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E.g., Oct 13 2015

Taxi on Alberni St. in the rain on Sep. 20th

You helped us get our bags into a cab with your umbrella, as it was pouring. That was so sweet! You were so cute and had a great smile, and I felt a mutual attraction. You were wearing a U. of Manitoba jacket, and even waved at our taxi on Georgia St later on. I hope you live here, rather than visiting. If so, I would really love to meet you, so if you read this, drop me a note. Thanks!

When: Sunday, September, 20 2015

Where: Alberni St. at Denman

Condo Shopping on W12th

You were a tall, very attractive brunette wearing jeans and grey boots leaving an open house viewing on W12th near Arbutus. Me, tall, dark and in the company of my female realtor. You told us not to bother going in to see the unit because it was small. I'm quite sure our eyes locked for an extended moment. I haven't stopped thinking about you since. I would love to take you out for a drink.

When: Monday, October, 12 2015

Where: W12th

Deck sunning on the ferry

I kept running into you on the Saturday ferry over to Victoria. We both seemed to be seeking patches of sun. You had a cool haircut, maroon pants, tan boots, and black earbuds. I had red hair and a redder rain jacket. I wanted to say hi but I was slightly hungover and feeling sheepish. Hope to buy you a coffee.

When: Saturday, October, 10 2015

Where: Ferry to Victoria

Handsome Shaggy Hair Male Who got off at King Ed Station

Coming back from Richmond. I was in a leather jacket and jeans, you had a hat, shaggy hair and I think white headphones. I'm still learning how to be an adult so I couldn't say hi. Instead I giggled loudly when you stood up to get off at King Ed, because the lady sitting in front of you watched me check you out from head to toe! You turned around because I giggled so loud. Coffee??

When: Saturday, October, 10 2015

Where: Canada Line Skytrain

Hershe Babe

You: cute Australian with a dodgeball injury. Me: blonde in the dress who knits. Loved chatting with you. Hope you had fun at the Odyssey. Would have loved to have gone with you, but had to escort my ladies home. Beer sometime?

When: Sunday, October, 11 2015

Where: Hershe at Red Room

From Bridgeport to Tsawwassen on Friday on the 620

You: handsome vegan student, me: colourful haired baconarian. I enjoyed our conversation. A lot. If you did too, and would maybe like to go for a bike ride to a place that serves vegan bacon, drop me a line :) S.

When: Friday, October, 09 2015

Where: Bridgeport Station and on the 620 to Tsawwassen


We worked together for a brief moment in time. I saw you lately on Granville Street. You whistled to yourself with confidence. I wanted to say hi but fear slapped me in the face.

When: Sunday, October, 11 2015

Where: Granville Street

IGA Robson street

October 10th around 7pm, we were both grocery shopping at the IGA on Robson. I'm brunette and was wearing a grey sweater and black jeans and you were wearing a blue jacket I think. Great style. I smiled at you while we both were considering which hummus to get. I hope you see this.

When: Saturday, October, 10 2015

Where: IGA robson street

Where courage falls short.

It was shortly before 1pm as I approached the platform. you were standing listening to your music. I approached and you looked me in then eyes then looked down in a coy manner. I sat across you on the train reading a little before getting off, all the while subtly exchanging glances before I got off at Joyce. You; dark brown curly hair(maybe with highlights) wearing black tights and a black jacket. Me; dark hair, beard, wearing a blue jacket with a red pin and a blue bag. I was in shorts and sandals in the rain(which might seem bizarre). I am kicking myself for not saying hi. I got nervous to be honest and didn't work up the courage to tell you I think you're stunningly beautiful. I hope to see you again.

When: Saturday, October, 10 2015

Where: Commercial/Broadway Skytrain Platform Eastbound

Baby goats and "dad" jokes

At a pub Wednesday night all I wanted was some comfort food and a beer after a long day. And we ended up talking for 3 or 4 hours. We laughed a lot, which is huge. You seemed kind and normal opposed to the majority of people out there. I felt like we hit it off, but I am not sure and I regret not saying anything. I figured you had to have a girlfriend... if you do, then I'm glad you've found your someone... if you don't, then at the risk of being lame I'd like to have coffee :) we joked about people finding each other online, but I read some of these other ones in contemplation for doing this, and realized how sad it is that we miss these connections in life. So I thought I'd take a crazy chance. -Dana

When: Wednesday, October, 07 2015

Where: surrey? langley? haha

Reagle Beagle

You: Obviously work there, I've seen you many times I've been in when on different dates. I think you're nice looking but also have a nice overall energy to your personality.

When: Saturday, October, 10 2015


Waiting in line to vote

You: wearing shorts and a t-shirt, some salt in your dark brown hair. Me: black dress, jean jacket, curly light brown hair, holding an iPhone. You were a few people ahead of me waiting in the epic line to vote at the 604 poll Friday at noon. I wish that we had been next to each other so we could have chatted more. Thanks for the pat on the shoulder on your way out. Care to grab a drink and talk politics? ... Unless you voted Conservative, then the deal is off.

