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E.g., Apr 29 2017

Gorgeous brunette on the Skytrain at Broadway Station

We both jumped on the skytrain at Broadway and I couldn't help but sneak a couple of cheeky glances. You, gorgeous, long dark hair, yoga pants and boots were with your friend (who was wearing woollen gloves even though it was warm out). Me, not quite as gorgeous, shaved head, nose ring and jeans jacket with the sleeves rolled up. We exchanged a couple of smiles and I'm kicking myself I didnt give you my number before you jumped off at Yaletown. Drink sometime?

When: Friday, April, 28 2017

Where: Skytrain

Starbucks barista

You work at Starbucks on Yukon and serve me sometimes. I think you're super cute and you seem like you'd be really fun to hang out with. Also, you're a pro at making lattes ;)

When: Thursday, April, 27 2017

Where: Starbucks Yukon St

VSO Violinist on #7 Bus

You were taking the bus from 4th to Granville. I asked about your violin and we spoke briefly about the your time with the Symphony. You were both smart and incredibly cute. Your stop came up faster than I could find the courage to ask you out. Coffee or a drink sometime?

When: Thursday, April, 27 2017

Where: #7 bus going downtown

Guy with a white dog

I saw you buy science world and you were walking with your dog I was with my son and I give you a bag for your dog may be we can have some coffee or tea.h

When: Wednesday, April, 26 2017

Where: Science world

Sun Run Pace Bunny

I often focus on someone just slightly in front of me during runs to pace myself, and you were particularly special. As we approached mile 1, I saw you: you're a 5'9 brunette with a runner's build, great legs, and a gorgeous face, and you were running wearing neon green running shoes with a water bottle tucked under your arm. I'm 5'11, slim, glasses, with black hair, and I was wearing headphones and a black running jacket... We made some quick glances at each other as we wove through the crowds during that stretch from Lost Lagoon to English Bay, but I lost you right before Burrard Bridge. I got some of the digits from your running bib, but not more than that, so drop me a line if you see this and you're looking for a pace bunny too!

When: Sunday, April, 23 2017

Where: Sun Run

Busted for bad behavior by VPD

To the VPD Officer who pulled me over for the most "A$$hole driving I've seen all week." I'm really sorry. And thankful. I was being an idiot. Besides those great takeaways, I couldn't help but feel that you are very attractive. Would love to show you, that yes, I am a normal person, and am the opposite of what my driving displayed. Beers on on me?

When: Wednesday, April, 12 2017

Where: Mt Pleasant

Weird Skytrain Moment

We shared a weird moment as you were getting off the train. You made eye contact, smiled, and - to my absolute bewilderment - waved hello. I've been scratching my head ever since, wondering if that was a romantic attraction thing, or simple a case of mistaken identity. You: in black, bent the laws of physics with the huge violin-like instrument on your back (it's actually bigger than you are). Me: asian, thick framed glasses, dumbfounded jerk who was (kind of) in the way of the train doors.

When: Wednesday, April, 26 2017

Where: Broadway Skytrain Station

Bearded Guy Eating a Banana while Road Biking in Stanley Park

Saturday in Stanley Park, I was doing laps on my road bike, you were riding with a group. We caught up around lost lagoon for a bit. You: fit, bearded guy riding a trek road bike with tattoos and a nice smile and were eating a banana while biking. Me: also a bearded guy riding a trek road bike with tattoos. Chatted briefly with you about how impressive the whole peeling and eating a banana while road biking thing was. You mentioned you hate riding in Stanley Park because the drivers are insane. Want to grab a coffee, beer or a ride somewhere other then Stanley park sometime?

When: Saturday, April, 22 2017

Where: Stanley Park Loop near Lost Lagoon

Graphically Beautiful in Guildford

I ran into you, a stunning girl, at Guildford Mall, Nespresso Stand. You said you were a graphic designer. You were tall with long beautiful hair, twinkle in your eyes and a really coyish smile. Told me you were going to Osoyoos for a few days. Dinner when you come back?

When: Sunday, April, 23 2017

Where: Guildford Mall

BlackLodge Having Drinks

I was with my friends and you were with your friend drinking out of a blue metal mug. Asked what you were drinking. You gave my friends and I tickets for a performance at Wise Hall on Friday. 3 of us were the last to leave. You headed south and your friend headed north with me.

When: Thursday, April, 13 2017


Riding your bike down Fraser street

We didn't get a chance to talk since you were riding your bike and all but had you had been walking I honestly would have stopped to try and talk to you. You were dark and handsome but I'm not really sure if you were tall because you were on a bike but that's ok. You were riding your bike down Fraser, near Kingsway and I was the girl with the auburn hair jay walking with my friend standing on the median wearing mostly black heading to Sal Y Limon. We exchanged multiple glances, but of course that was it...

