Middle Eastern Princess

This is to the Beautiful Middle Eastern Princess who was on the 130 Phibbs bus from Metrotown on Saturday Dec.1 at 6pm. When you got on the bus I said to you "do you know who you remind me off?" You listened intrigued as I was about to tell you, but then I forgot the name of the show!! I was stunned by your pretty smile. As we got off the bus at Phibbs I said " I got it now! You remind me of a lady from the show Storage Wars" You didnt know what it was as you told me you're not from here. I wanted to chat but had to run to work. You said you would watch it and asked me "if she is beautiful" . Again my heart fluttered and I looked you in the eyes and said "Yes....she's BEAUTIFUL!!!" You imediatly broke into such a smile that I can't get out of my mind and you said "thank-you". I then ran of (so sorry) and you stoped me to ask how to get get to Lynn Valley. I pointed you to the 210 stop and like a fool in a rush ( as I was) I ran off. I hope you see this and let me take you out for a coffee and show you around our beuatiful with a beautiful girl. I can't get you out my mind. I'm the tall white guy dressed in dark with the buzz haircut. I so want to see you agian!!!

When: Saturday, December, 1 2012

Where: 130 Bus to Phibbs from Metrotown