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E.g., Jul 1 2016

Cutie Reading at the Park

You were reading in the park and my dog came up to you to say hello. You laughed and said that it was probably because he could smell all of the other dogs you had been petting previously, but truth be told my dog just likes pretty girls. ;) We made small talk for a bit before I had to leave to meet a friend and I was kicking myself all day for not getting your contact info.

When: Monday, May, 30 2016

Where: Johnathan Rodgers

Tall dark and handsome stage actor on #20

I sat across from you weeks ago now on the #20 downtown early one morning. You chatted with an older woman charasmatically, daif hello to an acquaintence, of your profession I believe, and were generally quite charming to behold. I didnt want to intereupt however and so read my book in silence until I could not help but laugh out loud several times from the comedy. We made eye contact several times and smiled across the isle before you said something, also charming, about my laughter and we exchanged a few words at which point I mentioned I recognized you from the neighborhood and you said you lived on the Drive and elaborated on your work in various theatres over the years. And then abruptly we were all getting off the bus downtown and I never even got your name which I immediately regretted. Id love to converse further. I have taken to crossing my fingers every time I get on the bus these days or that Ill simply have the pleasure of running into you one day in the street.

When: Wednesday, April, 20 2016

Where: Commercial at Venables

My English tutor

You were my IELTS tutor for a short time.We decided to dine out in a Portuguese restament in Commertial Dr.Then we went to a pub and drunk a couple of Irish Whiskies and smoke cigarettes.I really enjoyed every minutes of talking with you.We continued our chatting in Lamplighter in Gastown.It seems to me that I was flying above clouds!.We both were drunk and kissed eachother lovely for one time.You said;"boundaries are broken" and you can not be my tutor any more.I made mistake.I apologized from you for many times, you didn't accept and left me alone for ever. I really missed you, Jen.

When: Saturday, May, 07 2016

Where: Commertial Dr and Lamplighter pub

Sunday afternoon on the sea bis

We were standing in line to get on the sea bus at waterfront . I excused myself and asked you if you knew of any good restaurants at the Quay. You said you were heading to work at Denny's. I said "Oh..." and seemed disappointed. I thought you were really cute .

When: Sunday, May, 29 2016

Where: Waterfront sea bus terminal

You asked me for a light at the Alabama Shakes show

I was standing off to the side of the venue when you came up with a pack of Belmont's and asked for a light. My buddy and I both reached for one. I thought you were super cute. We didn't get a chance to talk but we saw each other again near the top of the hill. We made eye contact when you walked by with your friends. Would be great to get your name and maybe see a live show together. Me- Beard, blue rain jacket and grey toque. You- very good looking, beard with a baseball cap. I've never posted one of these before and I know its a total shot in the dark. cheers.

When: Saturday, May, 28 2016

Where: Alabama Shakes- Deer lake park

Titus Andronicus Mosh

We ended up at the front of the stage/mosh. You helped pull me up several times when I started to fall. We also danced together a bit. Your hands felt really good on my waist. I had such a good time being next to you. We should hang out sometime.

When: Saturday, May, 28 2016

Where: Biltmore

Still loving crosswords?

You were in blue casual shirts and riding a bike in the Wesbrook village. It's been over 4 years since I met you the last time. You were very intelligent and sweet, gave me so much inspiration and comfort. It was difficult time in my life so I needed to move on, but I am back in town again and started new life. I am hoping that we become friends again. I hope you still have my number.

When: Friday, May, 27 2016

Where: Wesbrook village in UBC

Voluptuous Redhead at StormCrow

You were the gorgeous, flame haired beauty sitting at the bar at Storm Crow Tavern on Friday. You ordered a Kitty Pryde, and your smile absolutely lit up the room. If you show up this Sunday for Game of Thrones night, I'll call you Ygritte and buy you a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster to share with me. What do you say, Pretty Lady?

When: Friday, May, 27 2016

Where: Storm Crow Alehouse in East Van


I was the guy unsure about my use of the word 'soliloquy' while speaking with a friend. You were the English teacher holding a basketball who assured me I'd used it correctly. My 2nd favorite bus encounter, so far. Wish I'd gotten your name.

When: Thursday, May, 19 2016

Where: #20 Bus @ Grant on Commercial Drive

The Twisted Fork

The food was great but I couldn't keep my eyes off of you! I should have lept from my chair before you left in response to your effort but my older friend has alzheimer's and gets confused. Another chance to talk?

When: Saturday, May, 28 2016

Where: The Twisted Fork

Beautiful Woman Waiting for Appt at Pillars Salon

You were relaxed and slouched in your chair when I walked in though the back door. You noticed me and sat up. I sat down a couple of chairs over from you. We were both waiting for our 4:30 appointments on Wednesday, May 18th. We both took a few glances at each other before you were called in to your appointment. You turned and looked back one final time before disappearing. I didn't see a ring so hoping that you are single and see this. Coffee? A drink? I would really like to know more about you.

When: Wednesday, May, 18 2016

Where: Burnaby

i couldn't resist....

....telling u that u were beautiful while we were in Starbucks on Hastings near the PNE. i wish i had gotten your name, but didn't want to freak u out, so i left as soon as we had exchanged our, "i hope u have a great day". I still think that u are lovely and i do not regret for a second that i told u so that Friday afternoon. i would love to meet u for a coffee, so how about it?

When: Friday, May, 20 2016

Where: starbucks near pne

Comedy at the Vogue

You are the cute guy with an accent who held the line for me at the bar while I wandered off to get cash to buy a drink. I'm the short girl who almost didn't make it back in time. We exchanged seat numbers (you were in Row 11) and said we'd find each other after the show, but we didn't. You seemed really nice - we should get a drink.

