It definitely wasn’t lust. I used to have trust issues, but I never took you for granted.
First off, never use a toy in the butt and then go straight into vaginal play.

Main Street Flyer Girl

Hey girl, you walked into my store on Friday morning dripping wet, wearing a black jacket and white scarf. You were with a friend handing out flyers for a Christmas event called 'Flake Out' by Shop Main. Your friend was wearing her scarf like a ridiculous version of a babushka, but my eyes were only on you. I was lazy and didn't want to read the flyer (no offense) so I asked you for a run-down. I offered you an umbrella that someone left behind, but I really wanted to offer you a date. I have dark hair, and am relatively tall. When it's not raining so hard out, would you like to grab a bite to eat? I know the best place on Main St.
2012-11-30 08:00:00
Main Street
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