Oak Street Clinic

We met at the Oak Street Blood Donor Clinic on January 19th. We chatted briefly before the screening process, and had another enjoyable chat again over juice and cookies. We chatted about everything from donating blood, chocolate (gotta be dark), and the Canucks among other things. You told me your name was Joyce, and I want to tell you that I have never felt more comfortable and at ease chatting with someone than I had chatting with you on that morning. You asked me if I was going to be back in 8 weeks at the same time to donate again and I said yes. I wanted to ask if you wanted to get together for coffee or something before then but I was too shy to do so. I am hoping to remedy that by inviting you to coffee now, if you are interested. I really hope our paths will cross again.

When: Saturday, January, 19 2013

Where: Oak Street Blood Donor Clinic