Had a huge falling out with my sister. She screwed me around AGAIN! And she is the one who cut me out of her life completely which was a shocker.
Acknowledge the discomfort and awkwardness (D & A) that has been created while simultaneously drawing attention to the fact that said D & A are not of your creation.

ANGELIKA from Russia!

I have run into you twice now, one weekend at 1181 on a Saturday the 2nd and the following weekend at Fortune Sound Club. You wear these square glasses that go so well with your long straight black hair. Both times we talked and were split up by friends and I was unable to find you inside again. At Fortune I came up to you outside as you were waiting for your friends to get in through the lineup you introduced me to them; I had to say goodbye to a friend when I came back your friends and you were already in. If you read this I can't stop thinking you and; All The Things You Said ; )
2013-02-10 00:00:00
Fortune Sound Club
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Kruto! Russian girls rule!
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