Tall, long blonde hair man I'll probably never see again...

So I'm super shy and I can't believe I'm making this post but I saw a unforgettable guy at the Superstore on grandview highway. We both entered the store about the same time and you instantly caught my eye, we made eye contact and I never ever make eye contact with anyone when I'm out shopping but I did and you did and well, we kept running into each other inside the store and every time, our eyes would meet haha Gosh I sound so cheesy but wow, you're freakin beautiful and have a strong resemblance to the actor Alexander Skarsgard. I've had the biggest, dumbest little girl crush on him ever since watching True Blood back in high school. So when I saw you, I so taken aback and so so wanted to say something. But what the hell was I gonna say? Hi? You're hot? You're so hot? lol ME: I had my hair tied in a puffy ponytail, blue hair, buzzed sides and super skinny, wearing a beige striped long sleeve shirt. YOU: Long blonde hair in a pony tail, all dressed in black, blue eyes I think. I don't expect you to ever read this and if you did and wanted to reach out, I'm sure I wouldn't have the guts to actually meet you in person. Regardless, needed to send this out to the internet. Just had to let it out, be told.

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: Real Canadian Superstore on Grandview Highway