Nesters Market - Main/28th

Hi! We were both shopping at Nesters Market on Main street around 530/6pm on July 1st. We smiled at each other a couple times, my friend bumped into you (or you bumped into him?), we payed at the same time at neighbouring tills, we left at the same time, we looked back at each other and smiled, then we walked opposite directions. After I got into my car, I wrote my number down and was going to give it to you, but you were long gone. You have straight black hair, tattoos (half sleeve), and were wearing a black skirt and red patterned top. I was wearing shorts and a dark / almost black, short sleeved, button up shirt with small patterns on it. This is my first time doing this... so, fingers crossed you read these. I would love to have tea sometime and chat! My friend was wearing a pretty loud shirt, what colour or pattern was it? D

When: Saturday, July, 1 2017

Where: Nesters Market - Main/28th