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E.g., Apr 23 2015

Pacific Cinematheque

You were the attractive red-head sitting alone in the theatre. I was the gentleman with white beard and glasses sitting by myself in the row ahead of you. We watched the Russian movie Alexander Nevsky. During intermission, we chatted briefly as I was looking for something on the floor. During the 2nd feature, The Elephant Man, I sat elsewhere with some friends, but afterwards you and I crossed paths at a Translink bus stop and I waved (and you waved back) after you took a seat on your bus. How about coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Pacific Cinematheque Theatre, Howe Street, Vancouver

On a Night Train

Your name is Julie, and we sat next to each other on the Amtrak Cascades night train from Seattle to Vancouver on Sunday. I was touched that you shared your organic cheesies with me, and enjoyed our many rounds of travel-sized Connect 4. You were swallowed by the customs line before I could ask for your number, but you seem like the type that might read these. Get in touch, and let's play Risk together sometime!

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Amtrak Cascades train

Book Reading on Victoria ferry crossing

Hey! Thanks for the recommendation on reading Ayaan Ali's books. I bought her other two books. I was debating on getting your R. Dawkins book, but I'll have to get your "read" on it.

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: BC Ferry Crossing Vancouver to Victoria

Mr. Red Truck leaving work

This was a while ago but I can't seem to get it off my mind which is why I decided to post this comment. It was one moment that I will never forget or always regret because I did not make eye contact with you. You were driving behind me (blue/green Toyota), eventually side to side as I noticed you looking my way for quite some time as though you were trying to figure something out. I was distracted talking to my daughter in the car. By the time I found the courage to look at you, the light turned green and I had to make my left turn. Even if I never meet you, I want to thank you for your smile and attention - it was a turning point in my life... that I still smile about. You are truly an 'un-sung hero'.

When: Wednesday, October, 08 2014

Where: Albert and Willingdon

Waves coffee

You were sitting with your Asian friend. You were wearing a shirt from a kick boxing match. I came in to meet my friend for coffee with a bird scarf on.

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Waves at Carleton and Hastings

New West Boat Cruise - Saturday Night

You had long brown wavy hair and the most stunning brown eyes I've ever seen. Black leather jacket. You were with two girls and a guy, who I'm pretty sure wasn't your BF. You take tequila shots like a champ and I'd marry you just to hear that amazingly real laugh every day. I was with a boring group in the corner, short brown hair, face fur, white/blue dress shirt. Damn woman, you were so sexy sitting there slurping up your Tequila Sunrises...

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: Paddlewheeler Boat Cruise

Cute Home Depot Employee

Me - pink jacket, short, long brown hair. You showed me where the shelf brackets were and told me where to find the decorative brackets. I thought you were cute but was too shy to say me put up the shelves?

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Cambie Home Depot

Mosquito Attack in Eastvan

You and I smiled at each other on the 20 bus on Sunday evening. As we got off we had to make our way through a bunch of Mosquitos. Coffee? I was the guy wearing a cariboo black hoodie. You in jeans with curly hair

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: 20 Victoria Bus

lovely server at portland craft

You were our lovely server, you said you are new to the place, and I had you bring me a beer based on your suggestion. I am a guy with a beard (not unusual in this city) I surely felt attracted to you and perhaps you felt the same. You said drinking budweiser was more your style. I get the sense that servers get hit on by drunk patrons a fair bit and based on this was a little hesitant to engage in conversation, you are busy working. If you are into getting a low brow beer at a low key place, message me, I would be pleased.

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: portland craft

Beard and a Banjo

You: The bearded dude in a newsboy cap playing a stripped-down version of "Thunderstruck" on the banjo outside Continental Coffee. Me: The short-haired, petite girl reading Camus on the other side of the glass. Your rendition was so good that it made me question my personal moratorium on AC/DC songs (too many loud late-night suburban Camaro rides in my youth). Would love to sip some tea together and listen to the rest of your repertoire!

When: Saturday, April, 18 2015

Where: Continental Coffee on the Drive

The cambie dancer

Fat chance you will see this but here goes..... all I have to say is..... WOW! (: I cannot dance for the life of me so there was no dancing on my end tonight. I did enjoy watching you. I apologize if it sounds creepy. Your moves were hot. Your body amazing! I liked it and my buddies and I were guessing you're a part of a dance program because of your figure. I just want to tell you that you made my night. I'm still smiling even though we only talked over the loud music for 5 min? Studying the body? You're a tall female with long brown/blond hair. I hope the guy you came with isn't your bf and hope to see you there again soon. Maybe chat for real next time?

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: Gastown

Hegemonic Actor

You: VFS 51 grad with the hard nipples (probably because it was cold) wearing a hat. Bummed a cigarette off of my Ukrainian friend. Me: I taught you about hegemony.