When: Friday, October, 09 2015

Where: Ash and 16, Ukrainian Hall

In the advance voting line up

We exchanged a look as I approached the line to ask someone how long they were waiting. I couldn't do the hour long wait, so left but regretted not hanging around until you voted! You: grey hair, black glasses, me: glasses, dark hair, black rain jacket

When: Friday, October, 09 2015

Where: west end

You let me on first

You were wearing all tan colours and a black hat. You were really cute. I was wearing a plaid shirt, burgundy pants and brown boots. You smiled at me. When the bus came up, you let me on first. You had a really nice voice, I couldn't stop smiling at you. I got off a few stops later among a sea of NDP campaigners. Next time you can get on first?

When: Friday, October, 09 2015

Where: Hastings and Madison Bus stop headed west bound.

Starbucks Chat / Marine Way

Hi, we had a brief chat, sharing a bench-seat at Starbucks on Marine way, Thursday Oct 8th. You were studying and I was working on a laptop. Be great to see you again & continue where we left off!

When: Friday, October, 09 2015

Where: Starbucks, Marine Way, Burnaby BC

Carrie at the Railway Club - Sat Oct 2

You walked by and made a sassy little (unheard) comment after I joked to myself about making my own way.. you could have said nothing.. my eyes still would have been fixed entirely on you... ; ) later you made a bullshit excuse to talk and cheekily accosted me in line.. I couldn't stop smiling. You were blunt bold gut-bustingly hilarious and I was simply in awe. Did I mention how dreamy you were? Ill probably never see you again but you made my night : ) Ill be kicking myself forever for being buzzed and not getting the number of your freighter.

When: Friday, October, 02 2015


met at Hastings Steam

I saw you at the Hastings Spa, we met and more. You have a beard, thick build, a couple of tattoos. I'm blond with a beard, stocky and have a tattoo (left arm). Would like to meet u again sometime

When: Monday, October, 05 2015

Where: Hastins Spa

Dark hair, brown eyes, in Whole Foods

I saw you in Whole Foods today. You were all in black. You have dark brown hair tied in semi-bun. I was at the salad bar and you walked past a couple times. We locked eyes once or twice. I was in a blazer and a gray hat and heels. You bought your dinner and you were eating it by the window when I was checking out. I literally walked towards you, and then walked away and then turned back. I had no idea what to say, I wanted to talk to you, but didn't know what to say. I was so attracted to your energy in the very small interactions we had. I went to my car and hummed and hawed but at that point I was late for a rehearsal and left. But I am kicking myself. Seriously. If you remember who I am and would like to get to know me, let me know :)

When: Wednesday, October, 07 2015

Where: Whole Foods, Cambie and Broadway

Unforgettable walk on the beach

You, green eyed, brown haired guy at the burrard @ west Georgia bus stop. Me: dark haired blue eyed. We were waiting for the same bus. You asked me if you knew me. We chatted for a bit while on the bus where you told me you were going to travel to Japan and then you invited me for a walk along the sea wall. We shared an amazing kiss and you held my hand as you walked me home. There are a number of reasons why I'm kicking myself about this encounter, but the biggest reason was not asking you for your number.

When: Saturday, October, 03 2015

Where: Burrard bus station, bus 250

The winker

I was shopping at Pacific centre a few weeks ago and you were working in one of the stores I walked into. I walked in and you greeted me, I could almost feel your eyes following me around the store, when I turned around you looked like you were going to say something to me, and you kept winking at me, don't know if you were flirting with me or not. You: shoulder length blonde hair, 5'10 - 5'11, medium build. Me: asian, short black hair, 5'5. If you remember me, get in touch.

When: Wednesday, October, 07 2015

Where: Pacific centre

Hastings Donald's Cereal Aisle July 2012

Your name is Missy and you worked at Red Wagon. I gave you my number so nervous in the cereal aisle at Donald's. You wrote back: you were in a relationship but I had made your day. I moved to the desert and thought about you more than now and again. If you are still in that relationship, I wish you nothing but the best. If not, can we grab that coffee three years later?

When: Thursday, July, 05 2012

Where: Donald's July 2012

Bearded Brown Haired Band Boy At The Biltmore

You were in a red and black flannel with a beard and your hair pulled back standing in the corner and loading gear out of the Biltmore Saturday night. I was a brown long haired girl dressed in black dancing with some friends on the outskirts of the crowd. Our eyes meet a few times and I smiled but I got shy then you were gone. Wish you would have come and said hi. Want another chance?

When: Saturday, October, 03 2015

Where: The Biltmore

Cute Kiss radio street team member

You are a street team member for a radio station. Brown hair, energetic, often wearing a hat. You've caught my eye in the past and then imagine my surprise when I find out you're actually a friends brother. I've been unbelievably shy and have refrained from really talking to you even though I want to. You have a really infectious energy and smile, and you seem very kind. (You're cute too). So at least know you make a super positive impression, even if I'm way too shy to strike up the first conversation.

When: Saturday, October, 03 2015

Where: PNE, Around Vancouver

Sabali film

You were selling a ticket outside the film, we chatted briefly. Saw you after, wanted to ask if you were able to sell your ticket, and if you would like to get a coffee?

When: Sunday, October, 04 2015

Where: Cinemateque

Asian Girl on Seawall near Science World on Sunday

Hi as I was biking by we exchanged smiles - you were wearing grey yoga pants and sunglasses... tall slender asian girl. Me, tall, wearing hat and also sunglasses... nice smile. Near Science World.

When: Sunday, October, 04 2015

Where: Science World Seawall - English bay


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