I bloody well wish we had more time to interact" kind of post. You're an actress who was reading Game of Thrones and sat down beside me coming from East Van toward Burnaby... you got on the bus at the same stop as a belligerent, drunk and obnoxious fat dude who kept yelling on the back of the bus "...who wants to party?? You?? YOU???" lol. I had to ask you about GoT, as I'm a huge fan (I'm sure that was obvious). I would love to share minds more about that... and whatever our curious minds might point us toward. As you left the bus, you mentioned actress and I told you musician, then you introduced yourself and I responded in kind. Your name start with T and mine with D.... If you see this, I hope you reply. You're fucking awesome.

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: 95 bus

Polite Lass after the Bus

You were running to catch the #50. By all appearances, it looked like you were heading from or to yoga. I was standing in front of the bus shelter, waiting for the #84, and stepped aside so that you could zip past. As you passed by, you delighted me with a courteous “Thank you” – that makes you someone I’d like to know better. Well, I’m glad you made it, and I hope you had a good time! You: Tall, curly-haired, brunette with a yoga mat and distinct I ♥ Dublin cloth bag. Me: Black hair, glasses, and windbreaker. If you see this, please reach out. I would enjoy seeking the craic with you sometime!

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: W 4th Ave. & Fir St.

Photographer @ the Vancouver Art Gallery

You were taking photos and stopped to take pictures of my dog on the steps at Robson square. You are tall, cute, and I'm kicking myself for not striking up a conversation. Really hope you see this and reach out.

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: Robson Square, in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Cutest laugh

I was sitting near you at quiz show last night and found your laugh to be so intoxicating. I've never thought that hearing someone laugh so wholeheartedly would leave me so smittened. When I looked over to see you I could hardly believe it - you're the same girl I see on the #3 bus occasionally. Always dressed impressively you were wearing a shirt with little cats all over it. I would love to get to know you better if you ever want to grab a coffee.

When: Saturday, April, 08 2017

Where: The fox in Mount Pleasant

Smiling skytrain Italian

We got on the expo line at Main and Science World. I was carrying a very heavy box and you graciously let me sit down. You then sat down opposite me, next to an elderly Albanian gentlemen, who shared some of his life with you. All the way through you laughed, asking polite questions. You mentioned that you are of Italian background, but were born in Canada. He left, and then you rode the train all the way to Surrey. You would not stop smiling, even with the rain and the delays. It was as if you had discovered a hidden secret. I dearly wanted to ask you what had made you so happy - I had never seen someone look so lively on public transit. Towards the end, you pulled a dog-eared copy of Spinoza's Ethics out of your beautiful old leather satchel, and I was head over heels. I desperately tried to think of something to say, but was too shy. We smiled at each other as I left the train. If you weren't smiling about a partner, perhaps you could tell me what you were smiling about some time?

When: Saturday, April, 08 2017

Where: Main Street-Science World Skytrain station


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