I had no idea how much a ticket to a hockey game was. You would have to pay me that much to go.
First off, never use a toy in the butt and then go straight into vaginal play.

Woman on a bike

I jog east as you ride your bike west many mornings for a couple years now. I used to run at 7 am, but started running earlier to watch the sun come up. I thought I'd never see you again. Then you appeared earlier. I cannot get you out of my head. I just wish I knew your name, but don't know how to ask in our two second window of opportunity, If you're married or have a boyfriend then I'm sorry I mis-read our friendly good mornings. If I'm not imagining the vibe then lets start the rest of our lives together. Want to go skating? Stop some morning if your answer is yes. or fb me or email me, if you prefer.
2012-11-15 08:00:00
Dollarton Hwy
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