I confess the invasion and occupation of Oppenheimer Park drives me nuts. How do these people have the right to just squat there?
A straight male friend practises sounding and has for years, and I'm pretty sure he does other things that he isn’t telling anyone about.

I see you everywhere, dolce amore

You are everywhere, especially in my dreams. You mostly look like the beautiful gelato server in Dolce Amore on the Drive. Sometimes,however, you are blond, red..or mixed. Race, hard to tell. Age, same. I dream of you nightly, think about you constantly, and wonder where you are. Will you come to me in this life? If so, I'll show you true love...
2013-01-23 00:00:00
Dolce amore
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l'amore è una cosa meravigliosa...
You are too nice!!! You should make a move in person!
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Im a friend of the beautiful ladies at dolce amore. You should definitely tell the girl in person ;)
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I bet you aren't kidding, either, are you? Why don't you ask her out for coffee?
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