When: Monday, April, 24 2017

Where: Kingsway and fraser


I was sitting with my friend on the couch upstairs having a drink. You passed by a few times and looked as if you were searching for your friends. You looked really sweet and I wanted to ask you to have a drink with us while you waited. You: Pretty tall crazy awesome curly hair. Me: Dark Hair jean jacket.

When: Friday, April, 21 2017

Where: East Side Flea One Year Anniversary Party

Tim Hortons Maple Ridge

A very unlikely place to see someone as lovely as you.! You were wearing a flowing black "I dream of Jeannie" outfit and high heels. I was with my disabled friend and wanted to chat you up but your husband was glaring at us from your minivan lol. I'm curious, have you always looked that good.? Or have all your life experiences lined up perfectly just now just when it is time for us to meet?

When: Sunday, April, 23 2017

Where: Tim Hortons Maple Ridge

Sam R @ the Yale

Sam, I saw you at the Yale! I'm fairly certain you don't know who I am but I embarrassingly recognized you from Tinder a while back. Almost as shameful as me posting on this. We made some eye contact but that's all. I've got long blonde hair, no idea if you noticed me. You don't strike me as the type of person to read these but you're fine as hell and I hate myself for not coming up and talking to you.

When: Saturday, April, 22 2017

Where: The Yale

Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer

You were with a group of friends towards the back of the commodore ballroom. Wearing red t-shirt , reddish beard and great smile. We danced a bit and shared a few sips of beer. You ended up in a conversation with a friend and I didn't want to interrupt even though I wanted to ask your name and dance some more. Then the show ended and I lost you in the crowd....

When: Sunday, April, 23 2017

Where: Commodore Ballroom

You Pretended to Have No Beard

Last evening in the city. You: pretending to have no beard. Me: really having no beard. I think you know exactly what I am talking about.

When: Thursday, April, 20 2017

Where: Hoy's Wonton House on Kingsway

Amanda on your way to John Mayer

Hi Amanda...couldn't think another way to reach you other than here or Craigslist. Super hot I know lol. I would love to buy you another candy from Starbucks at International Village and see you again. -A

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: International Village Starbucks

Drive-by smile and wave

Last week I drove past you in my white van and smiled, you smiled back and we waved. I wish I'd stopped! Seemed mutual? You're blonde, I think you had a red toque on. Corner of Victoria and Kingsway... I think. Something like that. The day is fuzzy, but your smile is not.

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Kingsway and victoria dr

Mystery Bike Man all around Vancouver

You: tall, dark hair, handsome, outgoing, Adam driver doppelgänger. Me: significantly but not quite as tall as you, half Asian, light brown hair. I've seen you all around the classic vancouver spots: Yyoga (possibly), whole foods on Cambie and most recently the sea wall near science world. Last I saw you, you were on your bike with female company. I recognized you and I think you did too so you said hi. I got too nervous to respond. Who are you mystery bike man?!

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Everywhere downtown vancouver

Mixed with dreads on Hastings at Woodwards

Saw you walking in Hastings between Cambie and Abbott this afternoon on my way home from working out. We made eye contact briefly and you had this vibe..When I looked back you had turned around and were walking behind me but must have ducked in somewhere cause you were gone when I looked again. If you recall and are down, tell me what I was wearing? I'd love to grab a coffee and hear all about you.

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: East Hastings

Beautiful lady on flight from Montreal to Vancouver

We were sitting on the same row but on opposite sides of the aisle. You were watching Big Bang Theory episodes during the flight. We glanced and smiled at each other several times. You had long, red hair, blue jeans, and a small bag. I let you pass in front of me as we were disembarking and it appeared you had a connecting flight to catch. Maybe sometime you'll be in Vancouver and free for a coffee or drink?

When: Tuesday, April, 18 2017

Where: AC195 flight from Montreal to Vancouver

130 bus heading to Metrotown

You; Filipino sitting at the back talking on the phone in a red sweater. Me black jaket, several smiles exchanged and would like to see that smile again :)

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Willingdon and Hastings

We work together

You blonde middle aged and smoking hot. Hard worker with a smile that never quits.. I get butterflies every time you walk into my stage or by my bench. I'm a little younger but believe me I'm not inexperienced. A series of ...... Say hi sometime let's go for drinks

When: Monday, April, 03 2017

Where: Studio marine

Karaoke Dream Man

I didn't sing and neither did you before I left. You were wearing plaid and had a delicious ginger composition. I like your beard. We made eye contact once or twice. I would like to again!

When: Thursday, April, 13 2017

Where: British Ex-Servicemens Club

The Damned

The woman at The Damned. Jean jacket? Super cool scolding finger? We were dancing beside eachother. Please accept my sincere apology. I misread. Very embarrassing for me, I assure you. I hope it doesn't sour your memories of an excellent show

When: Saturday, April, 15 2017

Where: The Commodore


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