I have a lot of friends that come into my home with their shoes on.
I’m having trouble coming to terms with what seems to be a really warped, messed-up fetish.


To all the guys out there, its cute to know you're shy or scared to talk to a pretty girl, but please..next time you actually should. Girls wanna be swept off their feet, they wanna feel pretty,and how will they ever know they are until someone tells them? And whats the worst that could happen? She turns into an alien? she might be a sexy alien... ok Guys, now get out there and start saying "Hey, my name is..."
2013-01-23 00:00:00
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I tried...
... but so many girls just look at me as if there is some crap under their nose. No one deserves to be treated like that.
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You are AWESOME O.P.
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go to the library tonite..wear red
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Every time I leave the lower mainland I pretty much have at least one guy talk to me. It's not always a guy trying to pick me up, but I get some sort of attention from them. As soon as I return it's over. I don't get why guys don't talk to girls here.
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how about...
how about the single girls/ladies start smiling a bit more?? give some kind of hint that you are a wee bit friendly and say a hello/how you doing?/a compliment....something to break the ice.It's a very difficult city to just make friends here, to even keep friends here long term. More of a stare at the sidewalk and don't you dare make eye contact kinda place.
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To everyone who responded..

thanks :)

..and if a girl gives u a bad look or "like there's crap under their nose"..all this means is girls are insecure...we ALL are insecure bitches...so dont take it so personally, just keep smiling :) at least you're smiling and I think thats great..

..you're welcome?

...sorry I didn't go to the library, but I'm wearing pink?

...we all try and stay in our own little worlds and stick to our own friends, its hard to open up.. so you be the first one to start a convo..topic ideas..talk about the weather? too boring? talk about pickles? or ask someone what their secret talent is? I dont know..we all just gotta connect... we can do it!

..once again, girls are insecure bitches..people are dumb, but if you start talking, people will be hesitant, but they will talk..eventually..

as you can see we are all walking around thinking EVERYONE ELSE is not friendly or looks at the ground or doesn't want to talk..but seriously we're all human, and what we want the MOST in life is to feel loved and happy, and connected... so lets do this people.and I know I am sure awkward, but next time, awkward as f**k..say hey, talk about Pokemon, give a compliment..we all love them there compliments..

u with me?
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are you, 5 years old. Update your views on women.
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i hate the world.
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Many of my friends have told me that my neutral face (AKA my normal, not thinking about anything in particular face) looks like an angry bitch face. But if someone started talking to me I would start smiling :)

Also, when a cute guy smiles at me, sometimes I frown and look behind me because I think he's smiling at someone else, so yeah we're all insecure bitches. Doesn't mean we won't be receptive to conversation though :)

Just my 2 cents.
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eh, sì...i nostri ragazzi sono pieni di passione...
Maybe guys are a little bit shy, here...in my homecountry, otherwise, they're often braggart. I don't know if you would like this attitute, maybe it would be perceived as too aggressive...anyway, it's very good for a girl's self-esteem, sometimes!;)
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