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E.g., Jun 24 2016

Matching outfits on the Canada line

We both got on the Canada line at vancouver city center. You pointed out that we were wearing the same outfit (burgundy top, black pants) and we had a good laugh over it. I had to get off at the next stop. But I’d love to talk again sometime.

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: Canada line

Babe working at IGA Broadway and Vine

I came into IGA after work on Sunday night around 830 . I was on the phone and wearing a fur coat. I think you were restocking shelves? You are tall with lots of tattoos, and were wearing jeans and black vans. I was caught off guard when I saw you because I think you are such a babe. Theres a chance my jaw actually dropped and I completely forgot what I came in to get, or what my sister had just said to me on the phone . I circled around the store a few more times than I needed to, trying to catch another glimpse of you. Let's grab a drink sometime?

When: Sunday, May, 15 2016

Where: IGA Broadway and Vine

Yyoga Tinder run-in FAIL

YOU: "What *exactly* happens in Restorative yoga?" ME: "You see God and sh*t" I saw you checking me out, but was so high from my yoga class that it wasn't until I left that I realized who you were. I recognized you so started chatting, you asked me about what you could expect in Restorative class as I was leaving. I believe we met on Tinder last summer, I was on such a dating rampage that I never replied after our meet. At the time you didn't seem to fit the bill, but now I'm not so sure. So, apologies for ghosting, you still seem mega cool and magnetically attractive. Let me know if you ever want to try for round two. If not, sorry for being a jerk.

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: Yyoga Kits

4th and Vine, by the Shopper's; vision of loveliness

Saturday around 300PM, I was getting into my white Silverado on Vine when you walked by- we each triple-took and smiled. You, a short slim blonde in denim, were with a tall bearded guy pushing a stroller....I'm not the cheating kind so I'm hoping he's a friend, brother, or ex?

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: 4th and Vine

?Anna? At Headley after party

Cute beer maid with glasses, working the Headley after party. I'm pretty sure your name was Anna? You complemented my vest. We made eye contact across the room several times with smiles. I was too drunk/shy to ask you for your number (damn that free beer!)

When: Friday, May, 20 2016

Where: Rogers Arena

"rapping girl" crossing street (Cambie & Broadway)

We crossed the street at Cambie & Broadway together at about 10:45 pm Thursday night. I told you that you were "rapping" and we started to talk. You liked my "peoples skills" and I gave you my number... I then told you that I was in a hurry to go to work, and then I jokingly said some none sense before I left (like you want my number in case I get famous one day,...) I didn't mean to say what I did, I was just really tired from working 16 hrs the night before, so I was not thinking straight. I also realized that I had to go to work. I loved your personality and amazing smile (although I never told you this). In the 1 in a Billion chance you see this, I would so much love to talk with you again... If its you, please let me know what we quickly talked about, or what you (or I) look like, or something to know its you :) you really made an amazing impression on me and I wish I didn't say what I did!

When: Thursday, May, 19 2016

Where: Cambie & Broadway (crossing the street)

Striking blue eyes :(

Wish I had asked you for your number. You most definitely caught my attention when I opened the door. Someone as striking as you must surely be take . If not, I love to take you out for a drink. Maybe after a workout in our matching gear?

When: Thursday, May, 19 2016

Where: Danny's Danger Zone

Last week on the 312 from Scott road....I called you gorgeous.

So,you got on the bus and immediately I was taken aback. I'm a naturally social person,but I didn't want to approach you on the bus full of people and totally froze up. we got off at the same stop,I ran up,told you how beautiful you are and ran off (I had to hurry home to let someone in). I should have talked longer or gave my number or something but if you see this coffee would be great sometime.

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: 312 Bus from Scott road

Deli inside Granville island market

My friend and I were walking around aimlessly and hungry through the market and I stopped by the deli you work at, looking at the pasta, trying to get inspired for dinner. You looked up and asked me if you could help me with anything and I got shy and said no and quickly walked away. I really wish I would have striked up a conversation and given you my number. You had a man bun and an accent, I had long brown wavy hair and a demin jacket. Can you tell me where you work and where your accent is from? Drinks?

When: Wednesday, May, 18 2016

Where: Granville island market

A Big Playground...

Walking south on Main Street, near Chinatown. We started talking after two guys on bicycles nearly ran into each other. You were laughing and you said you love this country -- it's like a big playground. We talked a bit. You wanted to know the easiest way to get downtown. I asked where you were from and you said South East Asia. You seemed surprised when I guessed the right country. Your job is IT related. Message me and tell me my job if you're interested in meeting up. You charmed me.

When: Wednesday, May, 18 2016

Where: Main Street, near the Viaducts

Panaderia Latina Bakery - Hola!

I saw you at the Panaderia Latina Bakery. You, beautiful brunette, were having lunch with your mom, so was I. We briefly chatted about the place being on You Gotta Eat Here. Would love to see you again.

When: Tuesday, May, 17 2016

Where: Panaderia Latina Bakery

19 Bus Ride full of unanswered questions

We were both taking the 19 bus home around 6:30pm. You were wearing a jersey over a t-shirt and asked me about who the customers are for items being sold on the street in the downtown eastside. I tried to answer your question which led to many more. I told you about my bike bag that was recently stolen from me. Tell me where I was when it was stolen and let's get a drink. I feel as though our conversation was unfinished and I also have the name of the documentary you are looking for!

