McHandsome with a side of Cute!

Haha Hey, This was in McDonalds on Granville Street and W Broadway, Sunday night..You:Sitting by the window, I think you had a black jacket on? Young guy. Me: Sitting in a small booth right by the TV. Young Guy, spikey-ish hair and Glasses. Brown hoodie. Anyway I couldn't help but notice how handsome you were and wish I would have stayed there watching the game on the tv when I got done eating, cause I got the feeling that you were also wanting to talk with me as well. We sure had a lot of eye contact from time to time.. I should have at least gave you a smile. I didn't sorry, but I am now!!.. :) Hope to see you around again and if the feeling is right, say Hi or something next time you see me. Have a good week, McHandsome. :)

When: Sunday, February, 3 2013

Where: In McDonalds, Granville & Broadway.