When: Thursday, May, 26 2016

Where: The Vogue, Granville Street


I always come to your spot SBC down on Hastings, your either running around scowling super busy or behind the bar barking. regardless none the less when I come to shows and see you I instantly I feel like a sat on slug. Turn that frown upside down lets have a drink? Arn't you suppose to be the smilin Buddha?

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: SBC

Beautiful girl/off center lip ring/ AMAZING orange hair

On the 20 bus going south, right around 12th and commercial dr. May 20th i believe??? My jaw hit the floor when i saw you. I did my best to play it cool. We made eye contact many times and both exchanged smiles. I was the guy in work clothes and sunglasses trying very hard not to stare! You had beautiful dark skin, maybe first nations?? Your whole style was perfect. Not a hair out of place. You could easily model.... I didnt really look the best as i was returning from work but rest assured, i clean up well! Getting another chance to see you would make a man very happy:)

When: Friday, May, 20 2016

Where: 12th/Commercial dr. On the #20 bus going south!

Solo diner at the Naam

You greeted me with a warm smile when I sat down late Monday night. I overheard the waiter mention you were from Manitoba. That explains the friendliness! Get in touch if you'd like to grab a table for two sometime.

When: Monday, May, 23 2016

Where: The Naam

Matching outfits on the Canada line

We both got on the Canada line at vancouver city center. You pointed out that we were wearing the same outfit (burgundy top, black pants) and we had a good laugh over it. I had to get off at the next stop. But I’d love to talk again sometime.

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: Canada line

Babe working at IGA Broadway and Vine

I came into IGA after work on Sunday night around 830 . I was on the phone and wearing a fur coat. I think you were restocking shelves? You are tall with lots of tattoos, and were wearing jeans and black vans. I was caught off guard when I saw you because I think you are such a babe. Theres a chance my jaw actually dropped and I completely forgot what I came in to get, or what my sister had just said to me on the phone . I circled around the store a few more times than I needed to, trying to catch another glimpse of you. Let's grab a drink sometime?

When: Sunday, May, 15 2016

Where: IGA Broadway and Vine

Yyoga Tinder run-in FAIL

YOU: "What *exactly* happens in Restorative yoga?" ME: "You see God and sh*t" I saw you checking me out, but was so high from my yoga class that it wasn't until I left that I realized who you were. I recognized you so started chatting, you asked me about what you could expect in Restorative class as I was leaving. I believe we met on Tinder last summer, I was on such a dating rampage that I never replied after our meet. At the time you didn't seem to fit the bill, but now I'm not so sure. So, apologies for ghosting, you still seem mega cool and magnetically attractive. Let me know if you ever want to try for round two. If not, sorry for being a jerk.

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: Yyoga Kits

4th and Vine, by the Shopper's; vision of loveliness

Saturday around 300PM, I was getting into my white Silverado on Vine when you walked by- we each triple-took and smiled. You, a short slim blonde in denim, were with a tall bearded guy pushing a stroller....I'm not the cheating kind so I'm hoping he's a friend, brother, or ex?

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: 4th and Vine

?Anna? At Headley after party

Cute beer maid with glasses, working the Headley after party. I'm pretty sure your name was Anna? You complemented my vest. We made eye contact across the room several times with smiles. I was too drunk/shy to ask you for your number (damn that free beer!)

When: Friday, May, 20 2016

Where: Rogers Arena

"rapping girl" crossing street (Cambie & Broadway)

We crossed the street at Cambie & Broadway together at about 10:45 pm Thursday night. I told you that you were "rapping" and we started to talk. You liked my "peoples skills" and I gave you my number... I then told you that I was in a hurry to go to work, and then I jokingly said some none sense before I left (like you want my number in case I get famous one day,...) I didn't mean to say what I did, I was just really tired from working 16 hrs the night before, so I was not thinking straight. I also realized that I had to go to work. I loved your personality and amazing smile (although I never told you this). In the 1 in a Billion chance you see this, I would so much love to talk with you again... If its you, please let me know what we quickly talked about, or what you (or I) look like, or something to know its you :) you really made an amazing impression on me and I wish I didn't say what I did!

When: Thursday, May, 19 2016

Where: Cambie & Broadway (crossing the street)

Striking blue eyes :(

Wish I had asked you for your number. You most definitely caught my attention when I opened the door. Someone as striking as you must surely be take . If not, I love to take you out for a drink. Maybe after a workout in our matching gear?

When: Thursday, May, 19 2016

Where: Danny's Danger Zone

Last week on the 312 from Scott road....I called you gorgeous.

So,you got on the bus and immediately I was taken aback. I'm a naturally social person,but I didn't want to approach you on the bus full of people and totally froze up. we got off at the same stop,I ran up,told you how beautiful you are and ran off (I had to hurry home to let someone in). I should have talked longer or gave my number or something but if you see this coffee would be great sometime.

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: 312 Bus from Scott road

Deli inside Granville island market

My friend and I were walking around aimlessly and hungry through the market and I stopped by the deli you work at, looking at the pasta, trying to get inspired for dinner. You looked up and asked me if you could help me with anything and I got shy and said no and quickly walked away. I really wish I would have striked up a conversation and given you my number. You had a man bun and an accent, I had long brown wavy hair and a demin jacket. Can you tell me where you work and where your accent is from? Drinks?

When: Wednesday, May, 18 2016

Where: Granville island market


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