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E.g., Mar 30 2015

Dancing in yoga class

I was having a bad day and struggling to make it through the 7pm Power class at YYoga today. Then I saw you across the room dancing as we were reaching up to the sky. Your hands were moving, intertwined. Your head was nodding, your hips swaying, you looked so happy it totally made my night and I was smiling for the rest of class. I was across from you, right behind the teacher in a blue tank top. Hope to see you dancing in class again soon. Maybe a dance after class?

When: Wednesday, April, 01 2015

Where: YYoga on Burrard

SERENDIPISERENDIPITY:BC-born-Kevin-from-Ontario meets Ontario-born-Barbara-now-from-BC

(the DATE is after we met; when I awoke with a start with you on my mind;TIME is when we first met?!!) I assume your mother has died and you no longer need to leave for "fresh air". It seems like a dream, now; but souls were bared & passions aroused. I am sorry for your loss and have a book to offer you as you cope with your loss - without your dog and your family. We do not have to meet again - although I would love to listen to what your brain has to offer, now! I can leave book in bag outside my upper deck/back door of where you dropped me off A kindred Spirit

When: Saturday, February, 21 2015

Where: West Beach, White Rock

Brunette walking out of MAC

I was in my work clothes and a black hoodie holding groceries. You were in jeans and a black leather jacket talking on your phone as you came out of MAC. We flashed each other a big smile before going our separate ways. Good things can start with a simple smile...

When: Wednesday, April, 01 2015

Where: Robson & Hornby

Mesmerizing eyes at Rave-aid

To the beautiful woman with the blue wig on, your kindness made my night. Those eyes coupled with that smile of yours is the clearest memory from that night. Your bearded boyfriend is one hell of a lucky man. Cheers, Shirtless dude

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Rave-Aid

Handsome Barista.....@ Renzo's

You made My heart beat faster even before I had My coffee! Broad shouldered, dark haired hottie with glasses. We had a flirty exchange @ Renzo's over My vanilla latte, but I didn't have the courage to ask You out. Maybe I will get a chance to make You a coffee one day......

When: Sunday, March, 29 2015

Where: Renzo's Cafe, Commercial Drive

Vancouver Art Gallery

We were at the Vancouver Art Gallery and we smiled at each other several times. We were both with two friends. Interested in meeting up ?

When: Tuesday, March, 31 2015

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

Urban Grind at Vancouver Lookout

I saw you at Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre. I regret that I didn't ask you for a dinner together. Hope you see this and give me a reply. I really miss you now.

When: Tuesday, March, 31 2015

Where: Vancouver Lookout

A couple seconds were enough

You were walking down 64th. I was driving the other way. I wanted to get out of my car but I was in a rush to get to work. I think you're absolutely gorgeous. Hope you see this. let's meet up for coffee?

When: Tuesday, March, 31 2015

Where: 64th in cloverdale

Darts at the Legion on a Monday Night

You: Dark hair, white and black striped shirt, playing darts at the Commercial drive legion around 9pm on Monday the 30th. Me: Dressed like I just left a cubicle, white checkered dress shirt and beard. I was with my friend and we were talking loudly alternating about either how to save the world, or places we have been naked while riding our bikes. We smiled and waved a bit as you left, and then my friend and I switched to talking about how I should have said "Hi" to you Get in touch if I can undo that mistake and take you out for a night of beer and darts

When: Monday, March, 30 2015

Where: Commercial Drive Legion

Sebastien from Wales

This is Natasha - we met at Lynn Headwaters last week and hiked the Norvan Falls trail. I enjoyed our chat about cats, Thai cooking, and Chucks (Klosterman and Palahniuk), and would love to take you to dinner if you're still in town. I wish I'd gotten your number at the end of our hike, but am holding out hope that you're the type that scans the I Saw Yous. Get in touch if you see this!

When: Saturday, March, 21 2015

Where: Lynn Headwaters

Waiting for the Bus at Granville and 12th

You: waiting for the bus on Granville at 6:45pm outside of the Stanley Theatre. Brown hair, wearing a long beige coat, dressed up for something fancy or perhaps just looking as lovely as ever. Me: blue rain jacket clad biker (w/o a helmet...) racing down Granville, late for dinner. Shall I race back for coffee on Granville next week?

When: Monday, March, 30 2015

Where: Granville @ 12th Ave

I saw...a girl...I am...a girl.

The little things, like your dramatic readings of Georgia Straight "I Saw You" over chili burritos, makes me realize that I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. I'm so excited for all of our adventures, I think the best still is yet to come. Love you forevs my nook.