When: Friday, April, 24 2015

Where: In front of Chill Winston

Miles Teller lookalike at Yyoga Kits

We were both in the noon Power class at Yyoga, both near the back wall on either end of the room. You made eyes at me the entire class. You are at least 6' tall, brown hair, ultra-white teeth and sort of stocky - total Miles Teller (from Whiplash) lookalike. Under 30? I'm a very petite and bendy brunette with long wavy hair and green eyes. Wish you had chatted me up after but I was talking to too many friends after the class and I didn't see you leave the building. Too bad. Love to yoga with you again sometime ;)

When: Thursday, April, 23 2015

Where: Yyoga Kitsilano

I'll Have Another Guinness

I've seen you read these, so I hope you see this. I see you every week. Sometimes we chat, but I can't tell if you're interested or just being friendly. I'd like to see how we'd get along outside of the pub!

When: Thursday, April, 23 2015

Where: Johnnie Fox's

lonsdale leather lady

You kinda caught me off guard with your beauty when I was randomly staring off into space, we exchanged smiles and quick conversation. Reply with what you said I was looking at so I know its you, sorry I didn't get your name...

When: Thursday, April, 23 2015

Where: Lonsdale leathwr

Danny from cactus club.

This is long overdue considering its been a little while BUT our brief encounter at the restaurant is still on my mind! I'm kicking myself for not getting your number when i had the chance. Would love to get together some time for a drink possibly?

When: Wednesday, April, 22 2015

Where: Cactus club cafe

Cute Long Hazel Haired Asian Girl In a Blue Flowered Dress

I saw you on the bus across Lions Gate Into the city. There was a black man standing next to you so I had no chance to make a move then when he sat down I stood next to you, but then I didn't say anything. It was raining and you were wearing this pretty blue flowered dress and beige sweater and you were playing with your hair, I definitely should have said something! You were beautiful with your long hazel hair, and I was just standing there 6'4"with my black hoodie with the hood up looking your general direction. I would love to get to know you, I hope you get this, or I see you on the bus again as it the route I take to get to downtown.

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: Bus across Lions Gate. (I forget the number)

surrey central bus loop

We been taking the bus together for two years. Your very attractive and I'd really like to get to know you, but quite frankly, I'm a little intimidated by you. You: tall, Asian, shoulder length black hair, you curled it back in February and it looked really nice. Me: about your height, caucasian, sometimes a beard. Usually wearing a hat, and reading or listening to music. I used to smoke. I've seen you read the straight, so hopefully you'll see this. If you do, and are a little interested, come say hi, I'm not so shy if a girl breaks the ice first.

When: Wednesday, April, 01 2015

Where: sry ctrl bus loop/bus to newton exchange

buy-low foods

You're impossibly tall and good-looking. We made eye contact but I am somewhat incapable of going from resting bitch face to a smile fast enough. You had a helmet with you, and I saw you a few minutes later waiting by the flower shop. Coffee? Marriage?

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: buy-low foods at Kingsgate

Stalker Postman

I was helping a friend who lives up the block move some stuff, but I wondered maybe if I SHOULD have been stalking you, hence the "maybe" when you asked. You were driving the mail truck and I was looking sort of slobby with my hair tied back in a black oversized hoodie. Pretty sure you said something to me a few years ago while walking down the drive too. Been wondering when I might run into you again. Preferably after work.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: Victoria & 1st Avenue

Just shy (of thankful that somebody t-boned my car)

I entered the waiting room to tackle the painful chore of a total value assessment on my vehicle. But the prospect of a conversation with a very pretty blonde wearing a very cool hat, and free coffee, immediately turned my frown upside down. The coffee kind of sucked, but you were a gem. Though my car was declared a writeoff, my real dissapointment was with how efficiently ICBC dealt with your hit-and-run damage and sent you on your way. Maybe you scurried out of there intentionally, but if you also enjoyed the chin-waggle and would like to get together I would be forever in debt of the young lady who t-boned my car en route to Tofino.

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: ICBC Claim Center

Granville girl featured in a rap song.

The blue and white horizontal stripes flowed right-off your dress and right into a rap song; We both shared a laugh about this, then you crossed the street, continuing south on Granville. The situation was prime comedy, but in all seriousness - I noticed you first, and I was just wondering if I could maybe see you again? You are, without a doubt, the hottest lady that I've ever witnessed in Vancouver Town.

When: Monday, April, 20 2015

Where: SE corner of Robson and Granville

Trying to put up an article about Bill C51 Marches

Hi, I noticed you first by your awesomee wool coat, then I saw you trying to put up an article about the marches against the so-called "anti-terror" legislation. I was a damn fool and didn't ask your name. You had white headphones as well. I'm pretty sure you're a super person...We should go for coffee or some such!

When: Saturday, April, 18 2015

Where: 135 towards SFU


You looked after my dad at the Vancouver General ER. Since it's probably unethical to dig up my dad's chart for my number, I'll have to get hit by a car to land myself in the ER to see you. Dad's better and thank you for being polite, intelligent and beautiful.

When: Saturday, April, 18 2015

Where: Vancouver General ER


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