I really like being retired. No more annual appraisals from intellectual inferiors telling me my way ain't as good as their way.
If the only thing you like about your current girlfriend is the fact that she’s trans, you’re probably guilty of objectifying her.

Market across from Willowbrook

My 2cnd post....You were coming out of the store, I was going in. When I stopped to hold the door open, you looked at me with what I took to be surprise. You said, thank you, and I just said "you're welcome" - I'm not usually that lame... but I was captivated by your beauty... A women as beautiful as you should have doors held open for her all the time. You were still in your car when I came back out... I'm not used to approaching women cold, but if it happens again, I would have tried to find out what that look was all about. You turned right on 60th, as did I... when my street at 194 came up, I flashed my lights at you ahead of me and waved Goodbye. Hope it's not... email me online here...tell me what you bought that night :-)
2012-11-06 08:00:00
Tiny Market across from Willowbrook Mall
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