Set: local cafe or restaraunt Staff: hello how can I help you today Me: hi do you have anything vegan Staff: uuuuhh the ------is gluter free Me:
First off, never use a toy in the butt and then go straight into vaginal play.

Working the Admissions table at Canzine

We shared a glance as you walked into the woodwards atrium; I had trouble averting my eyes, you were ravishing and I felt as though a part of my lungs flew the coup. You were there around 4 and you started to work at the entrance table. You were wearing a denim shirt, a 1$ army and navy toque and you put on some hip black framed glasses. I was wearing a tan and navy puffy vest and 1$ army and navy toque. I wish I had spoken to you, but alas I am far too shy. I would be over the moon if I could take you out for a coffee or to a dance hall.
2012-11-17 08:00:00
Canzine West - W2
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Re: Working at the Canzine Admissions table
That was most definitely me! I'm in a relationship, but I make a pretty good friend:) I feel like we would get along swimmingly.
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