So, The other day while standing in line at Walmart, I felt the need to let a fart go. Nobody heard it, as it was silent.
I’m having trouble coming to terms with what seems to be a really warped, messed-up fetish.

Red Flannel Dog Pajamas

You were snacking on a sour candy with scratch tickets in hand, wearing a pair of broken glasses. You awkwardly mentioned something about how amazing flannel pajamas are. I tried to convince you to play a game of Catan at my place but you said you'd rather have tea and crumpets. If you see this, let's get beer and pie together sometime :)
2012-11-05 08:00:00
7-11 on Alma
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Our interaction was so random that I thought I might be able to find you here! While I did head home to scratch my Gold Rush and enjoy some crumpets with PB n' H, I would very much like to establish some settlements and cities with you some time soon. I even have a pair of pink pjs with whales and penguins for you, if you are into flannel.
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