When: Tuesday, May, 17 2016

Where: 19 Bus between downtown and mount pleasant

Oakridge Mall - BC Cancer Donation Collector

This is a long shot; but today around 5 pm I walked out of the Skytrain station at Oakridge mall and was stopped by your co-working for a donation. I was feeling generous so decided to contribute. I had a smoke with your coworker while you sat on the bench hitting your vaporizer. You handed me a pen as a gift for donating. I was way too nervous to ask you out - hoping you read this. If you do - coffee? tea? drink?

When: Tuesday, May, 17 2016

Where: Oakridge Mall - Canada Line skytrain station entrance

Urban Rec UBC 7:15

You: Babe looking fly in your leopard sportsware, snagging grounders at second and batting your way into my heart. Me: Adonis, wearing pants and chewing tobacco. Let's get to third base?

When: Monday, May, 16 2016

Where: UBC - Arthur Lord field NE

Tinder date from hell

I walked in my local East Village liquor store and there you were, tall dark and handsome and giving away free samples of Big Rock Cider. Never made it to the Brighton cause shortly after we left I decided to ditch my drunken Tinder date from hell. He couldn't hold his liquor and puked ten minutes after we left. Should have slipped you my number when I had the chance? I will give you a sample of my heart straight up.

When: Saturday, May, 14 2016

Where: High Point

Save On Check Out Line

You were being checked out while I was waiting in the line over. You have short, dark brown hair and were wearing a black shirt. I have blond/red hair and was wearing all black yoga gear. We made eye contact and smiled many times and I think you might've tried to come say hi but chickened out? When I was leaving I saw you drive away in a big black pick up truck with a big piece of furniture strapped in the back. Message me with the type of furniture it was and let's grab a drink!

When: Tuesday, May, 10 2016

Where: Main and 13th

Saturday evening on Commercial Dr

I was leaving Fire Pizza as you were walking by with two of your friends. We made eye contact and shared a smile. It took me by surprise and I didn't react but I took a stroll up the street hoping for a second chance.

When: Saturday, May, 14 2016

Where: Commercial Dr Fire Pizza

Drummer at Guilt & Co

You really caught my eye. It was my first time at guilt and co, you had a great set. You: wearing a paperboy hat, black shirt. Me: drinking wine in the back. Let's get a drink!

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: Guilt & Company

your boss wanted to throw you off your grandpa's boat...

...but I would rescue you, and give you mouth-to-mouth for good measure. You; gorgeous, smiling, flirty brunette at St John's Liquor Store, Port Moody. You have a boat at Point Roberts and have been dry for six months. You told me you were off work soon, and wondered if I was too.... Me; an occasional customer...not sure if you're into me, or if you're just this super-sweet to everyone. If it's the latter- kudos to you. If it's the former....well, you know what to do!

When: Friday, May, 13 2016

Where: St John's Liquor, Port Moody

Stopped by the I Am A Girl girl

You: cute chick that stopped me in the streets Friday on your first day of work; Me: chick that spent 30 minutes chatting with you in the streets about mental health and charity, I was giggling nervously tell whole time. You gave me two lovely hugs and said you hoped you would run in to me again. I wouldn't normally do this but my roommate told me I bombed hard by not giving you my number and I agree. You are beautiful and pleasant, and I am probably misreading our conversation but if I'm not, send me a message?

When: Friday, May, 13 2016

Where: Bute and West Hastings...ish?

Undercut and burritos.

My dinner date last weekend tried to impress you with a demented pick up line. Did it work? If not maybe this one will...Your undercut and chiseled to perfection features make me want to talk about astrology in stretch velvet onsies with you. Are you into it? If yes, keep breathing. -BlueHairedFemmebot

When: Saturday, May, 07 2016

Where: Mexico

Walk up a hill again? Jessica?

You asked me for the time ... You asked for a different way up the hill . You decided to walk up together and Tough it out. You went for reflexology earlier that day and I worked . I should of got your contact details although you don't have a phone to check the time. Great smile I hope to see again!!!

When: Wednesday, May, 11 2016

Where: Kits walking uphill from beach to 4th

Skateboarding in Granville Island

I was making my way to an event while staring at my phone to find my way there. When I looked up I saw this super cute guy holding a camera on a tripod while skateboarding. I think he was Asian and for the life of me I can't remember what he was (or what I was) wearing. I was the little Asian with blonde shoulder length hair.

When: Monday, May, 09 2016

Where: Granville Island

RBC on W Hasting - Standing in Stairs

You were standing on the staircase inside the building. I had to walk beside you to go downstairs and that's when you said HI and smilled at me. Maybe you mistaken me for somebody else? When I left, you were on the phone, so I didn't want to interupt. I was the blondie in the blue dress, with her younger friend and her dog. Would love to go for coffee if you are not taken!

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: RBC 685 W Hasting

You were cat calling me!

I was on-stage at the Rio Theatre, April 17th at VanChan. You were a really pretty girl with dark hair cat calling me. Maybe we could meet up at the next screening? I hear there is one on May22nd at the Rio Theatre? See you there??

When: Sunday, April, 17 2016

Where: the Rio Theatre



My insides are shattered and broken. I have not told anyone that you have left. I am shocked and...