When: Monday, March, 30 2015

Where: The Naam


WHERE? Taking the 209 bus from Phibbs exchange to downtown WHEN? Bus left around 8:15pm In a nutshell I(lanky looking with blue jeans, brown adidas nestors, black windbreaker with hood up because I was grumpy ) was sitting at the very back of the bus facing the front and then out of nowhere you(this Daria-esque girl but with lighter hair) came on to the bus at Phibbs and sat in a seat looking out towards the back window where I was sitting. You had black specs, light-ish brown hair, were wearing a green jacket, grey tights, had a light brown-ish bag and I think you had blue gum boots on too. We were both listening to our ipods and you looked sleepy but pretty into whatever you were listening to. Anyway, I was gonna ask what you were listening to but you hopped off the bus before I had a chance and then disappeared forever. What were you listening to anyway? I need to know! Oh also, I believe you hopped off the bus inbetween Richards and Seymour. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WERE LISTENING TO!!

When: Sunday, March, 29 2015

Where: 209 bus from Phibbs to downtown

Christine, Christina, Kristina from Germany

I loved dancing salsa with you. I left for a few minutes to take care of the group I brought and then you were gone! Too loud to get your name and spelling 100%. Chances are odd but hope you see this ad and respond. Would love to dance with you again. Roberto.

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Ukrainian Center - Salsa night

I saw you in your car!!!

I saw you for only 10 seconds but I was smitten with love. You were a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. I was on my bike with a red helmet on and wearing a blue/green jacket. I would love to have dinner or drinks with you (my treat) and take it from there. The first 3 letters of your license plate are 604 just like the area code here. If you are single drop me line. Cheers.

When: Thursday, March, 19 2015

Where: In Vancouver on 7th Avenue near Hemlock Street.

Photos, drinks and good weirdness @ the Humans show

We lined up early for the same show. Your keen eye noticed the age of my haircut. I noticed your rad tattoos and your great smile. You told me your name was like that of a small street. We had a drink and talked about awesome bands and the Peak Performance Project. We were both happy to be weird, it was cool, there was dancing. Then it got crazy in there and you disappeared among the bodies and the beats! My photos didn't turn out any good, but meeting you was a great exposure. Maybe I'll see you again at Bonobo?

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Humans show at Celebrities

Don't want to meet again...?

We had a lovely night after dancing together at Portside Pub. You said you were only in town for a few days to visit family, then heading over to Berlin. Said you didn't have Facebook, but you gave me your email contact. It doesn't work. Was that on purpose?

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Portside Pub

Gorgeous Genius

Came in early on Saturday morning with my roommate to get her bricked iPhone replaced. Your coworker was helping us but you kept adding to the conversation. Too bad the appointment wasn't with you! You are damn fine, but probably straight... Feel free to prove us wrong

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Coquitlam Centre

Such natural beauty.

You (gorgeous, long and wavy brunette with very little (no?) makeup) approached the bus stop on Cambie and were going to stand next to me but quickly you decided to sit and share the bench with me. As you approached I glanced up at your beautiful smiling face looking my way and I just froze. I'm such a shy person when I witness someone like you; I just don't have any words. It's those times that I'd love to be able to gaze into your eyes and be still and present in a shared moment of silent beauty. I'm glad this site has this column because I'd jump at chance to meet you for coffee/tea. Fingers crossed in Vancouver.

When: Friday, March, 27 2015

Where: Bus stop on Cambie St. & W 7th Ave

@ Womyns Ware on Commercial

After some happy browsing and buying, I was pushing open the door of the store and noticed you giving me a very intense look. I'm curious to know what you were thinking. You: Dark hair and even darker eyes

When: Friday, March, 27 2015


yellow bouquet

After the canucks game. You were going back to east van. You had a yellow bouquet. We had some laughs on the ride back. Teach a dude to tango?

When: Friday, March, 27 2015

Where: skytrain

At the library one day

I sat next to you in the library at the community centre on Kingsway/Main in east Vancouver. We started talking because you got a spam call on your cellphone. You were working on a powerpoint presentation at the time. You were a real joy to talk to. If you see this, let's meet up sometime.

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: Vancouver public library

Y-(Didn't I say MORE?)-Yoga..

Leaving yyoga in kits at around 8:30-45 (We were actually in the same class across the room!).... You smiled at me from the bench where we take turns putting our shoes on. It was the kind of smile that felt SAFE... (If you live in Vancouver, you'll know what this means). We walked downstairs and out the building and you held the door open... Then we both walked towards Maple street where our paths were split, sending me into the "Woulda, shoulda, coulda..." mental conversation. But... I playfully I said "Have a good night". You were either really shy, or politely uninterested as you turned back to reply. I don't like living with 'what if's'... So here's my note to the universe. ;)

When: Thursday, March, 26 2015

Where: Yyoga Kitsilano

Across the Runway

I saw you looking at me across the aisle at Vancouver Fashion Week. I smiled at you and you looked away. Were you looking at me? Why didn't you smile back? I caught you staring at me a couple of times... too shy to smile back? You sat in the third row and your friend next to you was wearing a baseball cap. I sat across the runway from you in the second row. I'm the girl in the fuchsia pink top- the one you didn't smile back at.

When: Sunday, March, 22 2015

Where: Vancouver Fashion Week Finale


I'm a non-smoker

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Burrows call in Canucks-Predators game...

Guess who referee Francois St. Laurent helps run a school with.