Walking by UBC Pool, Friday May 12

Me in my Orioles baseball cap and “NASA” glasses, walking from the bus loop, when I caught just a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye. I suspect few men appreciate the privilege of contemplating your unique beauty, which explains why it took me several seconds to take in what I had just seen. Shoulder length black hair, a strong, crisp jawline and oh-so-wise, blue-gray eyes. A scatter of freckles over high, broad cheekbones and a nascent smile as you spoke to the female friend you were walking with. What daze-inducing magic it would be to see you laugh. I have no idea what you were wearing, you dazzling woman, because even this barest glimpse of your beautiful, soulful face made everything else fall away. Though the chances of you seeing this are just about nil, I want to thank you for filling my world - however briefly - with your beauty.

When: Friday, May, 12 2017

Where: Outside UBC Pool

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