Thanks for nothing...

I was on the bus, and I was crying, because I broke my brand new phone on Christmas Eve, knew I couldn't afford a new one, and wouldn't be able to call my family on Christmas Day... I was not making a scene, I wasn't flailing, I was just quietly (but very obviously) crying. This post is for the people who saw me, and not only didn't say anything, but gave me dirty looks and moved away. It would have been nice to have someone say "Hey, what's wrong? Are you ok?" but it seems that was too much for you. I hope you feel alone and sad one day, and that someone takes the time to check in on you, so that you understand that human contact is not a bad thing.

When: Monday, December, 24 2012

Where: Number 4 or 7 bus


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Jan 5, 2013 at 1:46am

I don't take neither of those busses, but i am saddened by this. Sorry that this happened to you :( Sometimes, Vancouver is just rude like that. From "ignoring" the people who are asking for money on the streets to someone like you who was obviously distraught on Christmas Eve. I hope you found a way to get ahold of your family. <3


Jan 5, 2013 at 10:33am

That is sad - my friend had the opposite kind of experience -- he saw someone shivering in a cold car waiting for it to warm up and he kindly offered to scrape her windows for her -- she was aghast and asked if he was trying to pick her up or wanted money. All he wanted to do was be kind. He may never offer to help anyone again - and that is almost as sad as you crying alone and no one checking on you.
Sure does make us think about how we need to be wary of how we react to others.


Jan 6, 2013 at 11:31am

It wasn't right for people to give you dirty looks or move away from you. That's awful, but nobody owes you a "hey what's wrong" because you broke your phone. Everybody's going through their own shit and it's not their responsibility to make you feel better about your situation. Grow up. Be strong. There are worse things in life than breaking your phone. I would be choked as well but I wouldn't expect random strangers to be obligated to come comfort me. Everything's going to be alright.


Jan 6, 2013 at 4:22pm

I agree it's really sad that no one asked what was wrong, or that they looked at you in disgust and moved away.. But i agree with the above poster about it being just a broken phone. No one died, you didn't lose your job. You could Skype your family; it's a free video calling service and all you need is internet (which it seems like you have). Everyone has their own darkness and sadness and to expect someone to put down their burden to deal with yours is unreasonable. People aren't obligated to reach out to stranger on public transit; it's just considered a nice gesture that more people should do.


Jan 12, 2013 at 8:56am

It's not our problem. And crying over a phone? Be happy you even had one. You'll get a new one at some point. A used one maybe. It makes people uncomfortable to have someone crying on the bus, sure they could say "Hi, what's wrong?" Then they could find out that your mum just died and then they'll feel like crap, too. Naw, we'd rather not feel like crap, too, for something that has nothing to do with us. And we're certainly not taking the risk of it being really bad. Why do you think other people owe you this? We don't.

Anyway, you're online, and google has free calls in north america to phones from computeres. So does facebook now.

Friends are there to lend a shoulder, not strangers.


Jan 20, 2013 at 1:57pm

All she is trying to get across is that at the very least people should of tried to acknowledge her. When I've cried on the bus, it's because I'm very upset, or else I would have more self control not to cry...I would of asked if I was on that bus.