I know it's not cool or hip or with-it to state as much, but once in a while--and it's only that seldomly because I don't want to weigh
Acknowledge the discomfort and awkwardness (D & A) that has been created while simultaneously drawing attention to the fact that said D & A are not of your creation.

Kindles and Coffee date

It would have been about 8.30pm and I was at the Kobo e-reader desk at the front of the Chapters Robson St store. You were looking at one of the new tablets and we got into a discussion about them. You were dressed in a grey suit with black gym bag in tow with white adidas (?) symbol. I was wearing all black and had a cute short hairstyle with bangs. You were telling me how you had a Kindle and how you loved its convenience and that you were ADHD in your reading in that you liked to read multiple books at a time. I told you how I also had one which I love. You then showed me yours and I held it in my hands. You touched my arm then asked me if I was around to come join you for a coffee. I wished that I did come and join you but I had to duck off to meet friends. Lets organize another chance for coffee and talking books.
2012-11-12 08:00:00
Chapters Robson St
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