are there no fresh ideas? this stuff is so played out...
My partner's desire to bring another woman into our relationship borders on obsession.

Working the Admissions table at Canzine

We shared a glance as you walked into the woodwards atrium; I had trouble averting my eyes, you were ravishing and I felt as though a part of my lungs flew the coup. You were there around 4 and you started to work at the entrance table. You were wearing a denim shirt, a 1$ army and navy toque and you put on some hip black framed glasses. I was wearing a tan and navy puffy vest and 1$ army and navy toque. I wish I had spoken to you, but alas I am far too shy. I would be over the moon if I could take you out for a coffee or to a dance hall.
2012-11-17 08:00:00
Canzine West - W2
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Re: Working at the Canzine Admissions table
That was most definitely me! I'm in a relationship, but I make a pretty good friend:) I feel like we would get along swimmingly.
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